Glenn's voice - an acquired taste?

  • Let me preface these possibly controversial remarks by saying that I do not believe there is a finer voice on the planet than that of Mr Glenn Hughes. I am a true believer, friends, and have the cd's, dvd's and ticket stubs to prove it!

    However, I was driving along the other day and listening to M4TD and the quality of the Hughes pipes. And what quality it is! But, given the unique character of his voice, coupled with an almost other-wordly range, tone and variety of styles, I was wondering - Does his voice have the potential to alienate some sections of listeners for the very reasons we all love it?

    Now, I know that Glenn is now in a position to make the music he wants to and all power to him. I am also not saying that he should sing in a "vanilla" style just for greater commercial gain/exposure. Its just that, to the uninitiated, the sheer diversity of the voice may confuse?

    Maybe I am being unrealistic here, but it seems to me that despite the almost unswerving critical acclaim for the recent Hughes output, the renewed wave of international success has not followed as might have been expected.

    Does anyone else have a view on this?

  • I think anyone that appreciates talent can hear it. Anyone else is not worth thinking about if you have talent, you just do your thing. If you have talent and a soul, you follow it and not the bottom line, or you would just go crazy trying to please everyone - it's not possible.

    The reason for the lack of airplay and major worldwide acclaim has nothing to do with anything other than the market being run by people who think only of commercial interests above true human interest, and then the uneducated public being spoon fed crap so long that they think it tastes sweet. Listeners are being so dumbed down, for so long, I wonder sometimes if people can hear talent anymore, also.

    Some people will not like anything that is obviously great. Some people will listen to accordian music all day and night long. The people who spend the most money are little girls that buy (whose parents buy) Britney Spears and Hannah Montana CDs, but I don't think it's worth the time for someone with a genius level talent to worry about whether people "get" him or not. I don't think he has anything to prove except just how incredibly good he can get in his alloted time himself and the people who believe in him. He is doing that for sure.

  • Yeah, I think that he is an acquired taste.

    If somebody said to me.........
    "Here's a guy who puts in an occasional scream in the middle of a line of lyrics,"
    I would run away.

    For example...........Why is it that I can't stand Celine Dion, EVER,
    or when Whitney Houston does a song as if it's an audition tape,
    I think that they're....uhhh, terrible. (But in my book, Patti LaBelle can't do anything wrong.
    The answer must lie in the nerve endings of my ear drums, I guess. :huh:

    I've written this statement a million times ~
    "There's nobody else like Glenn Hughes.......nobody even comes close."
    90% of my music listening is all-GH, all the time.
    The other stuff that I listen to is so diverse, that it impresses even me. :lol:

    I don't like it when Glenn adds too much Glenn Hughes to a song.
    It really isn't necessary for industrial-strength GH, in every song.
    Although I've hit the repeat button for "The Innocence" a gazillion times.

    There have been days when I had stuff to do at home, or gone on a long car trip,
    and the only song played guessed it......"You Keep On Moving." :rose:
    And when I get hit with some catastrophe, just give me my GH/DC cup of coffee,
    and "I don't want to live that way again" and HUNNY, I can handle ANYTHING.

    We had a topic here, a while back ~ ("Search" is your friend) ~ :rolleyes:
    "What song/songs would you play for someone who asked.....who's Glenn Hughes?"
    If I remember correctly, our answers were all over the place.

    You want hard rock? A quiet ballad? LATIN?
    There's simply so much variety to choose from.
    Play somebody the Christmas album and "The Alchemist" and you would then have
    a hard time explaning that Glenn is called the voice of Rock. Play "Fused" and nobody
    would believe that he's the same guy.

    If you don't "get" Glenn.........sorry, but that's your loss.
    If you do ~ then there's no explanation necessary.
    Which is why I think we don't call ourselves ~ fans ~
    and why this is a seriously accurate description:




  • In adding to what Roger had to say, I just feel Glenn's appeal to a wide audience is restrained by the "what is out there" syndrome. When you hear popular music today, for the most part, it sucks !!! The vocals are guttural shouts to hide the fact that singers (or so-called singers) have ZERO talent or ability. People like quick and easy. We carry cell phones to have convenience, go to McDonalds for convenience, etc.. There is nothing easy and convenient about Glenn's music. You actually have to think a little to fully appreciate what he does. His soulful sound does not attract neophytes who think he should sound like maybe Kanye West or some other hip-hop dreg. Today's 'rockers' are speed metal excuses for music. I cannot even listen to 95% of the popular music today, and I have a diverse musical taste. Heck, I listen to Motorhead regularly, but at least there is something worth listening to there.
    Glenn will probably never achieve huge commercial success like the DP heyday again, but as long as he is doing what he likes and enjoys what he is doing, I think the money is secondary. His voice is special, whether that means great to you is an individual decision, but special does not sound like anyone else and to me is one of life's pleasures.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • That was heartfelt Grace, and very ... Grace, though we can never have too much! ;) but though Mistreated has always been 'my' song, I don't think I could play it repeatedly these days :eek:

