The bootleg "Live in Austin, Texas 1976"

  • I think it's the best live ever it exists from Trapeze (until now). You should find it. The sound is quite good. And mel's playing on it is so great ...

    Here are the songs :

    1 You are the Music
    2 L.A.Cutoff
    3 Medusa
    4 Space High
    5 Coast to Coast
    6 Midnight Flyer
    7 Seafull
    8 Jury
    9 Way Back to the Bone
    10 Black Cloud

    Terry Rowley on keyboards.

  • dudes!!! how do you get hold of this bootleg then? i have a full concert of glenn hughes playing in the uk in dudley at a venue called jb's, it isn't there anymore though, the gig was one from the soulmover tour 2005, my friend got to stand in the mixing desk and film the whole concert, if anyone is interested then email me at
    i'd really love to get my hands on a copy of that bootleg, i'd be willing to trade or whatever. lewis

  • I wonder if Glenn has any soundboard tapes of this rather short reunion?Facinating to hear some of the 'Play Me Out' material live.I don't think PMO came out until '77.
    Simon F

  • I'm sure Glenn's got some amazing recordings, featuring some incredibly special performances from throughout the years. But I'll bet alot of that material was captured on tape under less than desirable circumstances, meaning someone just happened to have a tape machine rolling, and it would never be considered for release in any form. Maybe as a special snippet streamed on this site, but beyond that? :confused: But wow - the thought of having a collection of remastered Glenn Hughes demos, outtakes, collaborations and studio jams similar to the Tommy Bolin Archives releases... :yes: :yes: :yes:


  • Well Todd, whilst chatting to Glenn in the pub last Thursday night here in Cannock i reminded him that Pink Cloud has only released ONE thing. He said it was about time for something else to come out. trouble is he is so damn busy that he cant find the time at the moment.

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  • well i was talking about old archive material ie Incense and Peaches which contains some brilliant stuff :thumbup:

    i had forgotten my signed :D copies of the Christmas album and FFF were on Pink Cloud. I only managed to buy the last 5 copies of FFF Chris ;)

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  • Wonder if Glenn will ever play 'Play Me Out' onstage in it's entirety
    with Horns & Strings & b vox
    Brass up some 'Trapeze' & 'Feel' songs & the Wolverhampton City Hall beckons..I wish anyway!
    Time for Mr Iommi to do some shows with Glenn.
    A crying shame 'Fused' wasn't promoted with some live shows.
    I guess Glenn's new band & album will rightly take priority but
    maybe it isn't as far fetched for Glenn's 2010 diary?

  • Hi,

    is this actually Arlington show?

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

    T :)


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