Glenn & co. at Smuget, Oslo

  • Glenn, JJ, Anders, Matt and Luis started up with a FUNK nuclear explosion last night.

    Here is the setlist


    As you can see it is a lot of FUNK her.
    I am also looking forward to see Glenn in a acustic show tonight.

    Here are som pics of them..

  • thanks for the pics. spinaltap, some great shots. it really looks like glenn is enjoying himself alot. it must be cool for him to finally be laying down some new FUNK.
    also, welcome to the forum. another new member from the old whiteboard, i'm assuming. it's good to have you on here w/ us.
    cheers and peace,

  • I was waiting for this topic! Thanks Asleire! Great setlist, loads of solo stuff! That's what we hoped for.


    Also very nice to see Steppin On on the setlist. Great live song and good to see it survived the last tour.

    ... time to get the new album now ;)

  • Thanks Asleire - same to you spinaltap. :thumbup: :thumbup:

    Some quality shots there from both of you, and as Grace would say, the set list 'ain't too shabby none.' :cool:

    Glenn - can you include Valiant Denial instead of Burn with Soul Mover? It's superb, I love the lyrics and that would be a quality encore. :bow: Please, pretty please? :D Go on - you know you want to. :cool: ;)

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Ooo hmmm call me old fashioned Shirl but gonna have to disagree there. Yep Valiant Denial is a great song but some of the punters are gonna expect at least a couple of the Purple numbers! So I'd imagine it wouldn't be a case of replacing a Purple classic in an extended set but maybe adding songs as the tour moves into its non festival venue phase.

    But a bit of debate never did no harm lass :)

  • Not old fashioned Keith - just old, like me! :lol: :lol: :lol: :p

    That's the 'problem.' If it wasn't for Mistreated :bow: and Burn I'd never have made it this far, but I would love a setlist with NO old Purple songs. This conversation goes round and round I know, and I also realise why they're included.

    Anyway Glenn, ignore Keith :p and give me both songs from M4TD. I've never asked you for anything before now, have I? :D ;)

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Pah women! Always get the last word. Hmmm well if he doesn't play the Purple classics in Lpool I'm gonna sulk and then you'll be sorry. Nah serious point and yes it goes on and on. Many artists (not just Glenn) have tried to move on with the totally new stuff but at the end of the day, it's just a question of balance.

    Imagine though if DC decided he was going to leave out Fool for Your Loving or Purple Mark 378 didn't do Smoke or Journey decided that Can't Stop Believing was old hat. It's part of the fun of the gig. The "will he won't he" factor. And then there's Grace (who I blame for all this) asking for You Keep on Moving!! I mean go figure. How does our man cope with debates like this? :cool: Very well I'd say........

  • Thank you, asleire. Big smile of big daddy! :D

    Glad to hear Glenn played a lot of new songs.

  • Valiant Denial is a great live song too. Hopefully Glenn will do this song now and then on this tour. I dont mind if the Purple song are dropped :) but I fully understand a lot of people in the crowd want to hear some Purple.

  • I´m sure, that Glenn himself remembers first show in Prague in November 2006, stunning concert with amazing atmosphere... I hope that there is chance to add one classic sing along anthem - You Keep On Moving to the end of basic set. I know that it was played during last few years, but this song will never get old, and will never bore, especially with Glenn´s improvised singing on every show. Please, add YKOM at the end of setlist. I want to get a chance to sing with you, Maestro, again....

  • I also agree that the setlist has been great!!! I wish I could hear the new songs from FUNK played live!! :bouncer:
    It must have been a great, great evening! :thumbup:
    Thanks everybody for the beautiful pictures too! :clapper: :bow:

  • And then there's Grace (who I blame for all this)
    asking for You Keep on Moving!! I mean go figure.

    ASKING, you say?
    ASKING? Heh, heh, heh.
    Did you ever notice how similar the word "ask" is to "ax?"


    I think that I've written this story before, but.......
    The first time that I saw GH live was Birch Hill, in Jersey, in March 2001.
    Glenn came out and said: everything's tonight's gonna' be FUNK music.
    So I thought to myself....Oh, great.
    No number 3 - Burn.
    No number 2 - Coast to Coast.
    And no number 1 - You Keep On Moving.
    BOO HOO.

    I didn't know, back then, that Glenn is a part-time comedian.
    He announced that the next song was going to be one which had been
    written by himself (at age 5) and David Coverdale, but first he made some
    funny DP/DC comments to the audience. Meanwhile, I'm thinking.......
    what funky music did GH and DC alone.....write?
    And then the son-of-a-gun began guessed it:
    those spectacular opening bass notes to YKOM, and the rest is history.

    I've listened to the first 59 (not 60) seconds of the original version;
    then hit the repeat button to listen to it again, even before 'ole Dave
    begins singing the lyrics ~ "Hughes" oops, I mean, "youz........"

    I betcha' that Glenn likes that song ALMOST as much as I do.
    But whenever there's a tour, hey, it's his show, his name is on the tickets,
    so he gets to sing whatever he wants to sing. Let the man be happy.
    Remember, folks ~ "He's the music, we're just the audience."
    (I just love messing around with that album title. Ha, ha.)

    I've never posted ~ A LIST ~ of what songs Glenn should sing.
    Usually I've posted that if YKOM is finagled somewhere in the list,
    then I'm happy..........and nobody's gonna' get hurt.

    But I think that all song-list debates whether DP/Trapeze/solo/ rock/funk
    would end in total agreement, if Glenn "made a statement" with:

    "I don't want to live that way again."

    As an opener, to tell people where he used to be, then followed by the new stuff.
    Or as the bonus encore ending of the show, to blow the roof off the place.

    I hope that Mr. Hughes will at least think about my suggestion.

    PS ---------> SECRET MESSAGE TO KEITH [B]Don't let anybody know that you are also a big fan of "You Keep On Moving."
    [COLOR=red]Nobody will figure out that this is part of our secret plan for this song, OK?


  • We are just back from Norway. Exhausted but sooo happy !
    You can't imagine how powerfull the new tracks are on stage. The opening with Crave is a killer !
    More details tomorrow. Going to bed now :lol:


  • ... Please, add YKOM at the end of setlist. I want to get a chance to sing with you, Maestro, again....

    Ptr - Grace is now your official friend forever! :lol:

    whispers: ok agreed Grace we're in the ghcp ykom sub comittee but ermm I seem to have dragged this off topic a bit soooo I'll shut up now :p

    I read this post a bit too quickly and thought it read as 'ghcp yob committee.' Hmm. Well ... :p :lol:

    ... the opening with Crave is a killer ! ...

    ... as was Valiant Denial. One of the best openers ever ;)

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • I have one easy question... In which key is Glenn singing Oil and Water??? I dont want to uderrate him, he´s just awesome singer, but I think that that studio key is too much even for him :) I mean that very high ref as second voice... I´m really very interested in it!

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