RHCP disbanded for the moment...


    Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis told RollingStone.com that the group is "disbanded for the moment," with no immediate plans to record the follow-up to 2006's double CD, Stadium Arcadium.

    When asked about the current status of the group, Kiedis said, "We're disbanded for the moment. We actually took a very long time to make the Stadium Arcadium record...It was really a grueling, long haul and it followed two other very long hauls, Californication and By the Way. So we kind of started in 1999 with the writing and the recording of Californication and we didn't really stop until the tour ended last year. We were all emotionally and mentally zapped at the end of that run. Cooler heads prevailed and the discussion at the end of our last tour was, 'Let's not do anything Red Hot Chili Peppers-related for a minimum of one year, and just live and breathe and eat and learn new things.'"

    Kiedis added that he's been spending time with his new son and learning to surf, but that he's "starting to get just a little bit of a tingle that it would be nice to start thinking about songs and pieces of music. But just pieces."

    The other Chili Peppers have been involved with either side or solo projects. Drummer Chad Smith has toured Japan with his own jazz combo and has also collaborated with former Deep Purple and Black Sabbath singer/bassist Glenn Hughes. Smith told us why the unlikely pairing has worked for him: "I grew up on that stuff. Man, I loved all that English rock music of the, you know, early 70s, the Purples and the Sabbaths and the Zeppelins and the, you know, all those bands. So I mean, it's probably why we connect so well, 'cause I just love that music and I love to play that style of stuff."

    Anthony Kiedis will also serve as curator of the first New American Music Festival, scheduled to take place on August 8th in Pittsburgh. Confirmed performers include Bob Dylan, the Raconteurs and others.

  • Smith told us why the unlikely pairing has worked for him:

    The unlikely pairing?
    The reporter thought it an unlikely pairing of CS with Glenn Hughes?

    Somebody needs to look up the meaning of the word ~ unlikely.
    Then they should look up the word "a brilliant pairing."



  • :axemurderer:


    Talk about an unlikely pairing..........:lol:

    Yeah, purp, it really annoyed me to read this article.
    It would be unlikely for soulmover to pair up with:
    ~ Yanni
    ~ Barry Manilow
    ~ Celine Dion
    ~ or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

    But CS and GH are sorta, kinda, on the same page.
    Or to put it another way, they're both under the basic rock and roll umbrella.
    And if Glenn ever decides "to go polka," CS could handle that, too. :)



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