Can't FUNKin' wait

  • Hi all, hi Glenn

    Can't wait for the gig in Liverpool - its been a while!

    Last time out was Preston Mill when Glenn wasn;t too happy about appointment of Graham Taylor :confused:

    See you there


  • hey t-4-1, welcome to our love fest that we like to call the GHPG. feel free to keep posting away. now let's see, i'm familiar w/ t-4 texas, t - 4 tennesse, and t-4- thelma, but i've not too familiar w/ t-4-1. glad to have you on here anyway,

  • Good Catch Phrase !
    Good timing joining up too.
    Have fun.
    tea4one reminds me of Zep's blues tune.
    Is that what inspired it?
    There's a poll question on the site for whoever your favorite guitarist is, in case you want to vote for Jimmy.

    Chip, i love the Trapeze avatar, one of my favorites that i've seen on here.
    I love everyones pics of Glenn on the avatars etc., thanks everyone.
    Wait 'til you see the one i'm workin' on...
    Rock on all...

    :singer: ...everyday, wheels are turnin'

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