Am I being controversial?

  • I find this very difficult to say but I don't like the new album :huh:

    Before anyone tells me that I don't know what I am talking about,I have been following Glenn and his music since 1979 and have a very big collection of virtually every thing he has ever done,but......I just can't get into the new album.

    Glenn is in the exact position he wants to be in,making the music HE wants to.

    My problem is that it is not the music I want from him.

    What I am trying to say is that over the last few years I have been so excited to play his music to new ears with an excitement from the new listener saying"Wow. What a voice.Who is this man etc.etc.At this moment in time, the album is just another album that so many people could have come up with but it is not THE Glenn album I want.

    I know I am just another punter,but I feel as though we will never hear a Glenn album again in the the old school vein.

    Maybe I am being selfish, but I feel that we have come to an end of an era.An era that I grew up with.And an era that I want and hope to see again :( :( :( :(

    Sorry folks but this is how I feel.

  • You know it's like food. You can have lobsters at your party and someone will not like it. That doesn't make them wrong.
    All the man can do is play what his heart and soul pour out. This is what we got. I for one absolutely LOVE the new album. It is different. It isn't the same "old school" album that you wanted. I can go and listen to any one of them when I crave that. (no pun intended)

    At the same time it is a throwback to another time. For me it is anyway. And no I don't see this as a record that anyone could have made. It is of the highest quality. But that is my opinion.

  • Well, perhaps it comes down to the era you grew up with him on :) I'm a bit older, so have a longer history to draw from. I first learnt of Glenn from the music of Trapeze. So obviously, F U N K is right up my street :D

    But for those who discovered him later, especially from the mid-90's on, it's understandable to hear not so positive comments.

    But it is what it is and so not everyone is going to stay 'on the ride'! There are plenty of other musicians who can cater to the other styles you enjoy and prefer, so you'll have no trouble in finding what you want to listen to.

    Meantime, it's been fun having you onboard and we hope to see you again. You know where to find us :)

  • Are you being controversial?
    Not in my book.
    And let's face it.....I'm.....the one that you should be worried about. :rolleyes: :axe:

    You must be on the rock side of the "Fused or Funk" fence.
    That's OK by me, as it should be with all of Glenn's fans.
    Our boy has taken a couple of musical detours in his life;
    I think that it adds to the variety of the scenery, as we fans travel along for the ride.

    Hey, just because we're GH crazy people, doesn't mean that we're GH robots.

    Although I buy everything that says "Glenn Hughes" on it.........
    I listen to the CD tracks that I like the most, from each album.
    (After I figured out how to finagle the memory tracks on my CD player. Ha, ha.)
    I play some albums more than others, and get surprised, as if it were new,
    when I listen to something from Glenn's musical history that I haven't heard in a while.

    Just don't worry too much about FUNK.
    Glenn's never done the same CD twice in a row.
    For now......just listen to your favorite GH songs from the past,
    while waiting to see what's coming next, from down the chute.



  • Being in the "somewhat older" category; way older than Todd but younger than Frank Cinella, I have a longer history to draw on regarding Glenn. But I also welcome the changes and know that Glenn has never made the same album or CD twice in a row. It is like going to Baskin & Robbins. i like some flavors more than others. I listened to "The Way It Is" recently but couldn't tell you the last time I listened to "Fused" for example.

    Speaking for myself, I will take "Feel" over "From Now On"...I enjoy the soul/ funk side. If your taste leans toward the rock side then you would feel differently. I am not right and Johnnyboy wrong...far from it.

    An artist needs to have room to change. I welcome that.

