• This is a total Funkfest
    every tune is a gem in itself
    Life is good!, and will be even better when Papa brings this show to the states.
    There's gonna be a change in the weather :singer:

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • Local record shop says next shipment due early next week. Good to read about the early deliveries some of you have been getting and the reactions posted. It must sound great through a proper stereo system. Gotta have that Bass :D

  • Well I played my copy for the first time last night - on our way out in the camper van - WOW - on a first listen it sounds pretty amazing. My boyfriend described it as "funkalicious" .. hehehe!!

    No fav tracks as such yet - take a few spins

    I can't wait to hear it live - should be unbelievable!! Roll on 10 June!!

  • Just got it today...it came in yesterday's mail which I didn't check it till today. It only took two days to LA from NEH, lately it's been taking the mail 3 days. Played on the way to the Chino airshow and back and am enjoying it. I don't think any of this will make the gym but I still like it.


  • Ayup

    Long time no see....

    Got it on Saturday & on first listen thought it sounded like it might be my fave since Building the Machine. Listening again today, it is!!! :D (Tho not so keen on 'Too Late to Save the World', so far.)

    Being a funk fiend, I've found the last couple slightly disappointing, as I felt that what Glenn & some peeps were calling 'funk' was more what I'd call groovy rock (which I like, but not as much as real FONK!). I've also found the sound a little too harsh in places on the last 2 (esp Soul Mover), but this one's just about right :D

    Nice one Glenn!!! (REALLY looking forward to the Robin gigs now!!!)

    Off to Sardinia tomorrow, so will try to pop back in when I get back.



  • i've been listening to it alot over the weekend, and i love it! my favourites at the moment are FUNK, and We Shall Be Free. I cannot wait for Astoria 2!

  • although hmv were 10 days late in the delivery it was more than worth the wait. there are too many funktasic track to pick out any favorites at this stage ,maybe after i hear some of them live when i go to see glenn in liverpool i look forward to hearing a good few song from f.u.n.k.
    just the right mix of styles and emotion on this cd:clapper:

  • I've been playing it back to back and really enjoying it. It's wonderful to sing to as well as there is less full throttle singing...Glenn's voice sounds great on this, and I'm sure he will be able to pull off all these songs live , as they are not studio one off nuclear vocal bombs, that are too difficult to sing live, or that he has to sing falsetto, instead of the full voice note that was recorded in the studio. Thumbs up.

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