Frusciante on tour???

  • A norwegian newspaper is writing that Glenn's guitarplayer John Frusciante really played well on this weekend's concert in Namsos, Norway. Can anyone verify this? I believed JJ is playing the guitar on this tour????

  • Yesterday, I looked for infos about the Namsos Rockfestival but I could not find anything.
    But I found this about Fredrikstad. Don't understand the text but you can see JJ on the first picture. His name is quoted in the line-up in the second article. I suppose that JJ was also there in Namsos.…52/1028/AKTUELT



  • Thanks Krister & Nathalie.

    I'v read the links and..

    Original review in Norwegian by John Johansen

    Here is a short version translated by me.
    (English is not my strong side..)

    Glenn with band:JJ Marsh (gitar), Anders Olinder (keyboard), Matt Goom (trommer).
    Venue: Båthusteateret
    400 peoples

    “I feel so young”. “I know a lot of my colleagues that still keep on playing the old stuff again and again. I don’t want to do that – hope you understand” ever young ex purple base player Glenn Hughes (56) told us from the seen of “Bårthusteatret” when some peoples started to cry ‘Deep Purple, Deep Purple’.

    Audience did not get much purple stuff, and thanks a lot for that. Glenn Hughes and his band delivered much better stuff than what purple did, and even if Glenn not delivered a lot of re-circulated heavy hits it became a rock solid evening.

    Glenn is singing very impressive and he takes high notes like a teenager, and should as soon as possible take over for Robert Plant in Led Zeppelin as Robert is having a bit problems with high notes J

    The concert was varied with ballads, some jazz/rock, heavy rock and a lot of solos. Some tunes Glenn made with Jon Lord and Tommy Bolin, and new things from his new album.

    Glenn plays bass so funky that it is probably just his skin colour that prevented him from getting hired in James Browns house band :thumbup:

    At the encore Glenn served some purple classics with JJ Marsh impressing on guitar.
    After that people went lucky home :bow: :bow:

  • Oh my, I was really excited there for a minute. I would absolutely love to see or hear Glenn and Frusciante play together again, live or studio. I think it would be an amazing tandem. Frusciante is brilliant.

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