Classic Rock stuck in 70's rut!!

  • I have only caught up reading this thread now, because I didn't really care about it until now.

    Frank, I agree a 100% with you, but as it seems we're back to slagging off the one critical review here again.
    No need to say that I really like the FUNK album, but I am also a big friend of healthy discussion.
    And I believe firmly that there is no such thing as good or bad music, it's just a matter of taste. Some you like and some you don't.
    While I enjoyed reading Ian's letter to Classic Rock, honestly, the Reader's Corner is full of such postings every month, including occasional whilst sitting on the crapper comments.
    I actually never cared about the Classic Rock review. I only read it long after I had listened to the album myself because the mag is always very late on sale around here.
    And in the end it's the critic's opinion. It's like a referee's decision. You can discuss it, but you have to respect it.
    I only fear that if critical opinions are continuosly being slagged off here, less and less people will talk out openly.
    Have I mentioned that I still don't like the studio version of Never Say Never?
    Now slagg me off.



  • I hear what you're saying Christian, but where I come from on this particular review, is that it is written with such complete disregard and ignorance. You know how much of an uphill battle it is to reach the masses and to have this twat write a review without any fact checking, tee'ed me off to put it mildly :sint3:

    You and I have to do our jobs with knowledge and I expect the same from everyone else, including journalists! Like it or not, Classic Rock, has a large subscription base and it's important, facts aren't fudged or ignored, when it comes to reviews of new and vital music, especially for the younger upcoming readership. At least Kerrang managed to approach it the right way!

    Anyway, I'm done with this topic now :D

  • David and Mikey "the bass it dont lie" Dowson got their letters published.

    im going to a gig in 10 minutes (Blanco Diablo) but will scan them tomorrow if no one else has by then.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Well said David ignorant reviews do need to be challenged as "classic rock" is one of the view music magazines to cover Glenns work and misinformed reviews can put off casual fans and former Purple fans from purchasing the album and thus cost Glenn potential income.

    The album is one of Glenns very best and an honest review would give it at least 8 out of 10, whilst i would give 10/10 but then i am a bit biased.

    Also why have Classic Rock not had any feature interviews about the new album with Glenn as the last couple of releases Soulmover and M4TD had good coverage? I suppose their was no space due more articles on Led Zep, Guns and Roses, Thin Lizzy etc, yawn.

  • You're right David. It's a difficult battle!
    And bad press especially in a magazine like Classic Rock is certainly a damper.

    I can't stand people who talk about, write about something or try to tell you a story without knowing the facts or even worse leaving half of the facts details out.
    I just can't take them seriously.
    The dangerous thing is though, that most of the people don't care and take the information as it is being served.
    I'm not going to talk about news networks, politics or anything else here, but you know where I'm going.

    I might have been a little too "generally saying" in my other post.
    It IS a bad review by all means.
    But I'm glad you got my other point :thumbup:

    Topic closed for me too.




  • Apparently, a couple of our responses made it into the latest issue of UK based, Classic Rock magazine, if anyone happens to have it, would be great to see a scan of exactly what they printed!

    Here you go...David's and Mikey's letters to CR.

  • I pay zero attention to these reviews...I don't think i'm even going to read this one. I never even heard of this review until I was told about it Sat night, as I never clicked this thread. So in my scope of things, this reviewer's opinion is meaningless


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