• I'm new here and want to say hi to everyone. Only recently have I discover Trapeze band and fell for it immediately. Don't know much about the recent Glenn's stuff yet but hope to get to know more about it asap. I bet this is the best place for it, right? :)

  • welcome aboard vendula,
    if it's Glenn, it's here. i don't think that there's a better place for you to find out about glenn and his music, unless you are imursing yourself in a glenn hughes cd, or video. ther's nothing like seeing the "big daddy " live and in person. fell free to look around. as david would say, "remember that 'search' is your friend" and feel free to post away. we're ok w/ that here (and if not, i'm in alot of trouble :) )

  • Hello and welcome. :)
    If you click on, to "Solo Discography" in the green bar (above)
    you'll get a series of Glenn's recent solo CD albums.

    If you print up this page, you can take this list with you as you
    go shopping, and you'll know what CDs to be looking out for.

    Glenn's less recent work might be harder to find.
    But you can't go wrong with anything with Glenn's name on it.

    We all started out very rich.
    But after buying all of Glenn's music, we are all now very poor. :lol:
    But the music is worth it!
    Enjoy ~


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