First Underground Nuclear Kitchen

  • Susan,

    It sounds like Glenn to me. It surely was left in there on purpose.
    It was likely one of those things that happened in the moment and he decided to leave it on there. I'm guessing that they really had it cooking so to speak playing wise and the said comment was in reference to that.

    I noticed it after a listen or two. I was wondering when it would be brought up.

    Oh..I know...I was just being funny. Actually...I was guessing it sounded like Chad saying it...didn't hear an accent.

  • If you listen to the yelling thing after Freedom on TWII, that is the voice I'm hearing. He doesn't have that much of an accent on certain words.

    Probably all these years spent here.

  • (For those who have no clue what I am talking about...there is a bit of a crude comment someone makes at the end of track 8 - you have to turn it up to hear it.). So was that left on the cd intentionally? :rolleyes: LOL

    That would be Chad and yes, it's on there intentionally.....artistic expression and all that, don't you know :p :)

  • Ok Funk is here...:claphands Glenn is the Funk,I love it.The new sound its cristal clear.The best tracks :huh:

    1 OIL AND Water
    3 CRAVE
    Thats my top 4 songs.

    I hard too rank a GH album but my top 3 is.
    From now on.

    BYE /gribban...... What is your fav....

  • I got my copy of FUNK on Tuesday..was going to wait and premiere on my drive down to Virginia the next morning...but a traffic jam on the Van Wyck Expressway (a misnomer if ever there was one!) made me give Glenn's new CD a spin while I sat in traffic....

    First impressions; Luis Maldonado plays some fabulous guitar throughout.....Chad is rock solid as ever...Ed and Anders lay down some heavenly keyboard work and Glenn just blows you away with the various flavors he cooks up.

    I will dispense with the track by track analysis and just say that the first six tracks knocked me out from the first listen..and after a few more listens on the road the others followed suit!

    One prime moment for me during "Love Communion".....Glenn singing against the muted trumpet and then Luis sends the mood into orbit with a killer solo.

    I am just scratching the surface here..more listens will reveal more treasures! I missed Chad's "little bonus" ad lib though; listening in the car means that the road noise drowned him out! That sounds like a definite headphone moment! ;)

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • So where are all of the reviews?? I know that there are many on here who have this record by now. I'm surprised by how little has been posted here.

    This is a great record. One I would like to see catch on with people. But it's really up to us GHCP to get the buzz going!

  • Don't knock folks too hard Forever Young ;) Not everyone has to post here to express their opinion, although it would be nice if they did :)

    Found this glowing review over at Amazon the other day, that really can't be beat :cool:

    Meantime, I'm sure others will come along and add their comments in the coming weeks - not every market is going to have it day one.

  • Oh no worries David. I hope I didn't come off like that! I was just hoping to see more I guess. I'm sure some need to or like to digest it more before they do a review.

  • I've been listening to F.U.N.K since its arrival on Friday and I must say it is one of Glenn's strongest and most consistent efforts. "Love Communion" is the strongest track for me with "Satellite", "F.U.N.K" and "Oil & Water" closely behind. "Crave" is a decent song but I am not as keen on it as an opener as others on this forum.

    I won't go into a complete track by track analysis but this is a superb follow-up to both Soul Mover and Music for the Divine. Glenn has been on quite a solo run since the excellent Building the Machine.

    Luis' guitar-playing is a revelation and brings out a real driving groove for Glenn and Chad's drumming is as solid as ever. The keyboards from Anders and Ed are the perfect complement to the songs and the vibes.

  • OK, first let me say that I think that any of us GHCPs have a lot of nerve
    reviewing a new Glenn Hughes album.
    (I'll be reviewing the Sistine Chapel ceiling a bit later on.) :)

    So I finally got my copy of the new CD "F.U.N.K."
    And here's the problem..........where's the funk?
    I couldn't seem to find any.
    Or at least not too much, anyway.

    Maybe it's a problem that I have with a definition of what exactly funk is.
    Whenever Glenn says funk, I find myself thinking of him wearing an Afro,
    an orange polyester jumpsuit, (with the possible addition of a James Brown cape)
    and a line-up of back-up singers doing some fancy footwork while singing.

    So prooving conclusively that I'm no professional musician,
    and probably risking getting thrown off the board for having an attitude,
    here's my opinion of each song on the new CD:

    #1. Crave ~ This opening track is "the pure Glenn Hughes sound."
    What's that, you ask? I can only compare this song to driving a car that has
    standard transmission, as in changing gears - fast. Or to put it another way.....
    as having strut-your-stuff shouted lyrics, intersperced with all of the Hughes
    Quintuplets singing great background harmony.

    #2. First Underground Nuclear Kitchen ~ Despite the (Earth, Wind and Fire ?)
    snappy trumpet touches, this song is rock and roll.

    #3. Satellite ~ This song was written by the same guy who wrote "Coast to Coast."
    Oh, what a surprise! Add my name to the petition that Glenn should sing this beautiful
    ballad live, while on tour.

    #4. Love Communion ~ Thanks to the steady background beat, and ignoring the "smooth
    jazz" muted trumpet sounds, this track manages to come close, to my definition of funk.

    #5. We Shall Be Free ~ Despite the heavy-sounding opening (think of Godzilla trying
    to dance a two-step) Glenn gives this song a uniquely distinctive sound, by adding touches
    of his brand of brilliant "vocal lace."

    #6. Imperfection ~ This track belongs on the CD titled:
    "Glenn Hughes ~ The Voice of Beautiful Ballads."

    #7. Never Say Never ~ Soulmover's drumbeat, and Glenn's bass give this song its backbone,
    but Glenn's echo-chamber vocals (with a touch of outer space sound effects) make this a standout.

    #8. We Go 2 War ~ OK, this one has a funky guitar sound. But with Glenn harmonizing with Glenn,
    makes this sound (at least to me) as 50% smooth jazz.

    #9. Oil and Water ~ This baby would nicely fit on "Fused."

    #10. Too Late to Save the World ~ This song was written by the same guy who wrote
    the sometimes gentle, sometimes ferocious, "Frail."

    #11. Where there's a Will ~ An un-released track that could have been on "Incense and Peaches"
    where Glenn ignores all music category labels, and ends this CD as it began, with the slow version
    of another example of the pure Glenn Hughes sound.

    Yep, our boy is the music.
    This "audience" loves this new CD.



  • What?
    You agree with me? :eek:

    I expected that between mentioning vocal lace, orange polyester,
    and a dancing Godzilla (complicated musical terms, as you know)
    I would get into big trouble for this review.
    But that's the way this great CD sounded to me.

    And thanks for your compliment, sir.
    Your name will now be removed from, uhhhh......"the list."



  • Hey Grace

    Like the review :thumbup:

    Where's all that New Jersey Axe Murderer attitude gone :confused:

    Suppose that's what happens when you listen to the beauty of Imperfection and Where There's A Will :bow: :clapper:

    Paul :)

  • Where's all that New Jersey Axe Murderer attitude gone

    You better watch your step, HUNNY,
    or your name will be added to "the list." :mad:

    ( :lol: )

    PS.......With you mentioning ~"Where there's a Will"
    the more that I listen to this song, I think that it belongs not on
    "Incense and Peaches" (as stated above) but on "The Work Tapes."
    It's got such an "easy-going, gentle, quality" to it, don't you think?



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