• Oh my goodness, i am so ready to buy 2 or 3 FUNKy shirts and show them off. That shirt rocks and i've loved the white scarf from the first time i seen him wear it. Now i'm wondering if any of those will be offered on the RRFC tour in the US. Particularly, XXL. I'm starting to get panicky. How do we fans in the USA get access to these goodies?

    :singer: ...Everyday, wheels are turnin'

  • Hey David,
    You need to sell them here too for us who can't make it
    to any of the shows. I got my hours cut at work down to 14
    a week now so probably can't afford to travel all over hell's
    half acre to see the Voice of Funk anytime soon. But one of those
    shirts would be mighty sweet :thumbup:
    Galleyfan :)


  • I went to the store but i don't see any of the Hughes t's in XXL :confused:

    Was there some and i wasn't quick enough?
    -or never was any to begin with?
    Can you get more or will there be any XXL's at all ?
    Please help.

    :singer: ...Everyday, wheels are turnin'

  • I went to the store but i don't see any of the Hughes t's in XXL :confused:

    Don't believe there were any XXL for the F U N K branded shirts etc - that's not to say they're not available, be sure and use the Contact Form and ask the question from there.

    The GLENNHUGHES.COM and COAST TO COAST shirts are available with XXL as an option, you'll see it shown as 2X.

  • I appears to be too much trouble to make, and offer, an XXL Hughes shirt. I just end up getting teased with sizes that are too small...so i'll go make my own.

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  • I'm curious KeepOnMovin...did you inquire with the people that supply the tour shirts? If so, what did they say?

    Just wondering, because if I keep on going out to eat with Frank every time he comes into town, I'll be needing those double-ex-ells :lol:

    Seriously...I really would like to know, KOM.



  • i agree that asking the shirt company would be a good idea. they have to know that people want the larger sizes as well. please let us know what response you get. i would feel certain that we could figure out the proper way to have them stock theose sizes as well.

  • Hey Theo!

    You are not the only one who needs an XX shirt.

    Or at least an X- Large.

    You know, to accomodate my massive guns :lol:

    Err, Umm, my sixx pack! :D

    Wife is laughing & wondering if they are filled with blanks :lol:


    Galleyfan ;)


  • Hey you Hughes Heads.

    I've been really busy and just back online from a month ago.

    Sorry that i got frustrated last time with not finding XXL's.

    I don't remember if i tried the contact form or what answer i got, so i emailed again today requesting XXL's and mentioned other buyers on the fan site wanting them, as well as countless others that have not spoken up... I'll post the outcome as soon as i hear.

    I must say, i am pleased to see a US release of the new cd on the horizon. I'm partly ashamed to confess that i don't own it yet, especially here amongst the mighty, but it's been hard for me to find one for a "normal" price. I'm actually surprised i made it thru the summer without it. I really anticipated it's release, and loved the last cd so very, very much, but i did manage to catch up on some other major releases that i fell behind on so that has helped me get thru.

    Now i'm getting excited again about the USA release and tour. You know that the USA tour has already been decided -Anything that 2 or more of you agree on, will be done. I agree that the USA tour will unfurl here, and you have agreed about it as well, written it and spoken it into existance. It's settled then.

    We are establishing it with our expectations. So start laying aside your funky money and vacation time and get ready fast because it's coming. This is all good. Good fun, good recreation, good music, good spirits. Can't wait. I'm ready to rock man. Let's do this. It's time for God to grace the stages of the USA with Glenn.

    :singer: ...Everyday, wheels are turnin'

  • I never did hear anything back on the XXL's :huh:

    Hmmm...I'll see what I can find out for you.

    Meantime, the GLENNHUGHES.COM and COAST TO COAST shirts are available with XXL as an option, you'll see it displayed as 2X.

    OK, theo stix and KeepOnMovin, I got word back, not good news unfortunately...if things change, I'll let you know.


    ...we don't have any plans of yet to stock these sizes (XXL, XXXL). We've tried stocking these sizes in the past and we sell a couple and then they simply just don't sell at all, so they're not viable at this time.

  • thanks david,
    and i just sent and recieved an e-mail from them concerning my xl "bass it don't lie" t-shirt. they said that they were just getting them back in stock and would be shipping mine out to me (soon). i'll let you know when i get it. i ordered it sometime back in early august i believe.
    peace everyone,

  • i just got my shirts today ! it was a cool suprise. i forgot that i had ordered the Glenn Hughes '76 shirt. i really like it. i also got a "bass it don't lie" t-shirt which is cool. i actually already had one because shirl was so nice to send me one from across the pond when they first went on sale, but i wore it to the private gig in Jersey a few months ago and i got Glenn to sign it for me so i had to retire it in my "cool stuff that i have related to Glenn hughes" place in my room. so now i've got one for showin' and one for blowin' :)
    peas and cornbread,

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