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Being in the "somewhat older" category; way older than Todd but younger than Frank Cinella,

    Hey, I resemble that remark. nyuk, nyuk, nyuk ;)

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Glenn has always had a 'soulful' side so the new album shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who knows his 'history'. I've always liked the funky, soulful Glenn but with a dash of rock thrown in for good measure (TRAPEZE will always immediately come to mind!). Glenn is returning to his true musical roots and if you're a dyed-in-the-wool heavy metal fan this could be a let-down for you. Suffice to say, I like the journey we're on now and I personally feel that Glenn was never really comfortable with the 'heavy metal' tag.................:confused:

  • Here is my take on it: An artist will never please everyone. The only thing he can do without compromising his integrity is to do what is in his heart. Glenn has said many times, this is the music in his heart. As an artist (I can't think any other way) I not only love every new song but my own journey is strengthened to hear someone at peace with themselves and their art.

    Maybe this is a regional thing, I was always taught that if you don't have something nice to say, just don't say anything....and I"m not saying that to be's perfectly legitimate to not like something - no one is going to like everything except me I I always get surprised by the public critique of his some of his fans - and I know they ARE fans, don't get me wrong. But I can't relate it to any other artist, because I am not on any other fan forums. If someone is a fan, they should publically at LEAST (where new fans come online and read) stand behind and promote the music that the artist produces. Period. If they are not a fan, maybe they could start a "not a Fan of" forum, or a "Used to Be a Fan, but not now" Forum. It could still be respectful, just not happy with the artist. Then the artist could group them in with professional or non-professional critics - because if you disect someone's talent, you are critiquing; and the artist could then take what they are saying as the hazard of baring his soul to critics....the public...because that's what this original post is; music is not working in a law office and getting a review from the boss for how you did your job this past year. It is baring your innermost soul and laying your talent on the line, like a new baby for everyone to see. When you have a new baby, is it right to have people that say they love you to talk about how the ears are too big, or it could be better in some way? Not nearly as bright as the last baby? LOL As a fan, you are like a brother downing Glenn's baby, that's how I see it anyway, and doing it on a public forum where new fans are coming on to join the ride. You are saying he could have done better in your eyes. You're bummed. To me, that's not what a fan or a brother does.

    I want to reiterate, I don't blame anyone for having different taste than me, or not liking everything someone does. Don't try to belabor that point to me. We have had these conversations before in various ways on this forum...I just think it completely bizarre, and have since I"ve been here, that Glenn's fans are comfortable coming on a FAN board and critiquing how high he sings, number of screams, CD song list, album cover, live set list...and on and on. Brothers and sisters, if you don't like it, why say anything? Why not listen to something else? I don't think you know how words affect, because Glenn is so cool he acts like it's ok. Just don't buy his product, but why in the world do you think it's alright to change your post going to change his mind and make him go back to something you like better? Would it be right if it did? Hell no. Or are your words just going to hang around his neck, making it harder to even care about playing for anyone? Is it just going to be out there on the forum, where everyone including new members can think ...hmm, maybe Glenn is going the wrong direction? Why don't we just let him play what's in his heart, and either love it or leave it, with no pressure on him to change every thing he ever puts out.. It's a collossal effort to put a song together from the heart to the CD, and to say "this is it", what I really wanted. I love it, there is no other Glenn Hughes but Glenn Hughes. The mold is broken.

    Sorry for the long post. No offense to anyone, and my mind won't be changed, so don't try. lol

  • I've always told anyone who was listening to Glenn with me for the first time that if you don't for whatever reason like this one, you'll likely love the next one. He doesn't rehash the same album over and over again. I love that! I do happen to think that FUNK is a great record. It captures the moment and the songs are all excellent! But if I want something that sounds like Soulmover, I put on Soulmover! The same goes for any one of them. That is the beautiful thing about recordings. We will always have them to go back to. One day we will go back to FUNK when we want that too. I also have the feeling that there will be those who one day will come around and say you know what? It really is a great album! Once all of the expectations are dropped and the music is allowed to be what it is it will be seen as one of the good ones. I have no doubt about this.

    Roger, by and large the fans here are very respectful of Glenn and his work. I do frequent some other forums and it is mind boggling to witness the bashing that goes on. It leads one to wonder why they are even there in the first place. Maybe just to stir up some shit. I don't have that kind of time in my life! It's too short as it is. I want my time to be time well spent.

