Live on Czech Republic radio

  • Sorry for the late notice, but have just got word that GLENN wll be on live on the Czech Republic radio broadcast, TODAY, between 8:00PM-9:00PM CET, in Prague (2:00PM EDT, 11:00AM PDT, 7:00PM GMT). It can be heard on 95.3 FM for the listeners in Czech Rep., as well as worldwide, via a web stream that is available from their website :cool:

  • Here's the Beat Radio 95.3FM (Prague, Czech Republic) radio broadcast from earlier today - runtime is just under 60 minutes, with plenty of F U N K served up, along with some good discussion of the latest tour, Hughes/Thrall and a whole lot more :cool:

  • Hi, thanks for the recording, I've made one myself as well (128kb bitrate - the quality in which Beat radio streams - , if anone cares, contact me, but not sure whether there's any huge difference) :) The evening with Glenn was great, nice songs chosen (Crave, Love Communion, Weekend Warrior by Monkey Business, Steppin' On, FUNK, We Shall Be Free ) and Glenn's good mood and jokin' all 'reound was just sweet! But Czech translator didn't care... He had problems with language itself, he didn't catch few jokes and knew almost nothing about Daddy's solo career :( But a great evening for people who speak English! If Glenn needs an enthusiastic Czech translator next time... ... ask ME :D :D :D

  • That's a good way to round up your first posting :cool:
    Welcome aboard!

    :p Well, I always had problems with orientation at bigger forums like this, I'm really not used to using them... But always was a huge fan of GH and GHPG, so I hope I know quite a lot :) Well, that was just joking all around, I know, thanks for welcome :D

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