Liverpool Academy June 7th, 2008

  • Tremendous show tonight, same setlist as last night in Wolverhampton:

    F U N K
    Never Say Never
    Oil And Water
    You Got Soul
    We Shall Be Free
    Dont Let Me Bleed
    Love Communion
    Steppin' on

    Soul Mover
    Superstar (The Carpenters)

    The one/two punch of the first 4 nonstop songs did it again :D A newly invigorated funked up rendition of Steppin' On towards the end also proved to be another crowd pleaser :thumbup: Everyone was bowled over, making it a very special night for all in attendance.

    Can't wait for London on Tuesday :cool:


    [ame='']Glenn Hughes "Superstar" LIVE in Liverpool 2008 - YouTube[/ame]


    [ame='']Glenn Hughes 'Burn', live in Liverpool 7th June 2008 - YouTube[/ame]

  • Last night I witnessed Glenn on fire at Liverpool Academy. Of all the times I have seem him live I have never seen him full of so much energy and life and oh my the voice was on fine form. I'm so glad that Glenn is now able to play the kind of music that he obviously loves and lives for. All tracks from FUNK transcended so well to the live stage that he practically didn't need his back catologue, having said that I'm secretly glad Soul Mover and Burn featured.

    Long live the King of FUNK !!!!!!

  • This was a special night for Glenn as he commented many times and as such he put evevything into it getting "carried away" as he put it frrm time to time!

    The band was tight and the FUNK tracks went down well even for those who were not familiar with album.

    For me Love Communication and Dont Let Me Bleed were stand outs.

    A good turn out too and Glenn said he would be back next year...let's hope so!

  • Went along last night with 6 friends, one of whom was a Glenn 'live' virgin, having only just discovered Mr. Hughes via her boyfriends CD collection. She told me afterwards that Glenn had blown her away, musically speaking.

    I won't bore you with the setlist, but dropping all the Trapeze and all but 2 of the Purple numbers from his repetoire seems to have really paid off, as all the F.U.N.K tracks played were received like the classics they are destined to become.

    Glenn's voice was impecable throughout the show (are you listening Mr. Coverdale) and his bass playing was second to none. Only quibble I have on the whole evening was that the sound engineer needs replacing.

    Also, adding a second guitarist has really helped flesh out the live sound, and the interplay between Luis and J.J was evident for all to see and hear.

    If Glenn keeps putting out CD's of the quality and strength of the previous few years and keeps giving stellar performances like last night, then I can't see why in maybe another couple of years we see 'our' Glenn stepping up from playing the Academies and forums of this country to the theatres.

  • After seeing Glenn the night before at the Robin 2, I must say that Glenn was on fine form again, the band was even better, and the joy on Glenn's face to see the new material so well received was great, you can tell it means so much to him.

    It was good to meet up with Soulmover05 from the forum, pleasure to meet you Ian.
    Next time I go to see Glenn I'm going to take one of my Basses for him to sign. Gotta do it !



  • :) A really great gig thanks to Glenn and all the band every song was brilliant and the concert flew by :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands the real highlight for me was steepin on this is an awesome track and really fits in with the FUNK tracks. I`m sure that tracks from Soulmover such as High Road and Orion would really fit in with this great funky vibe Glenn has got going.

    Next time your in the North West Glenn how about playing Manchester it seems a hell of a long time since you played here

  • Guys wearing the hat as promoter at that one, I appreciate all your lovely comments as much as Glenn will.

    Soulmover2005 I totally agree about the venues. Having selected this one, I couldn't help thinking that I'd love to see Glenn playing to a bigger audience and venue.

    Although I was busy running round like a blue assed fly (as we say in Liverpool) I actually enjoyed standing there with you for most of the show and taking it all in. And yeah if I am honest it was nice of Glenn to say my name on stage. After all I have been waiting for this guy to get back here since '76 and I finally did it!!! wahaay. My sis is now a convert. My colleague at my day job at Wirral TV is 20 something and she was still buzzin' this morning. She said "it's not what I expected." And there's our market right there.

    Iain, the thing is about the Manchester thing, and this applies to all cities, Glenn wants to play them all. I know that for a fact. And yes this includes US cities too. I guess having promoted a gig now, I see it from a different perspective.

    It's not all about money. Although guys and gals have to make a living. It aint a charity and when clowns like Classic Rock's art department have a memory lapse, sleepless nights are had. The thing has to have financial legs. Take Liverpool for example. On the one hand, the PR angle is that Glenn hasn't played there since 76. But on the other side of the coin, he has to rebuild his market there too. Signs are that we can come back and build on it.

    Ok look I could go on but the bottom line is this. Glenn is having fun making the music of his life right now. We need to get more people listening to it. Why? Cos it's there that's why. Like Everest it's there.

