• hello everyone. i just came across a partial song with glenn singing. i think it's called "changes". can anybody tell me what cd that's off of?


    theo :thumbup:

  • Hey Theo,

    The first thing that crossed my mind was the song "Chances" which is on the 1976 self titled LP by Trapeze. Glenn sang uncredited lead vocals on that song.

    Hope that helps....

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



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  • Yes, i know the song "change" from the bonus track of "Songs in the key of Rock" and also appears in the "Soulfully live in the city of angels" cd (not in dvd version). Also i thought with "Change Yourself", a song from "soul Mover" album (a great song).
    Anyway, talking about bonus tracks of glenn's albums, one of my favorites is "Camel Toe Stomp" from soul mover (the special edition). I can't understand! why this song never appears in the original cd??
    i remember too, that a day i read that glenn recorded one version of led zeppelin' song "Misty Mountain Hop" but i don't know where is this song!! maybe anyone have one, just for listen... eje

    cheers, salud!!


  • My first thoughts too - Bill. It's just the "Old Guy" / "Old Fan" syndrome. I have always loved that song- maybe Glenn can do it again someday as a tribute to Mel and Trapeze... That would be fantastic!

  • i've never heard the " camel toe stomp" i didnt even know it excisted. always learning something on here. maybe someone can post it on here, or show me the link where it was done already. as for the zep. song, wasn't that on the led zep tribute record that frankie banali did ?

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