    This said, I don't put Johhny in that catagory by any means. He was just expressing his own disappointment. That is perfectly normal. I would say to put it away and come back to it when you are inspired to do so. You may be very surprised by what you experience. Just a thought my friend.

    Your name ain't bad either ;)

  • I don't put Johnny or anyone on here in the bashing category...I like Johnny of course. I just thought I might share a perspective from an artist's point of view.
    I know Glenn has a lot of love on here from everyone. But I don't think everyone always considers how he feels, or the consequences of words.

  • I don't put Johnny or anyone on here in the bashing category...I like Johnny of course. I just thought I might share a perspective from an artist's point of view.
    I know Glenn has a lot of love on here from everyone. But I don't think everyone always considers how he feels, or the consequences of words.

    Roger, I surely didn't take it that way either. I know that you weren't putting him in that category. I just didn't want him to feel that any of us were because his post wasn't that at all. I also understand your artists perspective. I've always been one myself albeit not a good as I'd like to be! But I guess we all feel like that. And yes words do have effects. I can't argue that. I would hope that Glenn understands though and doesn't take it too hard. He produces some great music across a broad spectrum and he's not going to please everyone every time nor should he even try. I for one am thrilled that he is putting out so much quality stuff and so frequently. It's a rare thing these days.

  • Don't anybody ever say that we GHCPs ain't got no couth! :rolleyes:
    This thread appears to show off the section of our brains
    (devoted to music) pretty well.

    I don't think that Glenn wants every fan to like everything he does.
    Call it an attempt by our boy to stir things up and create a little controversy..........
    But I believe that he values our opinions, especially of the fans
    who are professional musicians.

    It all depends on whether the basis is meant to be cruel, or not.
    If it's sincerely meant, anybody would be foolish not to at least listen
    to what we have to say.

    Since day one around here, ( people have been yelling ~
    I want more rock, or, I want more funk, blah, blah.......
    There's no way that Glenn can make everybody happy, all the time.
    So I think that those of us who are true fans, know that with the release
    of each new album, this is where Glenn's
    If you like or don't like the latest CD, not to worry.
    After all......Glenn certainly knows that as far as he's concerned,
    ya gotta' keep on movin'.

    And Roger, despite what you've said, I have my image to uphold.
    I've hated most of Glenn's CD cover artwork.
    Especially the black and white Christmas CD cover photograph.
    About as Christmas-y looking as a bowl of macaroni.
    I'm hoping that, if only to shut me up, Glenn's future CD artwork covers
    will do what they're supposed to; pop-out of the ordinary, and attract the eye.
    And have a freaking photograph on the cover, of a smiling Glenn Hughes.



  • I thought that this might happen.

    I have re-read my post and stand by it.

    Having read the comments from Roger a dozen times.I think he got it wrong.Does he really think that me or anyone else was trying to disrespect Glenn or his family.That makes me angry.You should consider removing that!!!!

    Rogers other comments were constructive and taken in the way I believe they were intended.

    The point I was trying to get accross was a very personal one to me.

    I am the most un-controversial person there is and I was most certainly not attempting to get a reaction.

    I have said on this forum many times how I have been trying to spread the word about all things Glenn and I most definately will continue to do so in the future.

    I do not profess to be an expert on all genres of music but I do think I know a thing or two about his music and his journey.

    I am very sad that some points were interpreted wrongly.

    I am also upset at the thought that any new visitor to this forum might take my comments as unkind,non-constructive or plain unkind.Would they really?The post was not inteded to do this in anyway!

    Glenn has more right than most to make the music he wants to after all his hard work,dedication,sincerity,honesty and professionalism he has shown to us fans.

    I have never met him and one day the great honour may be a possibilty, but I would really hope that my"critisism" of the album.....wasn't taken unkindly by him.This was not the intention.

    Thanks for the time you have all taken in having a passionate discussion.Believe me.This Glenn Hughes Fan is going nowhere :thumbup: :thumbup: :clapper: :clapper:

  • I wouldn't try to change your mind Roger, especially with the eloquence you posted on this thread and the many excellent posts I have read from you in the past.

