Prague - 19th May - Retro Music Hall

  • Setlist:

    First Underground Nuclear Kitchen
    Never Say Never
    Oil And Water
    You Got Soul
    We Shall Be Free
    Dont Let Me Bleed
    Love Communion
    Steppin On
    Soul Mover

    1h 35 mins

    Totally awesome show. Glenn is in excellent vocal shape and he gave us absolutely unbelieveable amount of energy - there wasnt any "standing" second during the show. He is still in move - still going, still playing as we all love him!

    Highlights - it´s really hard to say in that awesome show! I was amazed by Oil And Water - he sings the ref in that high key (that melodic vocal), Mistreated was 17 minutes long (and I´m NOT including guitar intro to that time!) - amazing very long vocal improvisations, You Got Soul was great too... Biggest suprise - Soul Mover with new vocal improvisation at the end of the song.

    Really stunning show! :bow:

    Glenn gave us an autograph session again (second concert in Prague, second autograph session - he really loves us and we love him!), so souvenirs are here again - autographed FUNK and Live In Australia DVD plus I have a pic with The Voice Of Rock - that means I´m really very happy about yesterdays gig!

  • Thank you Peter. Looks like you had a fantastic time ! We want to see that pic with the Voice ;)

    I'm surprised not to see Satellite in the setlist (it was the same in Germany). Does anyone know why it was dropped after the Norwegian show ?

    Maybe it was just a question of timing ?

  • What an incredible setlist!
    The only other song I would die to hear would be the Prince-like
    We go to War.

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • Ou Yeah!! Great videos, i still don't have the new album, but this two songs 2Never Say Never" and "Oil & Water" sounds really good, it remainds me to hendrix!
    I can't wait for see once again (the forth) Glenn Hughes and his amazing new band in Barcelona. Will be Great, I'm Sure!

    "Can you feel it"

    I say hello to everyone, and if you have time visit my myspace:

    enjoy it!!


  • two killer videos!!!!!!!! thanks david -jj and luis together are on fire!!! -what beatiful rendition of BURN :claphands :claphands :claphands -you guys in europe if you can do it go see glenn:singer: :singer: :singer: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :claphands :claphands

  • Groovey Videos!
    Anyone else notice the tempo of NSN was reved up a couple notches from the cd?
    And a very nice touch of blending the end of NSN right into the O&W intro.

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • Never Say Never sounds fabulous live, I'm glad to hear/see that, because I still don't like it on the album.
    A little sad to hear though that Satellite seems to have been dropped from the set, love it!

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