First Underground Nuclear Kitchen

  • You can now find another review over at Spanish language site, MetalDreams - if anyone has time to translate, it would be much appreciated :cool:

    This is what Google's translation service makes of it - I'm sure one of our Spanish speaking friends will correct it as necessary: :thumbup:

    A disc with touches of pure Funk Rock. I think that is something that will come intuía given the trajectory on which had been aimed at their latest releases Glenn Hughes. From the great "Song in the key of Rock", this white magician dark voice ha ido retreating to their personal backgrounds, to the less Funk rocker and more purist. In addition, and if anyone had doubts, the title is significant: "First underground nuclear kitchen" or FUNK

    Perhaps songs like "Satellite" are somewhat difficult to accept for his public more rocker, but it is undeniable that the quality treasure, discovers that the nuances in the voice of Glenn Hughes and the impressive work of drums and anything under that you have a little passion for music in your heart, you arrive until tuétano. The big loser of the disc is guitar, but when it enters an artist in Funk, but gained predominance bass, drums (continuous partner with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chad Smith) and choirs open to the detriment of the parties guitar arriving at some time to be a mere instrument accompanist, which is why it will be difficult for this album is no header aguerrido Metal fan, but if you are a person open-minded, able to assimilate the music as an art and you like besides Glenn Hughes , It would be impossible not to marvel as a voice which is heard in "We shall be free" in the purest style of James Brown "Get on the good foot" or "Hell".

    Funk pure voice with the more classic Hughes in "We go to war," experimentation "Never say never" with a very Queen / Bowie, the sticky "Love communion"… the record is varied enough to hook anyone . The best part rocker hardly appears at the end of this work, just emerges when JJ Marsh enters into a preciousness entitled "Oil and water" with the voice of Hughes broke down into a thousand pieces and colors, and "Too late to save the World" by style perfectly could have entered into "Music for the Divine".

    "First underground nuclear kitchen" is probably the most personal album of Glenn Hughes in recent years, and we will not deny that it has the right to do what it's up to you with his music, and even less if even away from that part rocker that we like, what makes discs with the quality of this FUNK Give it a chance you do not disappoint.


    Ben !!

  • Alright I've had this thing for two days now and I've got to say it is a monster!

    An absolutely brilliant job Glenn!!

    It's better than I even imagined it being. For me it kind of takes me to a different place and time. All of the elements are there. The production is great as well. I think it's as good a sounding record as I've heard in some time, even from Glenn.

    In short I'm loving it! I will post a full review after some more time with it. But I think this is THE one.

    Awesome job!! :bow:

  • Got my copy yesterday at the local HMV store and it was the last one they had in stock , so that is a good sign :)

    After a few listens in the car, this is one hell of an awesome piece of music and must rank as one of Glenns very best albums. There is not a weak track on the album and the whole album hangs together perfectly as one track flows into another.

    What really stands out to me is the driving funky rhythm section of Glenn and Chad. We all know what a great singer Glenn is but what we often overlook his bass playing and this album more than any other shows what a great bass player Glenn is.

    Congratulations also to Luis Maldonado, his playing is pretty awesome and i am really looking forward to hearing him on tour.

    Thanks Glenn for your music and your desire to constantly push your self into new directions creating vibrant brave new music. Some of the fans of your classic rock may not take to this easily, however, no one else in the world of rock could produce such a wonderful fusion of Funk, Rock, and Soul.

    :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands

  • ...this album more than any other shows what a great bass player Glenn is.

    YES, ABSOLUTELY! :bow:
    Thanks for bringing that up, Iain! :thumbup:
    Completely forgot to mention it in my review... :confused:



  • I totally concur with the bass playing! It is very out in front and I hear something new with each listen.

    When I saw him at BB King's last year I was just blown away by how cool his bass playing was. I remember thinking and saying that it never for whatever reason carried over to his studio work. It always seemed a bit understated if that's the right description.

    One listen to this record and I hear the bass player I saw in NYC. Just taking the whole thing to another level.

