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  • Latest press release...note the updated release date :cool:

    Artist: GLENN HUGHES
    Label: Frontiers Records
    Rel.Date: 09/05/2008 (May 9th 2008)
    Cat.Num.: FR CD 371
    Barcode: 8024391037126

  • My heart skipped a beat for a second there. I'm waiting for that one artist who lists a release date and puts it out SOONER that expected rather than later.


  • May 9th is a Friday, and things usually come out on a Monday in the UK, is the date likely to be different here? Helena, xx

    :bouncer2: :bouncer: :bouncer2: :bouncer:

  • It isn't that long until it's released but for Hughes fans, it seems like a long time. Already got the samples on the ipod.

  • thanks for posting david, it's exciting to see stuff like that comming out. also, i finally got around to looking at my calanber and i was wondering when exactly is the cd being released here in the states. will it be the 6th or the 13th ? it would have to be one of those 2 days, since tuesdays or release days in the states.

  • when exactly is the cd being released here in the states. will it be the 6th or the 13th ? it would have to be one of those 2 days, since tuesdays or release days in the states.

    It's available to retailers on the 9th, but I wouldn't expect it to show up on most of their catalogues until the 11th/12th or soon thereafter. However, I would recommend you pre-order it from NEH Records, as they'll be shipping it on the 9th here in the States :thumbup: unless you want to wait that is :D

  • i placed an order w/ my normal distibutor at work this week for some music. when i was on the phone w/ her, i asked her to punch up 'glenn Hughes' and tell me when it would be available for me to order so i can stock it in my store. She said that she could not find FUNK in her computer. this is the same company that i've bought all other G.H. releases from. the only thing she saw in her computer that was listed as new from Glenn was the robin george release, that they never got. I told her to check into it and let me know what she could find out, but that's not good news for Papa, if he's not even listed in their computer as a new release this close to the date. it may be no big deal, and everything will work itself out, but i hope that Glenn gets good record lable support in getting his new FUNKy cd properly distributed.
    peace to you all,

  • There ya go Grace, "The voice of rock".
    Me thinks you've been heard.

    I'm only "half happy."


    The promotional flyer is great.
    But the actual CD needs a big, gaudy, neon label, too.
    Quoting that famous British philosopher, Mick Jagger:
    "Too much is never enough."

    PS......purplemusic ~
    That's the same response that Phil di Benedetto gave me
    when I went to order Glenn's new album from Zig Zag Records.
    And Phil knows about, and can usually get.........EVERYTHING.
    Wanna' guess how mad it made me, for Phil to ask me "Are you sure?"
    And a phone call to WDHA ~ The Rock of Jersey ~ 105.5 FM
    gets me the same question: "What new Glenn Hughes album?"
    Or even worse........"Who's Glenn Hughes?"

    Where's Glenn's publicity? :mad: :mad: :mad:



  • Oh to see this promo clip given air play on terrestrial TV in the UK!

    Would mean so much more than Sheila's Wheels' adverts :rolleyes: and all the other drivel inbetween programmes - and then again, sometimes the actual programmes are drivel. All a matter of choice between the off and on buttons.

    Thanks for sharing :thumbup:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • i'm just glad to see them doing some kind of promotion. i only hope that they can somehow step it up and really get behind glenn's cd. i feel that if the video could get some airplay, more people would certainly buy the cd.
    here's hoping

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