Purple tree sightings

  • As we in the states await a new anouncement of a glenn hughes/ deep purple type concert to go see, i thought i'd offer this up for discussion. who has seen deep purple, or any of the "branches" on the Purple tree ? being from nowhereville, in the musical world of charleston, s.c. , we have been lucky over the years to have been able to see a concert picture in a magazine. none the less, i saw deep purple in jacksonville, fla. on the perfect strangers tour. i had a ticket for the next tour, house of blue light, but then , if i remember correctly, they had to cancel the show because ritchie broke his hand when he punched a guitar tech for who knows what. i saw black sabbath, w/ ian gillan on the born again tour @ the fox theater in atlanta. glenn hughes in new york @ bbkings and in detroit @ the emerald theater. i saw dio solo on the sacred heart tour in charolette,n.c.. black sabbath in charlotte w/ dio on the mob rules tour. i saw heaven and hell, last year @ radio city music hall, new york. whitesnake in columbia s.c. on the self titled album tour. whitesnake twice @ the house of blues in myrtle beach, once about 5 or 6 years ago, and once last year,or 2 years ago, when david opened up w/ burn and part of stormbringer. i think that's about it. (notice nothing in beautiful chareston s.c.) so, i'm guessing between us all, we've seen alot of the "purple tree". so what about it guys and girls, what do you have to add ?

  • I saw Whitesnake twice; in San Antonio in 1987 at the height of the success they had with the "1987" collection and again in 1990 at the Shoreline Ampitheater in Mountain View CA. As I recall, Great White opened the Texas show and Bad English opened the show in CA.

    I was also supposed to see Deep Purple in 1987 in San Antonio but Ritchie's broken finger put paid to those plans. I think it was some guitar twirling gone awry and not a punch to the head of a hapless tech that left the Man In Black with a broken finger. I think that one of the X-rays of his hand was used as part of the album art for "Nobody's Perfect".

    And Glenn? Let's see....two shows at the Velvet Sessions in the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando in 2003 and 2004, a show with the Voices Of Classic Rock at the House Of Blues in Orlando in 2003 and B.B. Kings last summer.....with more to come!

    I did see Steve Morse with the Dregs in 1981 as well....WLIR taped that show and broadcast it on the radio..wish I still had that tape! I think my brother nicked that one!

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



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  • cool, your steve morse mention reminds me that i saw him do a guitar clinic here in charleston , about 17 years ago w/ rob morgenstein on drums. that was very cool, and he was very friendly to talk to. as for ritchie's broken hand/finger, you very well may be right, but my version just sounds a little more rock n roll and typical of something i could imagine him doing, so i think i'll stick w/ that :cool: thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Purple Music. I went to MK3's concert at ISU Horton field house, Normal IL.-1976. Nazereth was the opening act and got the crowd warmed up. They had just released "Hair of the Dog". The response when Deep Purple took to the stage was quite remarkable, louder than the music itself! "Come Taste the Band"songs really took on a new dimension played live. The field house arena is a large blimp-hanger shaped building, so Glenns' vocals rolled off it's curved roof with stunning effect.

  • cool trapezoid, that had to have been great to have been able to see that show. it was the "come taste the band" tour, w/ tommy bolin ? if so, would we consider that mkIV, since tommy had replaced ritchie ? i guess you can call it whatever you want, it still has to be some of the best music ever made. i wonder if glenn remembers playing there ?

  • Good to see someone else who saw that line up. I saw Mark IV Purple split up in Liverpool in '76. I was in awe even though it wasn't a happy time for everyone in the band. Yes it was great music. Loved CTTB.
    Whitesnake -with Moody, Marsden Murray Lord and Paice- twice in Liverpool in kate 70's - both very good.
    Rainbow -Dio/ Powell/Airey version twice in Liverpool and once in North Wales (with Graham Bonnet) - dynamic shows in Liverpool in late 70's but awful one at N Wales at an ice rink.
    Blackmores Night 2003 - not bad but once was enough for curiosity
    Gillan played at my local rock club in Birkenhead in front of 200 people around 78 ish
    Deep Purple during the Abandon Tour in the late 90's (v good) once at Birmingham NEC (not so good) and then in Liverpool a couple of times around 02 and 04 (average) Missed the 80's mark 2 reunion due to marriage in 87. Like DP the line up kinda changed on that one too :)

    Last and most important, Glenn Hughes on quite a few occasions here around the UK. I am going to sit through Lordy's classical thing but mainly to hand out leaflets for the GH ...you guessed it here in Liverpool.

