• With apologies to those who haven't had the opportunity of seeing Glenn live yet (your time will come). Glenn is about to embark on a tour beginning in Norway at the weekend. Here's the question:-

    What was your best Glenn gig and why?

    For me it was Dudley 2005. I was wearing my professional hat at the time so was busy busy with stuff. But when the band went on stage the hairs on the back of my neck rose. Soul Mover kicked in and I realised why I'd woke one morning and decided I didn't want to promote rich men in suits. I Dont Want To Live That Way Again I guess.


    From then on the atmosphere was electric and almost like being at a football match (Wolves naturally :singer:) with "Hughesy Hughesy" being chanted. When my own personal fave off Soul Mover, Let it Go played I was kind of trance like and forgot all my duties for a time and just took it in. You never stop being a fan. Glenn's music has that effect at times. It's timeless. it hits the right spots. It's music that matters. It makes you forget what else is out there. That's happened to me so many times. Much of the other stuff you hear on the TV and radio is fast food.

    And here we go again. With Glenn we don't just look back, we can look forward. I am sure I will see an even better gig. Liverpool? London? Lillehammer? It would be nice to see some reviews here.

  • Great topic Keith :thumbup:

    As you say, every tour brings something a little different. The 'Addiction' tour never seems to leave my thoughts, travelling around the UK to pokey little clubs in Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford and London, but then walking away feeling like you've just witnessed something very special each night, probably due to 'I Don't Want To Live That Way Again' as the show closer each night, had a lot to do with that!

    The 'Love & Homecoming Tour' was a special experience too, I think the most relaxed (laid back) of all I've seen - for both the fans and band - great music and just overall good vibes all round.

    The 'Soul Mover' tour was the beginning of a new phase and things really started to change for the better (larger crowds, new fans) and you could feel it all around you. Each audience was in awe of what they were witnessing and in turn were giving back something special that you could feel in the air!

    This upcoming tour should continue in that same vain, except 10 fold - 'F U N K' promises to be another new start and I hope those in attendence will recognize that, it's going to be a lot of fun soaking it all in and look'n'around at all the grinning faces who are wondering...'how does he do that?'....it was just the same recently in Detroit!

    I don't think there's a GH solo gig I've been too where that hasn't happened, at least for me!

    Roll on June, eh :D

  • ........and I realised why I'd woke one morning
    and decided I didn't want to promote rich men in suits.
    I Dont Want To Live That Way Again I guess.

    It's amazing isn't it Keith, how "IDWTLTWA" can apply to so much.


    What was your best Glenn gig and why?

    No debate for me.
    BB King's.

    OK, we've all taken it for granted that each GH performance is of industrial-strength quality.
    Read that as: There's nobody else like him.

    But the memorable thing about the BB King's show, to me, was the audience reaction.
    There was a pretty good group there, of your basic GHCPs (we know who we are) :hi5:
    who already knew what we were going to hear and see on that stage. No surprise to us.

    But there were "new" people in that audience who were screaming.
    To the point where they pretty much stopped the show a few times.
    And need I remind you that this was a NEW YORK CROWD?
    They wouldn't have screamed like that if Yo Yo Ma had led the NY Philharmonic down Broadway.

    Glenn, God bless him, reacted emotionally to all this commotion.......
    ........and I might even suggest that there was a necessary moment to "catch his breath."
    (Read between the lines here --> I think Glenn was close to tears.)

    So I think if this question was asked of Glenn, he might agree that the BB King's show
    was "one of Glenn's best gigs" for him, too.

    Plus.....he got to meet ~ ME ~ after the show!

    The Voice of Rock ---> :rolleyes: :yap:


  • Hi Guys.

    Mine was the From Now On tour as it was the first chance that i had had to see Glenn Live. Not only was it great to here some new music from him on the album, but to actually see him sing live was amazing :bouncer: :bow:

    Was at Glasgow, the Cathouse. Unfortunately recently for one reason or another have missed him live :(

    That will continue this year as my wife is going to lecture in the depths of Africa [Malawi] when he is on tour and i need to look after my girls. What can i do :confused:

  • I've seen him twice and they are both equally fantastic.
    Houston in '76 I think was my favorite because while I was happy to go see Trapeze, I was bummed because Glenn wasn't in the band anymore...and then my brother and I got there after really getting in the mood for a rock show...and when they start playing I am dumfounded because Glenn is back! And man, what a show! All my favorite songs, to this day.

    And then to see him in LA after 31 years. I can't even begin.

    I never thought I would have any complaints about you Glenn, but you know I have thought of one. LOL. You should have set up shop in Houston, Dallas or Austin instead of LA. You should have let us adopt you. I think you have been neglecting Texas, dammit, LOL, I have a feeling people my age are going to come out of the woods and praries and cities to see you when you come "home." Never any complaints on the music, though, Maestro.