    This is a very well put together piece of music :claphands

  • i totally agree the bass really stands out beautifuly on this cd - i wish the bass part in the middle of SATELLITE was longer -FUNK -WE SHALL BE FREE-NEVER SAY NEVER- WE GO TO WAR stand out to me right now :bow: :bow: :bow:

  • Yes Iain and Christian and that's what creates the groove isn't it? Christian you mentioned in your review that some singers would only manage a couple of notes on top of We Shall be Free. That's very true and the same could be said of the bass playing. Some lesser mortals trying to understand funk would automatically go into twang and string bashing mode. Glenn chooses his lines with finesse. Result? It's that je ne sais quoi as Harry le Chat might say :) It's the identity for FUNK that's got Glenn's heart slap bag in the middle of it. The sign of a great album is that you can't put your finger in why you like it.

    I just want to knock down doors and whack FUNK on the desks of many "seen it got the t shirt" journos who go all dewy eyed when the likes of Iron Maiden fart these days. This is an album of far reaching quality and it's great to see tomes such as Kerrang recognising that already. Quietly I'd feared that some of these metal mags might have found it alien because it didn't fit the rock format. I am confident that over the next few weeks we'll see some more great reviews from a variety of publications.

    I only came in to see these reviews but now I am here, I have got to mention this amazing band! Luis, Anders, Chad and Glenn really gel as a unit here. And with JJ and Matt on the live shows that's a combo made in heaven. Another word for Anders as he's the dark horse in the family. No disrespect to Ed who will always be around but I feel Anders has the ability to help contribute to the Glenn Hughes vibe from here on in. The conventional keyboard player on MOTD, he's added an element of the sublime and mysterious which takes Glenn's marque to a different place. Glenn refers to him as his "secret weapon" and I'll say Amen to that. And Luis! I can't wait to see this guy twin up with JJ live next week in Prague.

    I am off to plunge my head in a bucket of ice until I press play again!

  • And Luis! I can't wait to see this guy twin up with JJ live next week in Prague.

    I am off to plunge my head in a bucket of ice until I press play again!

    Hi Keith,
    apart from the UK gigs and now Prague, will you be at any other shows on the Tour?



  • After one listening of this album i was stuck, i can't stop playing the album as Glenn said before the realese " This album is very addictive " and yes he was telling the truth, Glenn keeps makin´ music in a way that can't be done by other artist and don't forget the band behind Glenn Hughes music , Chad , Luis , George, J.J , Anders and Ed plays like super stars.

    My summary of F.u.n.k. track by track.

    01 - Crave , a typical concert opener in the vain of Songs in the key of rock album

    02 - F.U.N.K , The title track of the album , very groovie , chad is playing like never before

    03 - Satellite , This song sounds almost like it came out of the album Feel with a touch of the Play Me Out album

    04 - Love Communion , If i would describe Glenn with one song i would pick this song for sure , suprisley this song had a guitar solo even though the music video did not have it but both versions are great.

    05 - We Shall Be Free , This song has a Tommy Bolin feel in to it and a mid tempo funky RHCP touch .

    06 - Imperfection , Reminds me of the album Incense & Peaches , a great song one of my favorite ballad songs from f.u.n.k.

    07 - Never Say Never , This is one is my favorite funky tune from this album , very cool groove , music for the divine feat The way it is

    08 - We Go To War , classic glenn hughes funk tune with a touch of everything from his music carrier

    09 - Oil and Water , One of the harder rock songs from this album maybe something in the vain of Addiction

    10 - Too late to Save the World, Another favorite tune, reminds me of the song Don't let me bleed

    11 - Where There´s a Will , this song is very smooth and got a lot of soul in to it , a touch of Trapeze - High flyers


    This album has really everthing that Glenn Hughes reprisent as a musician lot of funk , rock , soul and a lot of Glenn ;)

    keep on the good work big Papa

    9/10 stars

  • Hi all :)

    Gave myself some time to listen to the album before commenting. Before i knew it i must have listened to the album at least twenty times. REALLY FUNKING enjoying this album :D

    Must be a grooving album as i have been listening to it a lot on my ipod and dancing and singing. And let me tell you my singing, let alone my dancing is awful :eek:

    Highlights and standout moments. Well quite a lot. Cant really call them that then can you.

