• The fifth edition of the Coast To Coast Podcast is now ready for your listening pleasure!

    Included is an exclusive audio interview with GLENN. He talks about his Summer 2008 Tour of Europe and the rest of the world, new band personnel, plus a song by song rundown from his new album, "First Underground Nuclear Kitchen", news of his soon to be published biography and a whole lot more!

    Running time is just over an hour!

    To listen, point your web browser to:

    http://www.glennhughes.com/ctc/podcast/ghctcpodcastno5.mp3 (45MB)

    or if you have Apple's iTunes installed, you'll find us in their Podcast Directory at:


    Again, please join us directly for future editions by calling the Podcast Hotline @



    All the details can be found in the CTC section of the website.

    Enjoy :cool:

    David & Shirean

  • thanks for making this happen for us david. it's been a while since # 4 and i've been awaiting the new info that i will get on # 5. i subscribe to the pod cast on i-tunes. i hope that it automaticaly downloaded for me as i think that it's suposed to.

  • What a great interview :)
    Glenn answered those questions the same way he sings ~
    giving double the 100%.
    Wherever the musical road takes Mr. Hughes,
    I'll be happy to buy a ticket for that bus ride.

    I didn't want to hear the sound bite sneak-peeks, though.
    I'm waiting for my F.U.N.K. CD to arrive from Zig Zag.

    But I enjoyed hearing Glenn "sing the bass parts."
    This talent will come in handy, if his guitar luggage ever
    gets lost while on tour. And I still say that Glenn could do
    a great job with a "cartoon voice over" career.

    ........news of his soon to be published biography...........


    Looks as if our nagging finally paid off.
    Can't wait for Glenn's book to be printed and ready to hit the stores.
    OOPS. Looks like we'll have to wait until Christmas, huh?
    No title yet? We GHCPs could do something about that..............:rolleyes:

    Great news, and great interview.
    Thanks for the work you put into this, OH, Harrisons!



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