  • This is an easy one for me seeing as though I have only had the priviledge of seeing Glenn live once - The Velvet Sessions at the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel in Orlando Florida (Thanks David)!!

    As I've said before, it is tough living on the upper half of the east coast. Opportunities are few and far between to catch Glenn live but I'm hoping this is the year. Luckily, I dont have to say that about the Red Sox anymore!! (Sorry, Cubs fans......)


  • Hello from Norway! :hi2:

    We have been blessed with Glenn having gigs here often lately, and now he is doing it again!! I and Brita have got tickets for 2 gigs here in Smuget/Oslo. One of the gigs will be a special acoustic show. We are really looking forward to it!!

    I have been lucky to see Glenn several times. (3x Sweden, 2x Holland, 1x Spain and 4x Norway) and it is a blast every time. The best gigs for me is with HTP in Eskilstuna at venue Blå, The long Zoetermeer gig with Chad in Holland 2005.. .and the outdoor gig at Excalibur festival in Spain 2006 ..together with the gig in Oslo at Smuget in 2006.

    I am shore that when we meet Glenn, JJ and the rest of the band at Smuget in Oslo in may it will be exciting and a memory for lifetime and I feel lucky to have the chance. I will bring my camera….

  • Houston in '76
    And then to see him in LA after 31 years. I can't even begin

    Pay attention here, Glenn.
    I don't think that Roger is willing to wait until 2038 for a 3rd show.
    (You know how ornery those cowboys get, when they're all riled up.) :eek:


    You should have set up shop in Houston, Dallas or Austin instead of LA.

    Nice try for Texas, strat.
    Glenn should move to the lovely town of Glen Rock, New Jersey :)


    Out of all the gazillion performances over the years,
    I really wonder how Glenn would answer this question.
    Other than singing "Coast to Coast" to Mom and Dad
    at their famous "kitchen table" of course!

    Is there one performance at the top of Glenn's list? :huh:


  • Just the one time for me (with Mr. strat335 above) :) It was really an incredible night and an incredible show! I will never forget it.

    After Collin (6 years old son) did not get a wink of sleep the night before the concert, I thought surely he would sleep on the plane on the way to LA...nope...every 5 minutes..."Are we there yet? How much longer to see Glenn Hughes?" Get to the hotel early for naps...my son pops his head up every 5 minutes - "Is it time to go yet? How much longer to see Glenn Hughes?" My nerves are about as thin as rice paper by now...LOL. Finally get to the venue and sit through 4 acts - again with my son asking every few minutes..."Where is Glenn Hughes? How much longer?" Me smiling though feeling like :mad: on the inside. LOL :) But then the very priceless moment of the whole day....We were sitting by the back entry upstairs in the club. In walks Mr. Hughes right by my son...Collin could have reached out and touched him. However, my usually VERY talkative son was (for the first time in 24 hours) speechless :lol: It was the first time I ever saw him star-struck.

  • The first time I ever saw Glenn was with Trapeze at the Borderline Club in London 1992. I went down to London on a whim after seeing a small advert in a local music paper. I had been a fan since hearing Hughes and Thrall as a teenager and to see Glenn in the flesh was really something else.

    When they kicked off with " You are the music " and Glenn started singing I knew I was in the presence of greatness.

    Needless to say I haven't looked back since and have seen Glenn every time he has toured England since. Role on Liverpool Academy.

  • Hard to say, but this past years' NYC show was stellar. The second Velvet Sessions gig was also very scinillating. There have been many good ones (MK III), and I also enjoyed Glenn in Orlando doing a charity show with Alex and Lita Ford (where I met the wonderful Kenny and Carolyn and Kat).
    Bottom line is I do not recall a bad one.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • You're right Frank, there aren't any bad ones. Except maybe for the one and a half song set at Brookdale Lodge, but let's not dwell on that one :)

    Having seen Glenn perform well over 30 times, it's hard to pick out THE gig. A few do stand out though.

    Trapeze - St. Louis - April 15, 1994
    Although I had been a fan of Trapeze for 20+ years prior
    to this show, this was the first time I had the chance to see
    them live. Whoever it was that took the bootleg video that
    night.....thank you :thumbup:

    GH Solo - Dudley, England - February 11, 2005
    Combined with the fulfillment of a life-long dream of visiting
    England for the first time and meeting the Wolfysmith clan
    ;) this was a special show as Keith has said. The opening
    music that was played as the band took the stage, set the
    tone for what was to come. The London gig a few nights
    later was awesome too. ( 2 photos below)

    Tommy Bolin Fest - Clear Lake, Iowa - August 2003
    This is more of a moment within in show. The night Rick
    Derringer joined Glenn on stage for a kick-ass version of
    "Goin' Down"..........:bow: ( 1 photo below)

    I'm sure I could come up with a couple of dozen more gigs and moments if time and space allowed. I hope we all get plenty more chances in the future to witness "THE" GH show.