    And your last paragraph is just about right, for me :thumbup:

    It's been a while girlfriend - hope you're doing well x

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • I had written a long response to this, but got timed out, bumped off, and lost it. LOL.

    So - in short, I love the Glenn Hughes we have and would not like to see him change his style. I see him as a true artist. His music has depth, color, and real value. I would hate to see that altered or watered down for the sake of mass appeal.

  • That was heartfelt Grace, and very ...
    Grace, though we can never have too much!

    Boy are you gonna' get in trouble with everybody else around here,
    for encouraging me like that. But thank you, Shirl :rose:


    but though Mistreated has always been 'my' song,
    I don't think I could play it repeatedly these days

    True.....not exactly a snappy tune.
    But watch how much housework you can easily do,
    if you hit the repeat button for "I'm the Man." :hi5:


    And your last paragraph is just about right, for me

    Easy to write, because there's only one thing that ties all of us
    very diverse crazy people together ~ we all care passionately about music.


    It's been a while girlfriend - hope you're doing well x

    Think of you, too.
    I hope that you've kept your SPARKLE!



  • I think there's something to what Mark said. There are albums by Glenn which don't appeal to me as much as others, and it's quite often because of the vocal delivery rather than the songs themselves. Case in point - 'A Soulful Christmas'. I LOVE Christmas songs, but will never play this album because of the vocal delivery. The entire album leaves me cold. And there are songs on 'Feel' that I'll skip over for the same reason. Call it the soul voice, or the Stevie Wonder voice, or whatever. But no thanks.

    On the other hand, albums like 'Addiction', 'From Now On', 'Hughes/Thrall', 'Phenomena', 'Songs in the Key of Rock' and 'The Way It Is' are incredibly rich, appealing and much more involving to these ears, largely because of the vocal delivery. Call it the full voice, or the rock voice, or whatever. But I'll take more, please!

    My favorite recordings by Glenn at any given time are 'Written All Over Your Face', 'Too Far Gone', 'Kiss of Fire', 'Live and Learn', 'Homeland', 'Dark Star', 'From Now On', 'Right Before My Eyes'...that's the voice that appeals to me the most, and sounds most natural.

    Each to his own. I like peas more than beans. Some people like beans more than peas. And to them I say "Give peas a chance..." :D


  • i have a good buddy of mine who gives me a hard time every now and then when i'm playing Glenn's music and glenn hits one of his extended notes, where he carys a word out sometimes. i just tell him that when he finally grows up, he'll understand the genious behind it all.

    for me, i love glenn hughes , not only his music, but glenn himself. what a fine example of a human being he is. if the world was filled w/ people w/ just 1/2 of his loving spirit, we would all be rejoicing. i love just about everything he does.

    worst glenn hughes song for me is probably "save me tonight" it just doesn't appeal to me . i also have the christmas album and the geoff downs working tapes. i dont care for any of that stuff very much, but it is clear that a mediocer glenn hughes song is still better than about 90 % of everything else out there these days.
    that's my 2 cents, and by the way that Grace sure can quote peoples post, can't she :P  
    love and peace to all of you,

  • Not to worry, David. There are exceptions to every rule. LOL I give each new release a fair chance on its own merits. With every new Glenn release, there is something for everyone.

    And I got a few grins from the rest of you lot, even if you did roll your eyes and say "Puh-eas!" :drummer: Somebody stop me! :p


  • Hi all.

    Have to agree with Mark. Glenn can be an aquired taste with some of his vocal deliveries. Maybe your baby is a good example of this. Glenn goes WAY over the top on this. I enjoy it, but some people may not. However, people who like smooth vocal deliveries would have to enjoy his performance on tracks such as Right before my eyes, Video Killed The Radio Star with Geoff Downes which i heard for the first time the other day and is probably one of his finest vocal deliveries ever.

    I have not heard another artist who has such a wide vocal range, or can sing such a wide variety of styles of music, so brilliantly as Glenn.

