Bratislava, Divadlo Arena - 23rd May

  • What a show! :clapper: :clapper: :clapper:

    The band was on fire, and Glenn was in fantastic shape.

    The six of us had a fantastic night out (it's only a one hour drive from Vienna... :cool: - we met a couple of other people who had obviously driven across the border - why was there no Vienna show??? :huh:

    Also, I can proudly say, that I had 2 people "converted" tonight, one had never even heard of Glenn Hughes before, and came because she was curious to find out what I was raving about... :)

    I can't point anybody or anything out - everything was just perfect.

    Here's the setlist:

    First Underground Nuclear Kitchen
    Never Say Never
    Oil And Water
    You Got Soul
    We Shall Be Free
    Dont Let Me Bleed
    Love Communion
    Steppin On
    Soul Mover

    Glenn was very talkative in between songs, which gave Luis enough time to tune his guitar(s). He's a fantastic guitar player, a great performer, and showman!

    On the other side, it was sooo good to see JJ again. He's just fab!

    The audience response was great, and there were a lot of young people there, especially three girls in the front who appeared to be big RHCP fans, and made a lot of noise.

    You should have seen their faces when they left the venue after they had managed to go backstage :D

    And there was a guy who looked like Roger Whitaker dancing through the whole set up front. Priceless.

    Oh, and before I forget - I got my FUNK CD signed :cool:

    The whole trek was obviously in a hurry, so there was no such meet and greet, but I still managed to get the CD signed at the bus.

    The Tour Manager was very keen to find out if I had bought it in a shop - and where, which I told him. Seems that the distribution is not going to well, although the album apparently sells very well!?

    Anyway - what a memorable night.

    I should probably buy a ticket for the Robin 2 Anniversary show... :rolleyes:


    P.S. no pics from me - I should have checked the battery in the camera :( ... but Alex made a couple of pics and lots of other people too...



  • Hi@all!

    here are some pics of the show last friday.


    I have to agree to Chris, what a show! :bouncer: I wasn't so sure about the new CD when I heard it a Chris' home, but I will buy it on Monday instantly.

    Chris thank you for organizing the tickets, it was a night to remember.


  • Here's a great one that Alex forgot to post... ;) Allow me... :p

    P.S. The "tall girl", as we call her - don't know her name, but we instantly remembered her from last time when her camera was confiscated two songs into the set - she's from Vienna as well as were quite some other people at the gig, and she made some really cool pics and videos too. But I guess she's not on the forum :huh: Might be well worth tracking her down, somehow!? ;) :cool:

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