• yeah, it would be interesting to see what glenn's take is on this. only thing is, you can't give us the ol' "every gig has been my favorite one " line... unless, i suppose, that it really is true for you. in that case, who would we be to argue w/ you on that ? so , what about it glenn ? a favorite show, tour, album ( to date, not FUNK, as we already know that you've said it's your best ever.)

  • yeah, it would be interesting to see what glenn's take
    is on this. only thing is, you can't give us the ol' "every gig
    has been my favorite one " line...

    You said it, purple.......
    If graduate Hughes tries an answer like this, David should take away
    some of his "post numbers" and make him a trainee once again!


    unless, i suppose, that it really is true for you.

    This would be impossible for Glenn to give this baloney-type answer,
    since some of us have bootleg CDs (:rolleyes: ) where the audience was so rude,
    so loud, so not paying attention that there was anybody on the stage,
    that anybody on the stage (GH) probably wanted to line the entire audience up
    and justifiably.......:axemurderer:........ each one of them.

    Then you have the shows where the power cables didn't work, the weather
    was terrible for an outdoor show, or the place turned out to be some horrible fire trap.

    So how about it Glenn.....gazillions of people in the audience like California Jam,
    or sitting around your own "living room tour" with just a few friends for an audience?


  • Wow so many responses! What's clear is what we have been trying to tell people for some time now.

    David, I am jealous! You saw Glenn perform I Don't Want to Live That Way Again. What a treat! I am still trying to work out where the hell I was during that tour.

    And Grace yes it's absolutely a song for our times. I know Glenn doesn't do "requests" but I do think he should know the impact his music makes whether live or in the studio. I am confident though that there are some new atmospheric classics on this new album.

    Soulmover05, That must have been a memorable experience for you in Germany and look forward to meeting you in Liverpool. We need GHCP's in our towns across the globe to spread the word.

    Everyone else thank you for taking time to respond. Keep watching the sites and get your funky shoes down to a gig. Even if you have to jump on a plane. Life's too short. Just do it.

    The Boy is Back in Town!

  • Sorry it's taken me a while to catch up here...

    I was at that gig. Stood just behind Tony Iommi. I've still got the empty plastic pint 'glass' he drank his beer out of. Some of us know how to collect gig souveniers eh???

    Yeah, the gig was cool as well. I danced like an idiot :bouncer: Well, in my head anyway...

    OK, I've changed my mind. I wasn't going to mention my fave Glenn gig but, hang it all, I think I jolly well will. There are some great stories in this thread about some great gigs. There need to be some regular GHCP gatherings (BIG gatherings - not just before or after Glenn gigs...) around the globe where everyone can just sit round and tell stories of gigs they've been to :cool: and how they got there and who did what and who fell on their ass because they were drunk :lol: and all that stuff.

    So, where are we going here? Now I must put this into context, so bear with me... this could get emotional.

    In 1974 I discovered Rock music through the medium of Made in Japan. Blew me away - RIGHT away. Mr Lord and Mr Blackmore - nothing like it. I was 12 years old. In 1976, when Glenn and Purple imploded like a collapsing star at that gig in Liverpool, I was still not allowed to go to gigs (too young) so, as a massive Deep Purple fan, when I eventually started going to see gigs you can imagine how I felt to eventually see Whitesnake, at the same Liverpool Empire Theatre, with Mr Coverdale and Mr Paice and Mr Lord in tow. It was the Lovehunter tour I seem to recall. Second number in, Jon Lord starts the opening bars of 'Might Just Take Your Life'. I can still see it now, still hear it, still feel the rush, still smell the Patchouli oil ha ha - I'm gonna start cryin' here ha ha - I went BERSERK - I screamed, ran up and down the aisle, jumped about like a Mexican Bean on a hotplate. I was, er, excited...

    So, you all still with me here?

    Now jump forward with me about 15 years or so. 6th October 1994. Glenn has started touring solo from '93, and these dates are the first 'proper' Glenn Hughes solo UK dates as far as I can remember (please, correct me if I'm wrong here anyone)... I go to see Glenn with a friend of mine in Stoke-on-Trent here in England. Not too far from Cannock. The Wheatsheaf. Basically, it's like a pub without many tables - a smallish live venue. The band were, as far as I can recall, at 'floor level' - no stage as such - set up along one wall. Glenn Hughes, THAT voice, and the AMAZING band he had with him on that tour are no more than ten foot away (three metres for our European friends). It was SOOOOOO GOOOOOD. So, by 1994 what was one of my favourite songs ever (still is)? Burn. And Glenn Hughes, with THAT voice, sings Burn ten foot away from me. Ten Foot. It was that Whitesnake gig feeling all over again. Everything I said about 'Might Just Take Your Life' above exploded in my head, only ten times more - except I couldn't move. I was transfixed. I can't remember much about the actual gig now - it was like a sensory overload. I couldn't take it in.

    I got to talk to Glenn briefly after the show, just to ask him to sign a CD and my wife's copy of 'Play Me Out'. For some reason, as I shook his hand as we were leaving, I just said 'Keep the Faith'. There was just a split second of a recognition of something there, and then we went. I've been keeping the faith ever since.

    I'm a 46 year old headbanger, rock and roller, still drumming in a rock band and a blues band, and I'm sitting here crying like a baby. Mr Hughes, it is clear that You Keep On Moving me...

    Thanks for listening, and see some of you in Liverpool in June.


    Keep the faith, 'cos that's the way it is...

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