More UK dates in September?

  • have another date listed at The Robin in Wolverhampton on 20th September 2008.

    Possibly more UK dates to come?


  • On The Robin website:

    One of my all time favourite vocalists, Glenn Hughes is flying in from America especially to be part of out 10th anniversary celebrations to present a unique, personal and intimate evening with the legendary 'Voice Of Rock'.
    The evening will include a 'Glenn Unplugged' session. An exclusive performance of interpretations of songs from Glenn’s remarkable musical career.
    A fascinating chance to talk with Glenn in a question and answers session.
    A rare opportunity to hear about his amazing experiences during his career, as Glenn talks about his music, life, influences, Deep Purple and much much more.
    An electric set and finally, meet the man himself, during an organised 'Meet & Greet', with a chance to get photos, talk with Glenn, albums signed etc (Please note: limited to maximum of 2 signatures per person.)
    It promises to be an unforgettable evening, a momentous night, an exclusive opportunity to get ' up close and personal' with a true Rock legend.
    *25 Special Gold VIP tickets available for this event scroll down to next entry. *

    For this very special event we are offering a limited number (25) Gold tickets. This will allow exclusive access to:

    The sound check

    The show

    The after show party, buffet and entertainment where you will meet Glenn Hughes on a one to one basis for autographs and photos.

    The 25 exclusive gold VIP tickets are available at £100 each (in advance only)

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • thanks for the shout wolfie on the robin vip date, tried to go online but the site has crashed so i phoned them and they confired the they were taking bookings so i booked a couple for cameronip and me .this is just going to be the bee's knee's after the two of us and more friends go down to liverpool and see glenn in june :clapper:

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