The Robin 2 Wolverhampton June 6th, 2008

  • This isn't going to be a big review, why, because for once I'm speachless.
    This was quite simply a breathtaking astonishing performance from Glenn and his band.
    Listen, I'm a 50 year old bloke who had tears streaming down my face from the sheer emotion of listening to Glenn's vocals.
    If this ever came out on DVD it would be the best yet, I promise ya.
    Due to other commitments I was due to miss tonights show at Liverpool, but, sod it, I'm going, I'm not going to miss it for the world.
    All the new material off F.U.N.K. was just incredible and is even better live than on the album.
    Glenn, If you read this you MUST release a live album of this stuff.
    Only minor gripe is I wish there was a bit more merchandise for sale, I got my FUNK Tee, but was hoping maybe Freak Flag would be on offer, I was at that show and can't get a copy no how.
    Any way, I'm off to get ready for the trip to Merseyside, this time though I'll take some tissues for if I start blubbering again !

    :thumbup: :cool: :bow: :D

  • Amazing show at the Robin last night. Is it my imagination or has Glenn's upper register expanded from supernatural to completely unbelievable? :eek: This was my seventh Glenn show and some of the vocals were beyond anything i've heard before, does anyone agree or am I just getting carried away?
    Crave was a fantastic opener, to my ears the sound was spot on from the word go. All the songs from F.U.N.K were great but 'oil and water' and 'we shall be free' were especially satisfying, really intense renditions.
    Great to see J.J back and on scintillating form,Luis was a revelation a new experience seeing Glenn with a duel guitar attack.Hats off to the whole band for a super tight performance :claphands This was my first gig since seeing Aerosmith at hyde park last June,so I was ready to be rocked and wasn't dissapointed.
    Hope everyone else has enjoyed this tour, Thanks for a great gig.

  • Cant really top that review, breathtaking, just breathtaking. I too was crying last night.
    Seeing Glenn is a religious experience for me.
    Maybe FUNK should stand for Find Unused New Kleenex!

    See you all in Liverpool tonight. Alot of people are meeting in Ma Egertons tavern, right near the venue!

    Adios Amigos

    Ian Dunbar

  • A tremendous gig last night - has to rank as one of the Top 3 gigs we've seen from Glenn. The new and revigorated band pulled out all the stops. Love the format of the first 4 songs - a non-stop blast from beginning to end. Guys and gals were shaking their you know whats :D A great night, especially with the touching tribute to Mel and the local crowd shouting their best wishes from the rooftop!

    Looking forward to tonight in Liverpool :cool:

  • Hey all

    Devastated to be missing out on this tour :(

    Glad all my FUNKY brothers and sisters are having a ball :thumbup:

    Glenn and the boys. Sounds like you are FUNKING BIG TIME :clapper:


  • Yep, I'd definitely agree with David that this was in the Top 3 of the Glenn gigs I've seen so far (11 and counting) - it may even be the best, but I'll have to wait and let it settle in before I can make a cool-headed assessment (this could take some time...) :)

    For anyone in any doubt (and I know I'm largely preaching to the converted here, but you never know, there may be the odd lurker reading) - You could not fake this kind of performance - no way could you go-through-the-motions and produce a performance like Glenn and his band did at the Robin 2 on Friday : there was genuine emotion, genuine love in the room and...genuine magic too.:clapper:

  • Yeah, I gotta say Glenn was superb .... the new F.U.N.K tracks were so powerful live. Probably the best I've seen him!
    And the vocals were totally ace - he's a genius!!!
    Totally worth the trip to Wolves.
    Cheers to the funkmeister :):):):):):):):):):):):)!!!!!!

  • I too was crying last night.
    Maybe FUNK should stand for Find Unused New Kleenex!

    Find Unused New Kleenex?

    Yeah, that sounds about right.
    Nobody else like our boy.



  • Not much to add to that David. It was truly breathtaking to see Glenn in his element playing with a band who really understand where he is coming from. I'd love to have seen Imperfection or Satellite in there just to add to the vibe.

    On a personal note, while we kept nodding to each other in foyers and backstage, I am sorry I didn't get a proper chance to chat to you and Shirean properly ........and there's plenty for us to talk about. For reasons I'd better not discuss I did three 3 am shifts so may not have been at my best at social interaction :)

    It was great for my son Laurence to be able to help out too. He got a buzz from all that. But now he is catching up on his sleep. Bless! Glenn is such a witty guy as well as THE best musician of his era. I don't think he will ever forget the experience of being involved with the Voice of Rock. I won't.

  • Excellent gig - Tarquin & I also agreed it was one of the best Glenn gigs we've seen.

    Tarquin reckoned it COULD have been the best he's ever seen. For me, I certainly enjoyed it (even) more than the last few tours. Delighted to see Glenn finally (I hope) playing less Purple & putting the emphasis firmly on the solo stuff. (In an ideal world, personally I'd like to see a Trapeze song replace Mistreated too, but I ain't complaining!!!)

    Sorry I didn't say 'hi', but I arrived fairly late & it was pretty packed, so I didn't spot anyone I knew (other than Tarquin, who I'd arranged to meet)....

    Roll on September!!



  • ....(In an ideal world, personally I'd like to see a Trapeze song replace Mistreated too, but I ain't complaining!!!)....

    I agree Top Cat :thumbup:

    With all the talk about funk lately, you'd think that inserting some Trapeze into the setlist would be a no-brainer. Hopefully we'll get some live Trapeze again one day :)



  • Some pix from the gig can also be viewed by visiting:…nn-raises-roof/

  • Good write-up by Ian Harvey :thumbup:

    It sure would be nice to see/hear a video of one of these tributes to Mel that I've been reading about...also the segue into the Carpenters would be interesting to hear. If anyone has these and can post them, I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated :clapper:



  • ...also the segue into the Carpenters would be interesting to hear. If anyone has these and can post them, I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated :clapper:


    Absolutely, Chip!
    I can very well remember people shaking their heads in unbelief when I suggested here on the forum years ago, that Glenn should cover a Carpenters song.
    Search is definitely my friend. Look here...

    Clip anyone?




  • also the segue into the Carpenters would be interesting to hear.


    You guys must of missed it ;) You can find that one attached to my Liverpool report posting :cool:

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