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  • Hi everyone,

    On our way to Italia this beautiful Sunday mornin'...the fans in Slovakia and Slovenia, once again, were all groovin' to the new songs...did a lot of press 4 these shows, mainly TV...the hot topic was Funk and has been a natural transition 4 me and my band.

    4 fun @ soundcheck, we've been jammin' on some "Play Me Out" funkgems...which leads me to the Classic Rock magazine's review of the F U N K.

    It made me laugh out loud...disowning my past, eh?!?! The chump that wrote the piece has never heard You Are The Music, or PMO...I make music for Arts sake, and for you, my fans...NEVER 4 the media. Bowie, Zep, The Stones, the Peppers, have all gotten strange reviews, yeah sometimes there are critics that don't get it.

    I'm havin' the time of my life in the Studio, and on Stage, well, we're on fire...I will always be me an enigma...eccentric...but don't call me late 4 dinner...

    Got F U N K everyone?

    Peace love and cornbread.....



  • yeah, yeah...what he said!! ;)

    Hey Glenn,

    The people out there who buy the recordings and fill the concert venues "get it" even if the critics don't. And the prospect of an audience getting to hear some tunes from "Play Me Out" is beyond cool!

    I am thrilled that there is so much positive energy and love out there at the shows.....looks like this is shaping up to be the Year Of The Funk!! :thumbup:

    Can I count it off??

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Bill, dare I say it?...................................F.U.N.K. is one of the best Glenn Hughes albums ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clapper: :singer::bow::bouncer:

  • I was kinda expecting one or even two tracks from Play Me Out in the setlist, to be honest. Now I hear that they are being jammed around at soundchecks.
    Space High, maybe? That would be one I'd very much have liked to hear.
    Or L.A. Cutoff?
    And then Coffee and Vanilla, of course... ;)
    Just being humble and modest.
    Cheers and all the best for the rest of the Tour, Glenn!

    P.S. and thanks for signing my FUNK CD - even if we didn't have time to talk - and don't forget to say hello to David and Shirean, as you promised at the bus! ;) ;) ;)

  • Glenn

    For the best part of it, the music press "don't get it" which is why I stopped buying music mags on a regular basis a few years ago.
    I just got tired of reading album reviews where the numpty writing the review quite clearly had no idea about the artist they were trying to cover.
    F.U.N.K. is one of your best yet :clapper: Cuz the FUNK it don't lie !

    Keep the freak flag flyin'


  • I don't buy any mags these days.

    Their reviews are so stupid. Most of the time they don't get what an artist tries to achieve with a record. If it's the same as the previous one they accuse the artist of copying himself. And if it's completely different they say he should have stayed true to his previous one.

    And now the internet is a solution. I download certain albums and if i like them I'll buy them. And if I don't, I throw it away.
    In the past I bought thousands of lps and cds, and there are a lot that got good critics but I didn't like them. Now I can judge myself and only buy cds that are worth to buy.

    Just a few more days and I'll be seeing you for the 3rd time in Verviers.

    I would love to hear It's About Time from Play Me Out.

    My son is making special t-shirts for this event.

  • Hey Glenn,

    JEEZ it's gonna be great to see you back in Liverpool again - my beloved home city for the last 44 of my 46 years. It's easier to get home from town than it is from London, or Dudley, or Amsterdam, or Barcelona, or any of the other places I've seen you (do you remember The Wheatsheaf in Stoke, or the Dance Factory in Preston? Goddam those were the days - handful of people there...)

    So, "disowning your past"..?? That made me laugh too - if he'd bothered his arse to follow your career like most of us in here have he'd realise that for the past 15 years all you've done is look forward, whilst always tipping a thankful wink to the past. It's clear which elements of your career are reflected in this album (like everyone's saying, Feel, Ply Me Out etc.), but this is as fresh as a daisy as well. We've even got Funk Metal in there fercrissakes!!

    Keep up the VERY good work, and keep the faith, our 'Funk Soul Brother'


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