  • very impressive keith :cool: the mkIV line up surely must have been a sight to behold....AND you saw the moody/marsden version of whitesnake. in my opinion, there's never been a better line up in that band, and w/ murry,lord and paice! rainbow w/ dio must have been very cool as well, for my own taste, it's too bad you didn't see them w/ tony carey. i love his work, planet p especially, although some of his solo stuff is very good as well. the raindow w/ graham bonnet was a very good album, i'm surprised to hear you say the concert was a little less than great. i've only seen a couple of clips on t.v. , since you've been gone and all night long, which i thought was cool. the purple dates sounded cool, even if you said that a couple of the shows were just ok. it sounds like you saw gillan solo before glory road and he went heavier, which was truly a good decision for him( glory road, mr. universe, magic, and double trouble was a real good time for him musically). and of course seeing big daddy a few times , it goes w/out saying how we feel about that on here. thanks for responding, it clearly shows that living around the london area has been much more advantagous than living around charleston. good for you and thanks for sharing :claphands

  • Great topic!

    Here's my personal Purple Tree:

    Oct. 27th 1993: Deep Purple MKII (reformed) @ Stadthalle, Vienna
    I still have the ticket, the Tour Programme, and I bought a Machine Head T-Shirt that night!
    The gig was just awful. I remember waiting for an eternity after the support act (Austria's Alkbottle) because there was trouble with the Laser Show.
    And Gillan punched some idiot in the first row who wanted to take the stage with the mic stand in the face.
    Paice had sort of a night off (the drum solo was specially uninspired) Blackmore and Lord had stone-cold faces throughout, and Glover tried to hold the whole thing together...

    May 16th 1995 The British R'n'B Show @ Rockhaus, Vienna
    feat. Purple/Whitesnake alumni Tony Ashton, Colin Hodgkinson & Pete York
    , amongst others.
    There was some football game on the telly the same night so the venue was half empty.
    I remember this being one of the best concerts I've ever been to.
    Tony Ashton stole the show when he walked on stage with a bottle of beer in his hand and a cigarette in his nose! :lol: He then put the cig into the (well documented) wide gap between his two upper front teeth!
    I also went backstage after the gig and got various items signed by messrs Ashton, York, Spencer Davis, Miller Anderson & co. and remember vividly chatting with Colin Hodgkinson about (you guessed it) bass playing...
    I saw the Spencer Davis group (again with Hodgkinson but sans the other guests) on April 27th 1997.

    July 5th 1997 Deep Purple with Steve Morse @ Sommerarena, Vienna (Openair)
    Unfortunately I had missed both the Satriani line-up and the Purpendicular show, but I went to see the band on their Abandoned Tour here in Vienna.
    The show was still excellent, but probably not as good as the reviews from the Purpendicular Tour had been.
    I still have the ticket and the Tour Programme.

    Sept. 17th 2002 Hughes-Turner Project @ Planet Music, Vienna
    My first Glenn show!
    Glenn had a little accident just before the show when he mistook a bottle of vinegar for water. He was very uncomfortable for about half an hour. But when they got to Seventh Star he suddenly seemed to feel better, let out one of his trademark screams during the keyboard intro, and I had tears in my eyes..
    I still have the ticket - and a recording of the show on CD-R, thanks to an unnamed forum member from up north.

    June 2nd 2003 Whitesnake @ Kurhalle Oberlaa, Vienna
    Bonfire were supporting, but I missed them due to endless lines at the bar. What I heard from the outside I didn't miss anything though.
    I had a very good view, spot on Marco Mendoza and Reb Beach and caught one of Reb's picks after the first song, which I gave to my friend Robert.
    Coverdale was in good form for about one third of the set, but still had a lot of fun chatting with the audience in the second half. E.G.: Hey, is this your girlfriend? - you two should be doing something else right now...
    I still have the ticket.

    March 3rd 2003 Hughes-Turner Project @ Planet Music, Vienna
    The second HTP show in Vienna, low attendance, unfortunately, about 300 people. I remember this being very very loud and not as good as the first one (but still great!) with JJ in exceptional form! People were waiting in front of the backstage door for autographs after the show, but I spotted Glenn & Co sneek out through the stage exit. I managed to say hello to Glenn & JJ in front of the venue, and Glenn said "Hi guys!" and disappared in the bus. Security was strict and tight that night...
    I took some pics, still have the ticket and the Tour Flyer.