    Thank you Glenn, Luis, Matt, Anders and JJ for playing a wonderful show that lived up to my expectations totally. Thank you to Glenn's manager Carl for putting his trust in me. Thank you to David and Shirean for their support on promotion. And thank you to anyone who turned up that night, particularly to those guys from Italy, Tom's Hungarian friends and of course Jerome and Nathalie (Harry le Chat) Oh and Pete Stanford too and his lovely wife Dani. Great to see you.

    London next and raring to do it all again! :claphands

  • Thanks for allyour hard work Keith, in helping make such a great night happen :claphands :claphands

    As for Glenn playing Manchester, the last time he played here it was in a small half empty club on the Addiction tour and it would be really great to see him playing a proper venue like the Manchester Academy with a decent crowd in to appreciate his talent.

    Manchester has a great music scene and a vast student population so i`m sure with the right promotion it would be possible.

  • Hi Keith, I think you may be getting me (soulmover2005) mixed up with soulmover05.

  • And yeah if I am honest it was nice of Glenn to say my name on stage.
    After all I have been waiting for this guy to get back here since '76
    and I finally did it!!!

    Who woulda' thunk it? That some kid in the audience.....uhhh, you.......
    watching our beloved MK4 line-up implode right before your eyes,
    would return as the promoter (and, might I add) a close personal friend
    of the guy who was playing bass that long-ago night.

    And I'm very happy that this was such an exciting event for all involved.
    And that in spite of all this excitement, your brains.......did not....fall out.

    Great job, Keith! :)


  • The Bilston and Liverpool shows were amazing - I'd only planned to go to Bilston but enjoyed it so much that I skanked an extra day off work and went to Liverpool too. It was great to meet up with David and Shirean, Dani, Pete (very briefly, and thanks muchly for the offer of a lift back to the hotel), Wolfy, Mike, and everyone else from here that I met without realising it!

    Glenn, Jocke, Matt, Luis and Anders did us proud, and huge credit too to Tonio and the crew.

    Jocke sends his love to everyone here in the forum and thanks you all for the lovely messages and emails that you've been sending to the website. Of course he's far too useless to actually log in here and tell you that himself, but that's cos he needs his fingers for other things, apparently. Pickin his nose? No of course not - he needs them for funking that funky guitar funkything of course!

    Anyway, yeh, it was good. And I've eaten more wedding cake in the last few days than I've eaten in the last thirty years. What is it about hotels that by the time you get back to them after a gig, the only food that's on offer is the leftovers from the wedding reception??? They can't even remember to make the sandwiches you've ordered and signed for unless you threaten to trash their dammmn kitchen. I hope the first underground nuclear kitchen has a better grasp of room-service, or we're all gonna go very very hungry.

    (p.s. I'm not including the new Robin Hotel in Bilston in that little rant - the service there was fantastic and the breakfast was exactly perfect - all credit to the lovely people who run it and I'd recommend anyone who's going to a gig in Bilston to stay there).

  • That reminds me of a story about Free in their early days. They would play gigs at various venues around the UK and often got back to the hotel late at night. The kitchen would be closed but that didn't faze the guys at all. There was often a small service door leading into the pantry and Andy Fraser, being the smallest of the four, would wriggle through the door to score some late night grub!

    I imagine myself at six foot and 220 pounds trying that trick and I flash on Winnie The Pooh being stuck in the honey tree...:lol:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • I imagine myself at six foot and 220 pounds trying that trick and I flash on Winnie The Pooh being stuck in the honey tree...:lol:

    Bill, there is no way you'd ever be confused with Winnie the Pooh :D Hey, how is your brother doing ??

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Hey Grace thank you for those kind comments. It did sum it up well. I missed out Pete Stanford and Dani C on my original post and also the all too brief chat with wolfysmith at the Robin. Sorry mate. Duty called. I'd love to have stayed at the do. What a great after show Mike and his team put on at the venue. It just shows how well Glenn is received in his own neck of the woods.

    Thanks also to Iain for your message. Yep I hear you. Basically it's a case of cutting a deal with someone.

  • I was there with my friends at the Liverpool gig and have to say that it was truly amazing. First time that I have ever seen Glenn live (have had to live with my younger brother winding me up until now) having been a Purple/Hughes Thrall/ and Glenn solo fan for years.

    Glenn is obviously truly into his music and is an inspiration to those lesser instrument playing mortals such as myself. And that voice...........jeez !!! Truly special.

    The venue I believe was just right for the gig and there was certainly a vibe of celebration going around. The band seemed to feed off this and a good time seemed to being had by all.

    Agree with earlier comments that it would be nice to see Glenn in a slightly bigger and more sound-friendly venue but I'd go to see him anywhere after this. Just a suggestion but may also be worth Glenn visiting some of the local radio stations in the NW (Wire FM in Warrington etc) and placing some ads in the local papers next time he tours to raise his profile in the wider area. The NW does not end with Liverpool and Manchester !

    Can't wait for the next tour. Cheers Glenn ! :clapper:

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