    Crave-great album opener and within this one song you get a summary of what to expect. Funky funk, low down rock, pop and soul, with a bit of prog thrown in.

    Funkky F.U.N.K. with those horny horns.

    Satellite with that dreamy bass and smooth vocals. Just lie back and gaze into space and listen to a master at work

    The lovefest love communion

    We will be free to get groovy follows. This is the song that i dance and bop like Austin Powers to the most. One of my favourites on the cd. Trapeze meets Bolin era DP meets play me out.

    Imperfection. Never has a song been SO COMPLETELY wrongly titled. This is one of the most beautiful songs that Glenn has written. PERFECTION

    Never Say Never is the only song i struggle to like, and that is only because of the frantic chorus. I try to like the chorus as much as like the rest of the song but i dont know what it is about the chorus, it just doesnt work for me. Love the bit after the guitar solo where Glenn spits out 'The bass dont lie' in the strange voice.

    We Go To War. Dark Star's distant close but near relative!!

    Oil and Water. JJ is back. This is a great song, reminds me of Let It Go as it goes from the gentle acoustic driven to full out heavy riffing. Glenn goes turbocharged in the chorus. If Glenn made a complete album in this vein my brains would be bleeding after listening to it. Love this track.

    Too Late.. is along with, We shall be free and, imperfection probably my favourite tracks, although if you ask me next week that might have changed. EPIC. Again Glenn brilliantly in one song manages to add all the musical flavours and spices to create for us a brilliant dish. Another beauty to sing along [badly] to!

    Then of course there is where there's a will, yet another masterclass in soulfull dreamy classy beautiful songwriting.

    In summary, a fantastic album from Glenn :claphands :bouncer: :clapper:

    You can tell that Glenn is in his element with this album, you can FEEL the fun[k] that he has had making it.

    My favourite vocalist, has never sounded so good across all the spectrum of styles of music. From the jazzy soulful to the all out rock, Glenn is singing superbly.

    Bass is to up front for me at the expense of the guitars just a little bit at times but that is probably nitpicking.

    Love the keyboards, horns, and strings.

    Chad is great also, and of course Glenns bass work is good.

    In summary this is a funky, soulful, jazzy, rocky, pop masterclass and i dont think that any other artist would have been able to make an album this good incorporating all these styles of music.

    I'm just gutted i wont be able to see you on the road live this time. Have missed you the last couple of times Glenn :mad:

  • Never say never is as Glenn as Glenn can get.

    The whole album is great. Hopefully the word spreads and the album sales :)

  • F.U.N.K. is a very,very good album . " We shall be free " is my favorite .

    I know that I've been sometimes wrong
    I feel my faith is growing strong
    There is a place that I belong
    These are the days of avalon


  • I received the CD on May 9th and I don't listen to anything else since then. A really great album. In my eyes it's the perfect crossover of Funk, Soul and Rock.

    I had the luck to hear/see Glenn performing the material on his F.U.N.K.-Tour last week and the songs are live as great as on CD.

    Funk you very much

  • My copy arrived throught the door yesterday. I'm playing it for the 12th time. Very addictive and instant appeal with this album. Glenn's vocals are not only up to their usual brilliance but seem to be just that little bit better with a large blob of soul. Good range of tracks, with plenty of the promised funk. Sounds like, Feel, Play Me Out and Trapeze rolled into one and brought up-to-date.

  • The album just gets better the more I listen to it. I hear something new every time I put it on.

    In fact, I heard something new this morning right after We Go to War that I had not noticed before.... I have to say, though - that I am glad my son was not with me when I noticed it...not ready for that conversation :lol:

    So - who is the one with "one little" ummmm issue?

    (For those who have no clue what I am talking about...there is a bit of a crude comment someone makes at the end of track 8 - you have to turn it up to hear it.). So was that left on the cd intentionally? :rolleyes: LOL

  • Susan,

    It sounds like Glenn to me. It surely was left in there on purpose.
    It was likely one of those things that happened in the moment and he decided to leave it on there. I'm guessing that they really had it cooking so to speak playing wise and the said comment was in reference to that.

    I noticed it after a listen or two. I was wondering when it would be brought up.

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