    He is the VOICE! :bow:

  • I generally believe that Glenn appeals to those who have a higher appreciation and understanding of music.

    My musician friends (or music junkies) all like GH. Those that don't are mostly very kind people without a musical clue.

    On this forum, most appear to have very vast tastes in music and can truly go from Motorhead to Lewis Taylor because there is an understanding of the bit of brilliance in each. In Motorhead, you appreciate the sledgehammer effect; in LT, one enjoys the arrangement and silky vocals.

    Glenn has hit my soul so many times and I tend to tear up when that occurs. Many other artists can do that - vocally and instrumentally - and I am a fan of theirs in much the same way. But Glenn gets the Most Inspirational Award for me :thumbup:

    But, without a doubt, some people don't "get" Glenn, and that's really okay. I mean somebody has to buy some of this new shit (sorry) right?

    That's The Way It Is

    Chambersburg, PA, USA

  • Hi all.

    Maybe your baby is a good example of this. Glenn goes WAY over the top on this. I enjoy it, but some people may not.

    once again, here is certain proof that beauty is in the eyes, or in this case, the ears of the beholder. as far as my taste go, "maybe your baby" is one of the best songs that glenn has ever recorded. this one Grace, i could get a whole lot of work, and a little house cleaning done to ;)
    peace to you all,

  • Video Killed The Radio Star with Geoff Downes which i heard for the first time
    the other day and is probably one of his finest vocal deliveries ever.

    You hit the nail on the head with this one, Paul.

    As part of my policy to buy anything with Glenn's name on it,
    even if it's just one "guest song" as is on this "Vox Humana" CD,
    I thought.....oh, great......somebody handed Glenn this horrible song
    to sing. A monotonous, tinny-sounding, all-around annoying tune. :(

    As you know ~ our boy turned it into an almost heart-breakingly beautiful ballad.
    Makes you wonder, if he ever decided to do it, what a Glenn Hughes album
    of just cover songs would sound like. (I would love to hear what Glenn would do
    with "It's probably me" from Sting's "Ten Summoner's Tales.")

    Betcha' none too shabby, huh?

    Obviously, new daddy todd needs to go nite-nite, and take a nap. :hi5:
    (News updates of the baby would be appreciated.)



  • It is the variety in Glenns singing and musical styles that keeps him interesting as an artist and enables him to release albums that are always different, varied and a challenging listen.

    If you want to listen to some balls out rock singing you can put "Addiction" "Fused" on.

    If you want funk and soul then "Feel" or "Play me" out does the job nicely.

    For some who want AOR there is "From now on" or "Return of the crystal Karma"

    Whilst albums like "Building the Machine" "Music for the Divine" " The way it is"and cover a whole spectrum of different styles and genres.

    If Glenn had simply churned out the same style of Rock album every 2 to 3 years, who would be interest and what would be the point.

    As for those who reckon he over elaborates when singing, well if i could sing like Glenn; i would show off occasionally!

  • I have to say that.......I second everyone's opinions on this! ;) Seriously.....Points well made and right on the mark. Like most of you, I love most of what Glenn does (aquired taste or not) but more importantly....Glenn is still around to share his talents with us! I love Glenn and his music...always have...always will so appreciate the man and play it LOUD! :clapper: ps. Whomever made the somewhat derogitory comment about some of the songs on Feel, I think it can take a long walk off a short pier......JUST KIDDING :lol:

    mount the handlebars on the headboard and ride baby ride!

  • ps. Whomever made the somewhat derogitory comment about some of the songs on Feel, I think it can take a long walk off a short pier......

    i'm not quite sure if you aiming your verbal bullets at me here or not. i did proudly say that "save me tonight" was one of my least favorite G.H. songs.( don't really remember, i might have said that it was one of his worst , in my opinion), BUT, I did also say that "maybe your baby" was one of the best songs that he ever recorded. soooooo, i'm not really sure where i fall, in the catogory of people who made derogitory comments about "feel". so i guees, let the chips fall where they may. i'm confident enough to know that glenn knows that i love him and his music, even though, at his next concert, he can expect that i will not be calling out for "save me tonight" for my choice of encore songs. (he will, however hear me calling out for something such as, might just take your life, down, muscle and blood, or the first step of love.

    bottom line is, taunt me all you want and do your worst, " 'cause nothing can stop me. I'm a man made of muscle and blood".

    peace out,

  • I have to chime in here to say that I really like 'Save Me Tonight' a lot. And 'Maybe Your Baby' is pretty good too. I like the flavors of coffee and vanilla, but the song not as much...


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