Hi Everyone!

  • Hi Funksters,

    2 very hot shows in Belgium and Holland...great to see packed venues. A big shot of love to all of you, and welcome to all the younger fans @ these shows.

    Last night during "Love Communion" it dawned on me that I am the only one from my ex band that is makin' solo records, and touring....I feel so strongly about "right now"...I have not got one foot in the past, and one in the future...it's all about this day, and this evenings show.

    I have been hangin' out with my band, and meetin' fans. I have been gettin' my very important 8 hours of sleep everynight, a must 4 my voice.

    Helmond 2nite, then Romania....THEN....2 the UK...gonna amp and Ramp it up for all you over there...it will be a celebration 4 me!!!!!

    I wanna send out some love to my friend Steven Tyler. A big help and inspiration in my early sobriety.

    We Shall Be Free...



  • Hi Glenn

    You and the band were smokin' in Helmond. You're pretty fast with your message.

    Was it really seven (7) yrs ago that I was standing crying in front of a closed door in Helmond when for some reason the concert didn't go through...ah..you made up for it a few times already! Great performance! Lots of new material...keep it up!!

    Last time I saw you perform in Holland (first time was Vlietpop in Leidschendam 1994) as I'm relocating to the USA this Summer. Hope to see you perform there!

  • I'm relocating to the USA this Summer. Hope to see you perform there!

    oh!... geeze!.. HAHAHAHAHAHAH


    hehehe... hahaha... heeheeheehee... *snort*

    hehehe... ah... i needed a good laugh.

    heeheehee... *tries to stop himself from another laughing fit*

    hehehehe... *slaps his hand across his mouth*



    *stumbles out of the room gasping for air between laughing spells*

    ...and while you are in the USA I guess you plan on getting a job as a stand-up comedian?

  • not to take anything away from the rnr fc thing, but when i get on a plane and fly to see glenn play, i wanna see glenn play. and i've been having headaches from holding my breath too long. i'm happy for you people who are getting to see him play though. maybe the rest of us should just set up a camp in glenn's yard and just catch him when he gets back home. we'll call it camp funk or something like that.
    i know we keep asking about dates, but glenn did say that he was going to be playing here in the states for us this year... and as we all know by now.... the bass it don't lie.

  • Well it looks as if the US fans are cracking under the strain.
    Poor purplemusic is reading imaginary tour newspaper ads,
    and Fast Joey is now suffering from obsessive / compulsive hysteria.
    And for all I know, tonyg will be living in a cardboard box in Chicago
    until August 9th, so as not to miss seeing Glenn for the first time, again.
    Our only hope, here in the US, is "The Nursing Home Tour."


    And while I'm happy that Glenn will enjoy the Rock & Roll camp......
    .....thanks, but no thanks.

    Glenn Hughes ~ as part of a crowd?

    Can anybody imagine the scene if some nameless (uhhh, shall we say)
    GH crazy person, jumped up on this stage and announced:

    "Everybody who isn't Glenn Hughes ~ get off the stage ~
    go sit in the audience ~ pay attention to what you'll see and hear ~
    and maybe you'll learn something."

    THAT........I would pay good money to see.
    (If the cops haven't arrested me first.)


  • note to self, while adjusting to the idea of glenn not playing in the states again this year:
    I sure do love Glenn and his music, but what's the deal? The United states is the biggest country on the earth. Glenn Hughes fans live here and although we may seem like a wine and cheese crowd (did i just say wine), we would certainly go and see him play. He did say that he was going to play here this year; how were we to know that he was just talking about the r-r fantasy camp? I'm like Grace, I cant imagine going to see glenn play on his new tour, and get an earfull of joe schmo corporate guy playing freebird or something like that. On top of all of this, Glenn lives here! i mean , come on, he's got to come home sometimes. Just bring your guitar w/ you when you come.
    Camping out in his yard at the fan-based tent city seems to still be a possible option for us. Unlike Grace, i'm not into hanging around for the old folks home tour.
    it's my FUNK. i want it all and i want it now!
    one more note to self: make sure to erase this and don't post it. Someone may not share my thoughts
    peace, love and tents,

  • I sure do love Glenn and his music, but what's the deal? The United states is the biggest country on the earth.

    Gotta admire your patriotism :claphandsbut as someone recently said:

    "The stats don't lie" (sic) ;)

    Largest Countries in the World

    Area (square kilometers)
    3United States9,629,091

  • you know, when i wrote that, i was thinking that the US wasn't the biggest country, geographically speaking, but I figured that if someone wanted to take the time to dispute it , they could. so, good for you Ben. extra credit for the reseach.
    now, what I meant to say was that the US of A is one of the largest countrys on the planet. it also holds , by ratio, the world's largest population of glenn hughes fans to non- glenn hughes fans.
    the latest data that i have seen is that: United States--1 out of every 4 people consider themselves Glenn hughes fans.
    Canada-- 1 out of every 6 people consider themselves glenn hughes fans.
    Russia-- 1 out of every 8 people consider themselves glenn hughes fans.

    so, there you go Ben. a little food for thought. i'll expect that you'll chew on that one for a while, but i dont think you'll so easily foil my little scheme of getting glenn back home this time.
    i think i've got you this time... and your little dog too :p

    :sint5: :div9:

  • Hey Guys

    Now you should all know that it's not the quantity of fans but the Quality of the fans that counts. I have it on good authority that the best Glenn fans are to be found in South Yorkshire,England.

    The fact that i live there is completely coincidental :rolleyes:


  • Hi Glenn
    I am looking forward to seeing you once again in the UK as I have done on every tour, however, this time is special for you due to your return to Liverpool and to celebrate FUNK and for me as it is my birthday.......what a present!!!
    See you on Saturday

  • Well, he'll be out on the road with the RRFC during the month of August

    Roger and I were tempted to go to Dallas to see it; although I would have had to take off of work. But then I remembered a line from one of my very favorite movies, Oh Brother Where Art Thou.

    Delmar O'Donnell: Care for some gopher?
    Ulysses Everett McGill: No thank you, Delmar. One third of a gopher would only arouse
    my appetite without bedding it down.

    I fear getting a small portion of GH would do the same...just not be enough. :lol:

  • well said Susan. I think that about sums it up.
    i'm sure that r-r fc is cool if you've got the money and want to play w/ cool , talented people, but as a fan going to see a show, i think it would only tease your taste buds and could leave you wondering "when are they bringing out the main course?"

  • well said Susan.
    I think that about sums it up.

    What he said, she said.


    This R&RFC situation reminds me of the time, a while back,
    when Glenn went back to England to visit his folks,
    and also went to a home-town soccer / football game,
    and the thread and pictures were posted on gh.com or ghpg.net.

    Yeah, there was Glenn Hughes in a packed stadium........
    .........but he wasn't there, as the star of a Glenn Hughes concert.
    "This time around"........he really was the audience.



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