• Hi everyone,

    We're just beginning the never ending tour...JJ, Luis, Anders, Matt, Carl and my crew are hard @ work. A reminder to everyone...there will be a lot of new F U N K songs played this year...these songs have re-energised my batteries...never B4 have I felt so invigorated @ the start of a tour...we are all ready to go.

    4 me, the future is the future.

    So, from today onwards in Oslo, it will be the First Underground Nuclear Tour....this thang is beyond funky....thanx 4 the love....hope you are all trippin' to the new toons.

    We welcome all you new GH fans to the new 'glennhughes.com' website....I'll be posting regularly...and readin' your messages...same here with my MySpace...I'll be answering some of your letters on MySpace as well.

    Get on Board - Got Funk anyone?



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