Hugs to you all

  • Hi everyone,

    Don't you wanna get back to the grind!!

    Everyday is a new day...another vital experience.

    I am blown away @ seein' the young faces in the shows me that I have made some good choices in my musical direction....listenin' to fans after the shows, and what their take is on the new setist, has really opened the floodgates to move 4ward. After all, being a Solo Artist does come with its advantages, now having a larger selection of material to choose from is Paramount to my vision.

    For those of you who have seen the new show...thanx for the beautiful response, some of you had not even heard any F U N K songs until the concert...hugs to you all for allowin' me to grow...this means the World 2 me.

    Last night in Budapest there were many new fans, who were not DP fans, they are GH solo all the is so refreshing to know that you are out there, you give me so much 2 look 4ward to.

    In life we must be free...some of us don't let go...I want 4 nothin' other than to be centered, and have a conscious contact with my Higher Power...with this, anything is possible....the universe is waitin'.

    It aint no fake, it's a way of livin'.

    See you.....



  • good luck glenn

    and btw I am a one of those young faces

    when deep purple was there in 1974

    i havent been born yet

    i was born a long time after that

    good luck


  • Greetings Glenn!

    Thank for that wonderful show and the generousity to mention my hometown! I was one of the young faces, too. Pure enjoyment linked to my heart.

    Sorry for stealing your statement about that heavenly pedal. I though it just makes a good name.

  • we're all very happy, i'm sure, for you glenn. we all already know what other's are now finding out. you've defanently had me groovin' evey since i got the FUNK. it keeps gettin' tighter everytime i hear it
    can't wait until' you bring the FUNK bus back to the states (no dates at all yet ? :( ). we're looking foward to having our papa back home. until then though, keep on keeping it FUNKy.

    cheers, peace, and God bless,

  • I don't know if Glenn can read this one, but this is my messege to him:
    Hi Glenn and everyone, I'm another one of these young fans,I'm 23 (yesterday was my birtday) and i have al your solo albums (original ones of course) and i love your solo career, and i'm agree that you incloud more solo songs in your set list, i miss some songs from your others solo albums like 2Songs in the key of Rock" or "Feel" ut anyway it's great to see that you really believe in your own songs, 'cause we're believing in your new songs!! I'm sorry for my bad english, maybe you don't understand me very well, but my messege is clear:

    see you in September in Barcelona ok?


  • Thanks for this personal message to the GHCPs, Glenn.
    What a thrill it must be for you to get such a positive response to your music.
    Hopefully things will be at the point where you won't have a middle name of
    ...."formerly"...... anymore.

    It's been way too long overdue for you to get the solo recognition that you deserve.
    And I hope that after Europe, "FUNK" is the CD that opens the US market for you.

    But try not to use the word "hugs" too much.
    That's the other battle that we still have to win.
    Right Mr. Hughes? :rolleyes:


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