Chickenfoot with Chad Smith

  • you guys maybe i read this wrong but i just got an email from the chickenfoot site that said in order to get in on presale tickets i had to send them $40.00 dollars to get a premium fanclub membership - anybody else get this and read it this way?

  • Hmmm...sounds right tony...or you could wait until the day they go onsale via the Ticketmaster's and the like...but no doubt they'll sell out faster than you could buy!

  • hope you have a fab time!!! I can't go as my manager is in egypt that week, and it would be a stretch to get there straight from work, and then home again, as i'm fated with trains! havent been to a gig in a little while, so it would have been great! i've ordered the album tho, so i'll just have to listen to that instead, and hope that there are more dates in the UK (hopefully London) in the future! xx

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  • Chickenfoot on Conan:


    - Conan O'brien - Chickenfoot[/ame]

    Not bad at all. Chad's playing is quite good, as usual. This won't be the record of the year but it definitely seems like a solid release.

  • I watched this last night as it aired. Chad always the comedian, had a red Conan wig on that was used in a bit earlier in the show and a t-shirt that said I Am Not Will Ferral. Classic Chad :thumbup:


  • I had to make a trip to the mall...perish the thought..and stopped in Best Buy while I was there. I didn't even think that the Chickenfoot CD was about to be released...and there it was!

    Grabbed a copy and am listening to it enjoying what I hear thus far! :thumbup:

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  • Chickenfoot sounded decent on Conan. Satch was wailing and then gave Conan his guitar at the end. I will check them out at the Cleveland show in July.

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • I picked up the album at Best Buy yesterday, and I've given it a couple spins so far. Great stuff. I'm not much of a Sammy Hagar fan, but it's quite enjoyable regardless. It seems like everyone gets a chance to shine on the album. Big :thumbup: from me!

    I should also add that I think the new Prince album would appeal to a lot of people in this forum. The first disc, 'LotusFlow3r', is very soulful, atmospheric, funky and much to my pleasant surprise it's very guitar intensive. At times it sounds like a hot band simply jamming on a groove. This is as close as it gets to the guitar album I've been waiting for Prince to record. Right on! The second disc is classic Prince. So overall, it's a nice combination of sounds at a great price.


  • got the album on monday, haven't had much of chance to listen to it yet, but so far, i like it, soap on a rope is my fave at the mo. will put it on my ipod, and give it a proper listen at the weekend. xx

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  • I haven't got all the tracks straight in my head yet....but I really enjoy it! It would be easy to call this another wanna be supergroup....but what seperates the champs from the chumps is a simple concept known as ...CHEMISTRY!!

    Sammy and Mike have that vocal chemistry together from their years in Van Halen....Joe Satriani puts melody and groove ahead of his considerable technique and Chad drives everything along with locomotive intensity.

    It ain't Led Zeppelin....but this bird is a monster...turn it up!! :thumbup:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Shame the London date for this is sold out. So many people are ravng about Chickenfoot at the momnet! Wolfy I really like that idea for the album title!! Lol!

    Love and hugs xxx :)

  • Chickenfoot's only Austrian date so far is at a festival about 90 minutes from Vienna. This usually sells out, so it should be a VERY big crowd.
    Generally I don't like festivals very much - plus we have a big work party on that Saturday night...
    So here's hoping for another CF gig anywhere near here soon!




  • Was passing my fave record store (Utopia Records, Sydney) the other day and Chickenfoot was front and centre in a new promo rack just inside the door. Grabbed a copy of the Oz version and bunged it in the CD player in the car. Strong record with two stand out tracks for me on first listen - Sexy Little Thing and Get it Up. Will listen to the rest a bit more and write up a longer review later.

    As a funny little aside, the guy at the counter was also selling the US release. He tried to get me to part wth the extra six bucks for that version. Curious, I asked him why I would do that as the track listing is the same. Turns out the US version has a heat senstive cover which he claims he discovered by accident. If you apply heat to the cover, a band photo is revealed. He rubbed it vigorously (pardon me, vicar!) and parts of the photo showed up. It is the same photo of the band that is inside the cover of the Oz version so I kept the six bucks. Astute shopper, me.


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