  • Hey Frank,

    I seem to remember your encounter with a dodgy pizza at the Hard Rock Hotel during the 2004 show.....When are they going to put a Hard Rock Hotel in NY?? They will definitely get the pizza right! ;)

    That show was fun....JJ got to pose and play with a Fender Jazzmaster that once belonged to Jimi Hendrix and Kenny got to pose for a few pics with it too as I recall...I will never forget the late night UFO spotting party out on the terrace behind the Velvet Lounge :thumbup:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Wow,fairly difficult but..........nah,wasn't really ;)

    BB King June 4,2007 & for the reasons Grace has already mentioned - a real event with great like-minded people! :thumbup:

    Of equal ranking for me was the NJ Private Bash in August 2007.It was so special because of the intimacy of the whole occasion &,of course,Mr Hughes did 'Coast to Coast' :claphands :claphands

    The first time at The Mean Fiddler,London, in October 2003 was very special because it was, well,the first time ;) & I just couldn't believe how great Glenn sounded live - I was blown away :eek:


    Ben !!

  • :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:
    Difficult one this, but anyone who was at Northampton last year will know why I really liked that one. Glenn was so into the music that night.
    HTP in 2004 at Dudley and Bradford was a brilliant tour too!
    Soulmover tour 2005, me and my brother (Dpurpleface) Flew to germany to catch two shows in Hannover and Bochum. Absolutely amazing. We spent plenty of time with the band back stage and also on the tourbus.

    But I hope Liverpool this year will eclipse all those!

    Bring it on......

    I got my freak flag flyin'..........................

  • ok brothers and sisters, i've gotta get in on this too. for me , i've got two favorites. coinsadentally, i've seen glenn twice. both were great , and i'm sure #3 will be a FUNKy blast as well. BB kings in june '07 was great for me. my first time and i brought my daughter, so i was really teaching her well that night. i was front row which added to the coolness and glenn acknowledge me a few times and handed me a pick. very cool !!!!!!!! the next show for me was the detroit show earlier this month. once again, front row, great show and got backstage to meet and hang out w/ glenn for just a bit. the detroit show was special for me as well , as i got to meet some of my GHPG brothers and sisters. i had seen some obvious candidates for hard core glenn fans at bbkings, but only met a few really hard core fans, and none that i know fron here. so , between meeting glenn and some of you guys/gals, it really was a special time for me then. ......and now i'm anxiously awaiting the announcements for the upcomming shows for glenn in the states this year. remember glenn, if you play, i will come. see you there !!!!!!! :cool: :thumbup:

  • first off, Chip - 2 pics are from JB's and only 1 from London! :D

    the shows that stand out for me are:

    1st solo show - The Civic, Wolverhampton on the Addiction tour.
    just blown away by the vocals :singer: and seeing GH at last!
    I Dont Want to Live That Way Again was just AWESOME :bow: and worth the price of the ticket alone. and an encore of You Fool No-one with both Glenn on bass AND the bass player! :eek:

    Legends of Rock - The Civic. Glenn was majestic. there is a full review somewhere on here from back then.

    Soul Mover tour - JB's. The new album was shown off with great selection of songs from it. Fantastic! And Chip had flown over too! :) :hi5:

    M4TD tour at The Roadmender in Northampton. Jeff Kollman and Mark Mondesir took Glenn up another level as a live band. Crystal clear sound too at a great venue. Glenn was really buzzing afterwards and rightly so. After the fuss of "no JJ" this show blew away all the doubters.
    This would have been the best show :thumbup: except for......

    I made the (expensive but worthwhile) decision to fly out to both the LA and NY shows last year :)

    LA with Chad and Jeff on top form was now the best ever :eek: :D

    But the New York show is THE one for me. The crowd - and not just all the great GHPG folk i met up with - was the best ever. Better than a UK crowd. yes really :clapper:
    Add to that Jeff playing like a man possesed and allowed a bit more freedom and it was brilliant. and to top it all off Glenn blew up an amp :eek: :singer: :p and did a meet and greet with EVERYONE IN THE VENUE afterwards.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • first off, Chip - 2 pics are from JB's and only 1 from London!

    First off, (for a second time ;) ) Wolfy....the first two photos are from JB's. I didn't take my camera to the London gig :( The third photo is from the Bolin Fest, that's Rick Derringer in the background. Sorry for the confusion.



  • Thanks for mentioning the NJ Private Bash, Ben. The one I attended in 2006 was awesome. Seeing Glenn play a six-string for the first time, plus hearing stuff off of Play Me Out . Not to mention the huge Stevie Wonder jam at the end.....simply amazing.



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