June 1st, 2008 - Helmond, The Netherlands

  • Last night was great!!!! I had a smile on my face all evening!!!!!!
    J.J. was as always Mr Funny Cool himself
    Great drummer (keep up will you?)
    Mr ICE on keyboards; more is welcome
    And none other than Prince on 2nd guiter; oh no it was not him but man can he play!!!!

    The venue Plato was not packed, which gave it an intimate atmosphere.
    Once again a great band was not promoted properly.
    The people who were there, got it from http://www.glennhughes.com/ or so, because the venue did not promote it at all. (I can know I live in helmond)

    For the next tour I would suggest a venue like 013 Tilburg or the Effenaar in Eindhoven because they DO PROMOTE their concerts. The new stuff was funking great !!!!! Glenn came, saw and sang his lungs out (by the way nice adidases man!!!!)

    Thank you Big D. and hope to talk to you some day and say hi.


  • A great nite indeed! Plato was never on my top list for favorite venues. I was told funding has stopped, so no more well known artists in this venue. That's probably the reason they did not promote this gig.

    But the good side of this story is that we got a very intimate gig. Glenn and band were superb. I think Luis is a very welcome addition to the band. Man can he play! Hoperfully he will stick around for a few records and tours ;)

    Same setlist as the evening before in Zoetermeer:

    * Crave
    * F U N K
    * Never say Never
    * Oil and Water
    * Mistreated
    * You got Soul
    * We shall be Free
    * Dont let me Bleed
    * Love Communion
    * Steppin' on

    * Soul Mover
    * Burn

  • Thanks for the quick reports and I concur... both Dutch shows were absolutely great. The Voice of Funk is back and on top of his game. Zoetermeer had a great turn-up and a great vibe, and Helmond was very intimate. I really enjoyed seeing two guitar players at work, lots of nice harmonies. I guess it's been for the first time since 1995 (Feel Tour) that G brought two guitarists, but scuse me if I am mistaken. Both JJ and Luis switched from Fender to Gibson every once in a while - nice gear these cats got. Glenn's voice is in top form and I think Matt did a great job on the drums as well, nailing many of Chad's fills and grooves really well.

    There is a lot of fun and creativity in this band, which shows during their sound checks for instance. While a soundcheck is usually literally to "check the sound", these guys start of jammin' to new ideas straight away. Hope they will keep it together!

    funkfully yours,

    PS Great to see a short clip feat. F.U.N.K. instead of Burn or Mistreated! ;)

  • Splendid pictures, thanks a lot!!! :thumbup:

    It is obvious that everybody on stage is in good mood, having fun and radiant with joy! That's great! :cool: :bouncer: :)

  • ad- please put on more of that funk!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on you got the key -dont never close!!!!!!

  • feder, you're so right on a couple of thing. one, that is a great pic. of glenn being a band leader, and also i cuncur, it's good to finally start to see some clips from the new songs. i too love mistreated and burn, but its time to feel the FUNK. i wanna see for myself that the bass, it don't lie. it wouldn't take long for me to tell you what i crave.
    peace and cheers,

  • Here's the picture of Glenn showing Luis a chord he'd like to hear.
    I thought it was a nice moment.

    That's a really unique photograph that you posted, Fedor.
    Thanks for thinking of us.

    At first, I thought that Glenn was playing a new model:
    "The Glenn Hughes Invisible Air Guitar."




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