Hot Wire & 1976 Trapeze CD issue

  • Hot wire & 1976 Trapeze was never released on cd. And it is a shame. The 1976 Trapeze album is great. Justice must be made.

    Sometimes we think the order of the songs of an album is not the best.
    So i changed the order of the songs of 1976 "trapeze", because to my mind the original is not the best :

    Side A :

    01 - Starbreaker
    02 - Sunny side of the street
    03 - It's alright
    04 - Soul stealer
    05 - I need you

    Side 2 :

    06 - Monkey
    07 - Gimme good love
    08 - Chances
    09 - The raid
    10 - Nothin' for nothing

    What do you think of ?

  • i get asked this all the time on the Trapeze Myspace page.

    Hot Wire and Trapeze 76 are the 2 cds that you cant get anywhere unless you pay loads of money.

    this is because Warners - unlike Universal (who Threshold is owned by) - dont keep reissuing them or license them out.

    Medusa is set for reissue on cd 26th this month for example - at least thats what say.

    Mel and Tom's deal with Warners meant after a period of years they retained the rights to the albums. legal mumbo jumbo has prevented any further things happening. its also the reason i can upload all those tracks to Myspace but Medusa is blocked :mad:

    i have a hope (and a large stick) that you may see a special edition of Hot Wire appear with some incredible bonus tracks at some point in the future. im keepin on keepin on about it to certain people. Obviously with the current situation these things have taken a back seat.

    i actually found Hot Wire for about $7 in a second hand cd store while in the USA last year :D

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • I picked up Hot Wire and Dead Armadillos on Japanese import back have been 1995 or so. The Japanese are usually the first on the job for reissuing back catalog CD's....I am not up to speed on all the legalese behind their ability to do so. I do know that the artist only get paid a portion of the usual royalty rate that they would get if they were CD's issued in the States. Back in the days when most of Grand Funk's catalog (to cite an example) was only available on Japanese import you had to pay top dollar...and the band generally got the short end of the stick.

    I also have the One Way reissues of Hot Wire and the 1976 CD. Firstly, they do sound better than the Japanese editions since One Way gets a license for the master tape. The license is for a finite period of time snooze and you lose! One Way has disappeared into the ether and Wounded Bird Records has stepped in to fill the void.....and they do a great job!

    I hope that one day the situation will improve and we may see the Warners CD's available....keep swinging that stick! I have bought out of print CD's from Amazon Market Place...and paid the applicable rate at times....sometimes that is the only recourse you have.

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • "a special edition of Hot Wire appear with some incredible bonus tracks" ? what ? increadible !

    Does the song "Breakdown" (witch could be found on "Cannock 27-03-92") was recorded in studio ? When was it wrote ?

  • Hi everybody,

    I'm new on Glenn's official channel, and i want to pay a small tribute to late Mel Galley!
    Strange that we're talking about a classic-album on which Glenn didn't do much, other than maybe leaving his funky footprints behind.

    I bought Trapeze's Hot Wire in spring 1974 on vinyl as it was released on Warner Bros records. The album was promoted one evening on a Dutch radioprogram called: "Superclean Dreammachine" by Ad Visser, and it instantly caught my ear.

    Glenn had just left the band, to join "you know who", and Mel Galley and Dave Holland were left behind, to regroup and blow new life into "old" Trapeze. They've recruted Pete Wright as the new bassplayer and backing vocalist and Rob Kendrick as Mel's other right hand on guitars (he's on the right of your stereo channel as well ;) ) Rob also back's with the vocals.

    What stroke me than and still strikes me now is the fantastic (read typical) harsh-funky voice of Mel !

    The album produced than is still a collectors item, (today people have to pay arround $130,- to own it.) There were absolutely NO Flaws on that album, every song is a state of art, and the music style of Trapeze than, was that of one of the earliest funk-rock bands ever, only in the eighties followed by Mothers Finest, which had a better chance of surviving because a lot of people associate Funk with Black musicians, Trapeze proved otherwise, and Glenn stood at the craddle!

    Mel co-wrote almost all of the tracks with his brother Tom, the album was produced by Neil Slaven and the engineer was Rhett Davies. A must have for all Trapeze and Glenn Hughes fan's.

    That Glenn still loved his former band Trapeze shows as he later contributed on their 1975 Album "Rape" with songs as "Chances" and "Nothing for nothing". The album in general was received less strong as Hot Wire.

    Thanks for "listening"

    Theo Bien Dedicated to Mel Galley

  • You're right about the fact that the songs aren't put in the best running order. An album must get you in the mood, before you kill it with (too) early ballads. So your A side is definately a better one, and the B side isn't too bad either. I'll have to "burn" them on my personal copy in that running order to be able to judge finally. Nice Job so far.

    P.s. The album is originally released in 1975 on WEA records ltd. and on WB in 1976! The album is refered to as the "rape" album, because these four letters are highlighted on the sleeve!

    Theo Bien

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