Hello Everyone!

  • Hi,

    Hello to you all. I'm Hel. I'm back again but finding the new board very confusing! I'm not one for posting much I tend to just agree with what's been said but I will post more in future.
    I'm off to the gig tonight in Bilston? I'll be the woman in black who hasn't got a clue how her new camera works:huh:?

    If any shots are usuable I'll be back to get advice on how to load them up. I'm hoping to meet up with Al and his mates. Come and say Hi. x

  • Welcome to the site Hel.

    Hey...while you're at the show in Wolverhampton tonight, if you see a tall, lanky dude named Wolfy, give him a swift kick in the arse from me. Thanks. ;)



  • hey hel,
    welcome(back) to the site. i'm not sure if it's the board that you find confussing, or just some of the stuff that we write on it.
    either way, we're glad to have you here and glad that you get a chance to see glenn play.
    as for us in america... sigh...at least we have a FUNKy new cd to play, and some pics. to look at.
    peace and cheers,

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