Glenn's voice - an acquired taste?

  • No verbal bullets from me....I was just kidding as I stated....just my twisted sense of humor....which like Glenn's vocals are apparently an acquired taste.....I have to concur that I don't "wig out" over every Glenn tune but the guy is such a talent That I take it all in... and wig out when appropriate! :D:D:D BTW Todd, Coffee and Vanilla is one of my faves! Go figure!

    mount the handlebars on the headboard and ride baby ride!

  • Really appreciate the stimulating discussion in this thread so far. Seems I am not Robinson Crusoe in feeling that Glenn's voice may be something that you grow to love.

    A comment made by Graham in this thread set me to thinking again. (that's a Personal Best - thinking twice in 2 days!) He said something like - people that appreciate Glenn have a higher appreciation of music. (Sorry I haven't quoted you directly, mate ;) )

    I think this is really insightful and I agree that the community here certainly has a higher appreciation of music. I happen to believe that music is a true form of pure communication and to "get" Glenn maybe you need to be tuned in to him at a deeper level. Perhaps you only hear what is really being communicated when you acquire the taste.

    As the old saying goes "For those who understand, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not, none will suffice"


  • hughesfan,
    As todd would say: Oh, peas.

    We're way beyond the point of saying to another GHCP ~
    "Whadda ya mean, Glenn's greatest CD is ______, you stupid you."

    The first time that I ever posted a message over at,
    it was to comment on the different opinions coming from Glenn's fans.
    Who wanted more rock, who wanted more soul, from the next GH CD.
    THAT DISCUSSION is still going on.....8 years later!

    You throw in the gang of professional musicians who post here,
    the rock encyclopedia bunch, the fans since day one, and then add the kids
    who just discovered Glenn last week......add to that, an awful lot of different
    countries and languages.........and we pretty much don't have the time to argue.
    There are too many other great topics to discuss. Like yours.

    PS......And there are 2 GH songs that I hate: :eek: :eek:
    Gasoline ~ way too frantic; plus a song titled - gasoline?
    Make my day ~ I can only picture Clint Eastwood singing this.



  • Oh, now you did it Grace - you don't like 'Make My Day'?! :eek: What a great - and perhaps unfortunately titled - catchy song. I don't care for the second version of it, just the version on the 'Amen' album. The drum machine and keyboard is a bit much at times, but I turn that song up and dig the hell out of that great vocal.


  • Oh, yeah?
    Thems fightin' words, HUNNY!
    Who's gonna listen to you as an expert in anything, huh?

    Go look out a window of your house.
    Some people still don't know that they've moved from Nevada to Idaho.
    One state grows potato chips, and the other one grows casino chips.

    (See what happens to your brain when you listen to: "Make my day.")




  • :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Do you know..........
    .......the scene in the movie "Three men and a baby" where Tom Selleck is reading
    to baby Mary from a Sports Illustrated-type magazine about some boxing match,
    and even though the baby has no clue what he's talking about,
    she's watching his face as he talks, and listening, as she gently falls asleep?

    That's what I picture you doing with your baby son:
    " Ritchie didn't like shoeshine music and left the group.
    Maybe they should advertise for audition tapes for a new lead singer,
    and maybe that bassist/singer from Trapeze would be OK, too?
    As it happened, they were in Los Angeles, so they............"

    (Just make sure that you have a cassette tape going, as you tell
    ~ Rock Family Tree Fairy Tales ~ to the baby, for use in your book.) :)

    Take care, todd ~ and give a big smooch to baby Calen from all of us ~ :lips:



  • Could NOT have put it better myself. :cool: :thumbup:

    And as I've now acquired a lot of taste over the years :D , I absolutely love Glenn singing 'Video Killed The Radio Star.' Couldn't stand his version about six years ago, but I am now older :( wiser :cool: and very much acquiring! ;)

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • It is the variety in Glenns singing and musical styles that keeps him interesting as an artist and enables him to release albums that are always different, varied and a challenging listen.

    Totally agree. In fact, it is why I go for long stretches of listening to just GH CD's - there is so much to hear and enjoy without getting bored. Besides my husband's music (which is also diverse in styles), no one else keeps my interest for as long.

    Roger got me good one day, though. I had been on a long stretch of listening to just Glenn Hughes music (a certain friend had gifted us with some new stuff) ... but one day Roger had got in my car and noticed I had been listening to Jonny Lang. He acted all shocked and said..."ooooo, I am going to e-mail Glenn and tell him you have been cheating on him." LOL :lol: :lol:

  • the uneducated public being spoon fed crap so long that they think it tastes sweet. Listeners are being so dumbed down, for so long, I wonder sometimes if people can hear talent anymore

    That is SO true :thumbup:

    I can´t stand comercial music. I often say to my sister, who's an radioaddicted person - "all you need to write a hit today is a annoying, yet catchy, chorus, a hot singer to sing it and a rapper to say a bunch of crap in between the choruses- there ya go!" that's what happens in 98% of todays big selling albums, there aint even part "A" and part "B" anymore... sad but true :confused:

    We're Lucky that guys like Glenn are still around :clapper: bless him and everyone who believes in writing music with heart and soul! :claphands

    "Turn back the Time and let me in"

  • Vinicus, I couldn't agree more, if you look at people treading the boards in the top 40, all their stuff sounds exactly the same, as if it's done to chemical equation. There's a difference between having a sound, and all your songs sounding the same.

  • glenn has a library of tones to choose from, so it's easy on the palette. in the same token, any artist can get a bit boring, if it seems they're just ticking boxes.

    When I heard 'wasted again', I couldn't tell it was Glenn singing, at least until the pre chorus

  • Glenn voice is GREAT. No doubt about that. He is groundbreaking in hardrock history. One of the pioneers of the genre. Listen to Trapeze, Purple, Sabbath, Hughes Thrall and his solo work. Great stuff! But what makes him very special is the fact that he still is a superb singer (also live). Together with RJD (RIP). They are the only two hardrock singers who have the same high level as in te seventies. In fact Glenn's voice has become beter and stronger through the years.

    (Gillan, Coverdale, Plant etc. still good singers, but they can't do it live anymore on that old high level). Glenn still does and that makes him the true VOICE OF ROCK :thumbup:

    | Burn | Stormbringer | Come Taste The Band

  • Grace and Todd I am with you on this thoughtful topic from Hughesfan.

    I too prefer Glenn really rocking out. I have said to his face on a couple of occasions that I firmly believe that "the funk" is already in there whatever he produces. The example I used in my last intervew with him was Madeleine from Addiction which to me is an tremendous fusion of what is best about Glenn Hughes. Extreme? They couldn't hold a candle to Glenn in this mood.

    One of my faves from the F.U.N.K album was ironically Oil and Water which is really a more full on rock song and not supposed to be on the album and yet has the funk inflections we all know and love. Fused too. It's as if he was never out of a rock band.

    Hughesfan I suppose it boils down to our ears and how we respond to what's on offer. I used to hate the falsetto Geddy Lee and Jon Anderson because they reminded me of the Bee Gees. But I would be wrong in claiming that these singers are bad. Very wrong. I just like man to sound like a man and a woman to sound like a woman. Call me old fashioned but there it is.

    In contrast, Glenn has intrinsic power in his voice which takes him above and beyond these top performers. That's why I am looking forward to BCC.

    Any artist worth his salt will experiment, go back to his roots, take risks and sometimes fail to please certain sectors. Take Neil Young for example. I think what's important is that we can pick and choose over a 40 year career what we want from the buffet. Thankfully we're not dealing with a cabaret artist here.

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