    March 22nd 2005 Glenn Hughes @ Komma, Wörgl (Tyrol)
    The show was cancelled an hour before it was on due to food poisoning. I only realized it at the door, after an 4 hour drive all through Austria.
    Still disappointed because FFF was on sale that night, and I didn't get a copy because all the merch was already stowed away in the bus...

    June 26th 2006 Billy Joel @ Stadthalle, Vienna
    Billy Joel, WTF, you're probably thinking!?
    Chuck Burgi on drums and Dave Rosenthal on keys! ;)
    I still have the ticket and the Tour Programme.

    July 7th 2006 Keith Emerson Band @ Legends Of Rock, Wiesen
    Marc Bonilla played guitar in Emerson's band! Loved every second of the show, though it would have been more fun, hadn't I poisoned myself from either the food or one of the drinks (beer in cups - a don't for me ever since!)...
    Still have the ticket and a couple of pics.

    November 19th 2006 Glenn Hughes @ Divadlo Arena, Bratislava
    The security guy at the door asked me (in his best English) if I carried a gun!? The support act played film music as a power trio, which was fun.
    Glenn's performance was memorable, and I had tears in my eyes during Mistreated.
    More thoughts on the show in the thread from back then somewhere here on the forum.
    I missed Glenn again after the show, because we had a rather long walk to the car and decided to leave only minutes before Glenn & co. met the fans in the foyer... :(

    That's it for now.
    Hope I didn't miss anything!?




  • I can't believe I forgot about the first two concerts I ever attended because they weren't branches but closer to the trunk!

    June 10th 1978 The Suffolk Forum Commack NY

    My first concert and what a way to break in the ears....a triple bil of The Godz, Rainbow and REO Speedwagon. A couple of friends from school were going to the show; one of them had to back out and I was offered the ticket. The Forum is long gone but it was a hockey rink, sweaty and small...

    The Godz opened the show, my memory is that the bassist had the longest hair I had ever seen...Then Rainbow took the stage; the diminutive Ronnie James Dio belting out the vocals, the force of nature that was Cozy Powell on the drums and the Man In Black himself. REO were hot at the time and I remember them playing "Keep Pushin" but they couldn't top Ritchie and crew....I remember a certain smell heavy in the air...;)

    August 18th 1978 The Calderone Theater Hempstead NY

    Same group of friends but this time AC/DC was the opening act..I remember "Problem Child" and Bon Scott carrying Angus Young on his shoulders....after he jumped into the front row to smack an unruly fan around! Rainbow had the full production on....the rainbow was quite a sight. It was loud as hell....an arena sound system in a theater. We were in the first row of the balcony and I remember "Mistreated" and "Long Live Rock And Roll", Ronnie acting as a cheerleader....Ritchie smashed his guitar and we tried to get down front after the show for a few pieces...no such luck!

    The most surreal memory was seeing my ninth grade science teacher working the parking lot... just a summer job right? ;)

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Some great reads there. these are shows ive seen with a DP link:

    DP - every tour since they reformed! i was at the NEC for the show where RB came on halfway thru Highway Star and threw water over cameramen etc. its on the dvd/cd Hell or high water.

    one of the highlights was the first tour with Morse. that was one of the best gigs i have seen. a superb setlist and crystal clear sound . at the ASTON VILLA Leisure Centre with the seats taken out!

    Bananas tour was the worst!

    they have been blown off stage by their support the last 3 times tho - Journey, Styx, Skynrd.

    Glenn - every tour from Addiction onwards. Iommi came on for the encore at the Civic in Wolverhampton and broke a string within 30 seconds! Glenn only played bass on a few songs(Addiction show)
    Been lucky enough to see at least 2 shows on the last 3 tours

    Legends of Rock tour with Glenn, Jack Bruce and frank Marino. Awesome!

    HTP - both tours. Losing My Head is a masterpiece!

    Whitesnake - a couple of times - and again with Def Leppard in the summer.

    M3 & Company of snakes - a couple of times each. Moody Marsden Murray still got class and style.

    Thin Lizzy - with Phil. Sykes on guitar with Gorham so a link to GH via HTP! the best non GH gig i have ever seen. Bill, i saw my English teacher in the crowd!

    Mel Galley - see the vids on youtube!

