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  • FUNK totally funks. Love the ballads. Oil and Water is a great tune especially the chorus. Imperfection is lovely. Love Where There's a Will in a big way. Crave is really cool not to mention Satellite. The solo in Love Communion is really nice as well.

    Another fine effort from the Voice of Rock (and Funk).

  • Here's a snippet featuring the USA release of F U N K :cool:

    You can read more here :thumbup:

  • Here's a very amusing but astute review courtesy :thumbup:

  • Thanks for this review, David! I liked it very much, even though I had to use the dictionary to fully understand it!!! :) ;)

    "Long off drugs, Hughes now has nothing but music to occupy him. Lucky we, the beneficiaries of his abstinence. " - I'm happy to be one of those beneficiaries :thumbup: :thumbup: :bouncer:

  • We all know Glenn can sing in many different styles and it was hard to classify him in any one of those styles. Now with this latest review from Metal Jazz, we now have a new term for Glenn.

    "The Voice of Shoogabooga"

    Just visualize the t-shirts :D


  • Just visualize the t-shirts

    Hey - you with the t-shirts!
    Just get in line.

    I've been waiting for the:
    ~ Glenn Hughes ~ The Voice of Latin ~
    t-shirts to come out, ever since the Christmas CD was released, at the end of 2000.
    And it better have some snappy Gregorian Chant artwork on it, too. :mad:

    Yeah, yeah, I know.
    "The Voice of Latin" t-shirt will be available, the day after "Hughes/Thrall II" comes out.......:(


  • Here's a just published USA based review of F U N K from All Access Magazine :cool: :thumbup:

  • Simply love this album - have played it in the car non-stop.

    End up putting Crave, FUNK and Love Communion on repeat and turning it up LOUD !

    Well done Glenn !

  • I loved this album the moment I heard it but it took me a while to put my finger on why I like it so much. Aside from the great singing, the main thing I've noticed is that the bass and keyboards are frequently the main instruments, more so than perhaps on anything Glenn has done in quite a while. There are guitar parts, but "F.U.N.K." is not really a guitar album in the way that the other more recent GH albums are. Not only does this seem to inspire in Glenn a different kind of performance, but it also allows for more subtle coloring from the guitars, horns and other backing instruments. The rhythm is allowed to dominate, which after all is what funk is all about, as far as I'm concerned.

  • I agree, the bass is prevalent (and it don't lie :))

    I have had FUNK in the car stereo for the last month without listening to anything else when I drive. "Imperfection"....all the songs..everyone of them have become really special to me. "Oil and Water" have never heard anything like Glenn's CDs...I love them right at first with my favorite songs (I think at the time), but then there comes this "oh yea, I get it" moment somewhere around the tenth time I hear it all the way through .. where the whole thing comes together for me, and I just can't get enough of it. It's happened with every one of them.

  • I should have also mentioned the drums! Chad Smith does amazing work with Glenn on "F.U.N.K." By the way, when I was talking about there being less guitar on "F.U.N.K." I should have been more precise and said less lead guitar or guitar solos than on some of Glenn's other recent albums. There is plenty of guitar playing on the album, but it is often rhythm guitar, funky scratch guitar.

  • I liked Music for the Divine better. Nevertheless, a nice addition to Glenn's discography. The guitar work is good and a little different but I think JJ has better solos. Highlights for me are Crave, Love Communion and Too Late to Save the World.

  • This Album blew me away! i've been listening to it almost nonstop and telling just about everyone I know about it. It's Really Powerfull and Deep and it's always great to see Glenn in such a great mood, just doing what he loves and does best! The band is super tight, and the Bass sounds HUGE! Definitely a Modern Classic that stands tall and takes no prisioners!


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