• well i received a double shot of glenn today. after a long battle and one tell off email to the photographer i finally received my photos from detroit :thumbup: :thumbup: he even returned my check. so whats free is for me. thats the way it should have been anyways.

    the second shot was .... yes i received it in the mail today
    FIRST UNDERGROUND NUCLEAR KITCHEN !!!!!! :clapper: :clapper:

    jammin it right now sooooo SWEEEET !!!! :bow: :bow:

  • You must be a lucky man , I have to wait 'til friday .

    I know that I've been sometimes wrong
    I feel my faith is growing strong
    There is a place that I belong
    These are the days of avalon


  • Got mine in today's mail...listening now...

    First impression is that the album is 'Soul Mover, Pt. III', with snippets of Steely Dan and something like "Will Our Love End" mixed in.


  • Got mine today, too! :bouncer: :bouncer:

    I felt like a little kid when I saw the FUNK in my mail box a couple days before I was really expecting it. Couldn't play it right away, though, cuz I had to be on a conference call for work. That's over now, though, and I've been in the "Kitchen" ever since. Haven't had time to give it a proper listen, but I like what I'm hearing. It seems like both a logical extension of where Glenn's been recently and yet like nothing he's done before. As is the case with most of Glenn's stuff recently, I'm sure it will take a number of listens to figure out exactly how I feel about it. It'll be spinnin' in the old CD player for quite some time.


  • Holy Funk, Batman !!

    Excellent album by Glenn and Co. yet again.

    Satellite is a strong favorite at this moment. I'm sure by the second spin, they will all be my favorite, as there isn't a bad track on the album.

    There's some "tip of the hat" moments to some past sounds, like STP, right off the bat on Crave, and some that I can't quite grasp at first spin.

    I'm sure tomorrow when I pick up our brother in funk, Frank, and he's touring the Trapezium, we'll be cranking it up.

    :thumbup: :thumbup: ...Two thumbs up on the new album !!


    PS - I think old man, Chris Spencer, up in the wilds of Scotland will love this funky album ;)

  • And Chip, I will be hanging on every note !!
    Another great GHPG experience tomorrow :claphands :claphands :thumbup:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • I will have to wait for the weekend to really listen to it when Susan hasn't got it spirited away in her new car for her trek to work and back. But I was able to listen to it once and

    MR. GLENN HUGHES... Awesome brother!!! "Imperfection" totally blew me away, as does "Satellite".... "Love Communion" and "WE Shall Be Free".........just really, really great. Proper review coming soon :claphands

  • Dammit...I wish I was gonna be in Phoenix tomorrow with you guys! :mad:


    Todd my man, we were thinking the same thing ourselves!!
    A tour of the Trapezium, some time with Chuy and FUNK...sure makes for a great time.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • I am really really loving this album. I think my favorites so far are Oil and Water, Imperfection, and We Shall Be Free.

    Oil and Water really blows me a way. I love the acoustic start and love the electric guitar on the song (that is JJ, right?). I also really LOVE the vocals on this song...very very cool. Also - the drum ending is great....there is just so much going on in this song :claphands

    Imperfection is such a dreamy, spacy song...I almost feel like a disembodied spirit when I listen to it :lol: Really fine song :thumbup:

    I am actually not minding my long arse commute to work these last couple of days :D

  • Oil and Water really blows me a way. I love the acoustic start and love the electric guitar on the song (that is JJ, right?).

    Yes, that's JJ on that one, plus he's featured on "Too Late To Save The World". I was just saying to Shirean the other day, although he's on only 2 this time out, he more than makes up for it with these two stellar performances. Less is more, right! The same goes for George Nastos, as soon as I heard his brief parts on "We Go 2 War" and "Never Say Never", you just know it's George adding to the flavour of the funk....his sound is so distinctive, wonderful job. As for Luis, I'm mightily impressed in all departments :thumbup:

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