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    Faith in the Heartland wasn't the best song off Generations (Out of Harms Way, Never Too Late and Place in your Heart were better) and Im not sure why it's included on this. Why are all the cover songs (including that one) slower than the originals? I won't be listening to the cover CD when I get this...maybe the garbage bin is where it belongs...what's the point? The new songs sound really good and the production sounds great. Wasn't excited about this till now. Some great albums coming down the pipeline in this and the next few weeks.


  • MAC folks can listen from:

    Sounds ok, but thought they might be stronger, but certainly not bad at all for a first outing (new singer) and about as close to the Journey "sound" as we're going to get at this point, I think.

  • It's one thing to have a signature sound, quite another to practically plagiarize yourself in an effort to appeal to your aging fan base. Having heard the new songs, I can safely keep my wallet in pocket with the knowledge that I have already heard these songs when they were released as other songs years ago :rolleyes:

    What's interesting is Journey simultaneously honored Steve Perry's legacy by scouring the earth for a sound-alike clone, and insulted Perry by re-recording lackluster versions of songs he made famous.


  • Well I won't be touching a new Journey album after the way they treated JSS (and to a lesser degree Augeri). Not giving them money is the only way of showing my continued disgust for them. I gave 'em enough cash in the 80's so I'll dig out the vinyl when I want to hear their decent stuff :mad:

  • i'm torn here. i agree w/ all of youe sentaments for the most part, but i can't and don't wanna get over the fact that neil schon is still one of my favorite guitar players. i guees i just wish that he would close the book on journey and go totaly solo, or w/ another band and just break out some of the cool old journey songs every now and then.
    there were plenty of older , very cool songs to choose from. you know, neil is a pretty good singer himself, maybe he could just find a select few of the stuff that he could sing and roll w/ it like that.

  • Well...sounds like the guys in Journey didn't reinvent the wheel after all....

    I listened to the clips of the remakes and won't be running out to buy this anytime soon. It is kind of tough to get worked up over a bunch of remakes especially after hearing cuts from Steve Winwood's new CD and really digging on them....or knowing that Glenn's new CD will be a knockout.

    And to buy it you have to go God, don't make me type this... WAL-MART...:eek:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • And to buy it you have to go God, don't make me type this... WAL-MART...:eek:

    Did he type in WAL-MART?
    :rolleyes: :axe:

    Bill, the next time that you go down the shore (Jersey, not LI)
    maybe you can finagle to Route 1 in Edison, for Vintage Vinyl,
    or Zig Zag on 36, in Atlantic Highlands.

    Hurry up, before they disappear someday :(



  • Bill, if I were you I'd wipe down my keyboard after typing trash like that ;)

    If the derivative nature of the album doesn't deter Journey fans, maybe the place (which shall remain unnamed here...:D ) they have to go buy it will...


  • Since I stopped buying and listening to Journey albums after the Infinity album, I don't know about a whole lot of what you guys are talking about....but I'm glad all of you have finally come around to seeing things as I have for all these years :D



  • hey chip, although i haven't ridden the journey train as long as some others, i do think you should at least tried to make it long enough to get into "evolution" and "departure" . those were 2 good records, as was the "captured" , live album. but, as we see so many times, we're all on our own musical journeys. (pun intended)

  • Did I ever tell you about the European tour I did with Journey in 1980. My company did the merchandising and the guys and their manager Herbie Herbert were magic. Greg Rollie – what a guy!
    And in a couple of months the new incarnation are appearing in Wolverhampton in front of 1500 people! How the mighty have fallen. Saw Schoen's Soul Sircus there last year.

  • Hey John,

    Anytime you read an interview with Herbie Herbert, he is always quick to give Gregg Rolie his props. Herbie built that band around Gregg and Neal and he will tell you in a second that Gregg was the heart and soul of the band. Herbie was absolutely crushed when Gregg decided to leave in 1980...and I have heard nothing but praise for Gregg and his current band.

    I saw Journey in 1998 and loved the show....but I would hesitate to go see them now. If they played nothing but newer material that would be just great....but that won't happen..forward into the past!! :rolleyes:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

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