    Gillan - Underated band. saw them in 82 (i think). Janick Gers era. Great show. Colin Towns was a master.

    Blackmores Night - first 2 tours. i discovered Mostly Autumn as a result! Blackmore having fun and showing how good he is on acoustic. Candice has a great live voice. still wish he would do a Rainbow rock album with her on vocals!

    Graham Bonnet - still got a decent voice and a bunch of classic songs.

    Robin Trower - Jack Bruce did the BLT albums and played with GH on the Legends tour so a link! plus i just like to mention i have see him! LOL. a genius!

    probably other bands and shows with a link that i have forgotten about.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Wolfy, your post reminded me that I went to Legends of Rock too. I saw the Stoke one and was astounded by Glenn's performance that night.

    I agree with your assessment of Colin Towns too. I saw Gillan a few times in the late 70's early 80's and he added more of an ecelctic feel to all the heavy stuff.

    I know this goes off this topic and on to another one. But I do think keyboards is so important to the groove. Anders Olinder will be that man for Glenn.

  • alright wolfy. i can't write much on here right now in responce to your post, as i'm on vacation now w/ the wife in new york and she wonders about me sometimes w/ as much time i spend on glenn hughes related talk ect., but it's clear to me that you've been at ALOT of very cool shows. that janik gers w/ gillan was the magic album tour ? i love that record( bluesy bluesy ) . oh well, wife is calling, and so is the big apple. take care and thanks for the post.

  • I'm jealous of some of you people.
    I'm only 21, so I haven't had too many years of being a Deep Purple family fan, but I can say I consider myself lucky with what I have seen.

    I've seen the current version of Deep Purple 4 times.
    I've seen Dio
    I've seen Heaven and Hell
    I've seen Blackmore's Night
    I just saw Glenn Hughes in Detroit a few weeks back
    I've also seen Joe Satriani, who I suppose you could count with the Deep Purple family.

  • Ok, here is mine............

    Deep Purple - at the SECC in Galsgow on Jon Lord's farewell tour. They were ok, but nothing special.

    Whitesnake - too many times to rmember in the 1980's but Liverpool 78 with Magnum as support was very good! In fact, on the club tour to support the Snakebite EP they were due to play Colwyn Bay Pier, but pulled out as the stage wasnt big enough! Saw them a couple of years ago in Glasgow and it was nt good!!

    Rainbow - just the once at Deeside Leisure Centre in North Wales with Saxon as support.

    Glenn Hughes - From Now On, Feel (the best tour), Addiction, Love & Homecoming Tour, plus Legends of Rock.

    Gary Moore - with Ian Paice on drums and Don Airey on keys Reading Rock Festival, must have been 1980 or 1981. Also with IP on the Progressions of Power (?) tour with John Sloman on vocals.

    Gillan - At Monsters of Rock and Double Trouble Tour

    Bernie Torme - twice at the Pier as a solo artist - excellent shows!!

    Trapeze - just the once, minus Glenn, but with Pete Goalby on Vocals, Colwyn Bay Pier November 1977 with Nutz as support.

    Black Sabbath - with Gillan at Reading Festival 1980 0r 1981 - awful!!! Saw them with Ozzy on the 10th Anniverasry Tour when Van Halen were supposed to be the support, but by then they had left.

    Its amazing what you can remember when pushed!! :thumbup:

  • thanks chris, you have reminded me that i also saw gary moore w/ ian paice and neil murry on the corridors of power tour. i guess, like glenn, i too have a hard time remembering alot about the 80s. it must have been something in the air (like alot of smoke ;) )

  • You could also add..............

    MSG - with Cozy Powell on drums at Reading 81 or 82 (when Bonnet was sacked and Barden stepped in again!!)

    Lizzy White - that famous tribute act to Thin Lizzy with John Sykes (awful - I never thought Lizzy to be a metal band but on the last Purple tour they were pure heavy metal and awful).

    (And yes wolfie I agree STYX blew Purple off stage!!)

    Now there is a link.....RickyPhillips the Styx bass player played with Coverdale in Coverdale/ Page !!!!!!

    Thats my memory banks emptied me thinks.................off to get a Guinness to recover!! :bouncer:

  • You know these bands would never have blown Purple off when they mattered in the 70's Listen to Made in Japan, Made in Europe and you've got a reason why it's not a good idea to unravel the legend. Quality is the key. Glenn still is quality. Paicey would have been wondering whether he was in the right band after the Childline gig surely!

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