Toto is finished

  • Sorry to hear it. Their last album Falling in Between ranks as one of their best ever. I flew to Vegas labor day 2006 and that show was the best I saw that year. I'm hearing from inside sources very bad news about Mike Porcaro as well. At least they've gone out on top. Pray for Mike. Luke's announcement


  • I flashed on the interview Todd Seely did with Steve Lukather as I read this message. And it may be easy to write him off as an arrogant potty mouth..but EVERY point he made about the business was 100% valid. I think the main reason he is bringing Toto to a halt is because he is tired of pulling arrows out of his back....OK, a joke but let's face it. Toto has taken so much abuse from the press over the years. They started out as the corporate rock whipping boys; the fact that they were a success right out of the gate only intensified the critical drubbing they got on a regular basis. I remember the review of "Toto IV" in Rolling Stone in which the writer dimisses "Africa" as an identical twin to Asia's "Heat Of The Moment".....Huh??

    Toto has been thorugh just about every trial and tribulation a band can endure; drug problems, changing personnel, the death of a founding member. And they have soldiered on and can stilll fill concert halls around the world. They may have been largely forgotten here in the US but, as has often been noted, get fans in other countries and you have them for life. Bobby Kimball...he was a cocaine casualty who got himself clean and came back as strong as ever.....Simon Phillips came in to drive the band after the tragic death of Jeff Porcaro. I think that with David Paich having retired and Mike Porcaro unable to play because of a hand injury,Luke did the right thing by putting the bike in the shed. And he started that band when he was he is at 50!

    You guys had a great run..long after the reviews yellow and fade away the music will always stand.

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


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  • Ok here's the deal with Mike. I will not say what I was told...but do you notice that Luke now calls it an "illness"? That's what it is. And he isn't coming back. I feel terrible for Mike. It's not a hand injury. Sad.


  • I did catch the reference to an illness in Luke's message. I won't speculate because it really isn't my business....but it is still very sad indeed.

    Luke goes on to say that without a Paich or a Porcaro in the band you don't really have Toto wasn't the band of high school buddies that started back in 1976....

    I say again..L.uke did the right thing and I hope he finds success with his solo labum and new band.

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • I liked Toto from the beginning and I often enjoy the DVD " Falling in between Live " . But Steve Lukather-who in my opinion is one of the best Rock guitarists ever- is a fantastic solo artist and I'm shure he will make some more good records in the future !
    So r.i.p. Toto , rock on Steve !!!:cool::cool:

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  • Toto was an incredible band. Period. I saw them last year and really enjoyed myself and got to meet Simon and LUke, who were gracious as they joined us in the hotel bar after the show.

    The founding members were extremely tight and I agree it was time to put the bike in the shed.

    Their last album was very good and I woner as some of these older bands look to release albums this year if this will be known as the Year of the Last Album (ACDC, Whitesnake, Extreme, Motley Crue, Steve Winwood, who else am I missing?)

  • Steve Lukather will be performing with his new bandmates on August 27th at BB King's in NYC for those in the vicinity (Bill and Vinny ?). Sounds as if Steve is wasting no time getting out on the road.

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  • I am a Toto admirer although not a fan. But the only point I want to make is that there is no disgrace in putting something to bed and moving on for whatever reason If only some bands would take a look and say "hey does this thing work any more?" I am thinking Purple. I am thinking Journey. I am actually thinking Whitesnake too. Sorry I know many of you love the new album but hey let's hope DC ends it on what he sees as a know what happened to Muhammed Ali. Still great but did he really have to have those showdowns with Holmes and Birbeck at the end?

    Glenn? Different kettle of fish as we say in England.

  • Wouldnt say that, Keith.
    A thing or band can be different but still interesting to people tho.
    I know certain people who would love to have as many fans (and people who buy the album) as Whitesnake or Deep Purple still does.
    I personally dont like the current Whitesnake too! But we have to aknowledge the fanbase which is still there and active and its bigger than others :)

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