    My 2 cents is simply this: If we told everyone that everything was great, then we would have a large section of the population who believe they are spectacular. As much as I DESPISE it, "American Idol" has become a huge success in many parts due to the way some no-talents are told to go home. Not that Glenn is anywhere near that category, but if one or two people don't care for something, I think it is good for them to express that here. In my case, it took a few listens to albums throughout the years to 'get into them', and other time it just never changed. I enjoy FUNK though not a fan of brass in my everyday listening. It took more than one listen to really enjoy it, though now I am quite enamored with much of the album.

    One way off topic here for Roger: I saw Lauren Harris open for Maiden last weekend, and one of the first thoughts that came to my mind was how much better they would sound with Roger playing his tasty licks instead of the crap we were forced to endure. I imagined some of your licks in there and it made me wish it was all about talent instead of great hair and ass-shaking !!! :thumbup:

    Sooo, Johnny, give it a little time and go to a live show during the UK Tour, you may come away with a slightly different never knows.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • A great thread you started here johnyboyUK - one of many similar over the years when Glenn has released a new album.

    I absolutely LOVE some of the songs on the FUNK album and play them repeatedly but there are one or two others I'm not playing at all ... yet ... this may change in time ... or may not. Like Gasoline :( which I can't stand to hear, but which others have loved in the past.

    Of course you stand by your comments / gut feeling and so you should; ditto for everyone else. This is a classy forum with some classy people :D

    I've not seen Glenn perform live for some time (October 2005, Spain) through choice but am really excited about seeing him again very soon - quality time if you will. The passion of the live performances really can have an everlasting effect on you, and never fail to bring a lump to my throat. Lord, I could actually fall in love with Gasoline knowing that he's singing it live in front of me ... but I just love Glenn's voice.

    You're definitely not an 'average punter,' and for someone who has supported him and his music since 1979 to not have seen him perform live is such a shame - tragic even.

    I hope this can change in the near future :rose:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Thanks very much for the comments Shirl.

    Thought I would just let you know I saw Glenn at the Roadmender Last year and the year before and I took my Wife,My 2 daughters (16&12) and several friends.See .I am spreading the word ;)

  • So you did!!! I forgot about that ... :rolleyes:

    And about that ... I can't put into words how wicked it is to be at a gig with your kids (mine are 28, 26 and 21) and share the passion that they've heard you going on (and on, and on) about for so long.

    My youngest daughter is really into Glenn and his music - and she's a serious rap, dance and r n' b fan. See, even she's spreading the word!

    Funky parents, funky kids and FUNK! :cool:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Like Shirl there are certain GH songs I am not keen on e.g. I am not a great lover of M4TD title track which Shirl adores. We all have one pair of ears and one brain. Yours can't take to FUNK. OK that's fine too. We have had all sorts of debates on this forum over the years. There's always someone who doesn't like the latest release. No problemo.

    The point is that it we have these discussions every year or so because that's all it takes for Glenn to get something out. Not bad compared to some artists I'd better not mention! In 05 we got two, Soul Mover and Fused. Some hated Fused. Others preferred GH singing over riffs.It showed what a diverse and flexible artist Glenn actually is.

    I'd still like your opinion on how FUNK sits with you live though.

  • One way off topic here for Roger: I saw Lauren Harris open for Maiden last weekend, and one of the first thoughts that came to my mind was how much better they would sound with Roger playing his tasty licks instead of the crap we were forced to endure. I imagined some of your licks in there and it made me wish it was all about talent instead of great hair and ass-shaking !!! :thumbup:

    That's very nice brother Frank, I have a CD for you of all new stuff if you want it! And what's wrong with the skullet I'm fixing to grow to my ass, and what's wrong with my ass shaking? LOL

    Yea, I know, no one wants to see a long haired Charlie Daniels shaking anything anywhere. I'll just stick to playing. lol

    Thanks again.

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