• oh kieth, you are so right about that. nothing out there today (very few thing) could possibally touch things as made in japan and made in europe. and i couldnt help but think the same thing about paicey, after being able to jam w/ glenn again. if he's kept up w/ glenns music even 1/2 of what we do , you know he must be saying "DAMN" . cause he knows that glenn's got it going on. i' m all down w/ purple, and the early stuff he did w/ coverdale in whitesnake was quality music, but you know he's gotta be thinking about it. but, he's probably tied to purple anyway, after all, didnt he marry gillan's ( love him ) sister ,or something like that ? anyway, thanks for the post.
    later and peace,

  • Well what can i say Whitesnake were awesome Sunday night in
    Melbourne 95 minutes of pure mayhem, can't believe after 30 years of the "Snakes'" the voice is still as powerful as ever from
    a "whisper to a scream", and the band were simply amazing, you
    can imagine the star of the show, strutting around like a demon,
    throwing the microphone up and down, i think you get the picture
    "Ain't No Love in The Heart of The City" there was plenty of that on stage, magnificent!

    that would be great

  • thanks for the report bigwolf. do you have a set list , or something close to it ? who was playing w/ him ? still tommy aldridge,reb beach,doug aldrich,marco mendoza ? details man, details...:cool:

    As far as I know Whitesnake have a new drummer, but I can't remember his name now ;)
    As for the others, I'm curious too...

  • Wolfy dude,
    we gotta sit down and talk. Almost my entire gig going life has just flashed before my eyes. Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Gillan (in the club in Birkenhead amongst other places), and almost every possible link to the might Purple - I've seen 'em all. I am a very, very lucky boy. Oh, yeah, and I've seen Glenn the man maybe six times...

    How about Glenn, Mr Lord, Mr Paice, Mr Blackmore. What the HELL would we call that band?? Is this perhaps for another thread? Called 'Dream Ticket' perhaps ha ha?

    Eeeeeh, I can't wait for June...

    Keep the faith, 'cos that's the way it is...

  • Once upon a time, I had my ticket for a triple bill, Rainbow, Scorpions and RIOT. The show was cancelled just days before, for lack of ticket sales!! I weep to this day.

  • Gillan - Underated band. saw them in 82 (i think). Janick Gers era. Great show. Colin Towns was a master.

    Agree with you, Wolfy. Colin Towns was a master indeed - and still is. Saw Gillan several times, went over to London in 1981 just to see the Reading gig with them (and visiting them at Kingsway Studio). After the Gillan days, Colin turned to Jazz and writing music for films/TV. In addition, he became 'composer in residence' for the Big Band of North German Radio. They played a tribute in honour of John Lennon's 70th birthday during the Hamburg Jazz Days last October. Had planned to go, but then other obligations came up. Here are just a few pics from that event:


    Colin's latest project is "Blue Touch Paper", album will be out May 13:

    - Blue Touch Paper - Documentary[/ame]
    Even if you're not into that genre of music, the trailer is exquisitely done and worth viewing.

    Attached are a few pics from Gillan gigs 1980/81. Sorry about the quality, they were taken with my old pocket camera... ;)

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