• Hi Everyone,

    I promised you some F U N K before the new album, "First Underground Nuclear Kitchen" is released (May 11th) and so now, it’s time to share with you the first single, "Love Communion" [Radio Edit].

    It’s a beautiful song and signals what kind of record F U N K is all about, I’m ever so proud of this record.

    I wanted to make a record that I can live with for the next 20 years, a record that is timeless.

    If you’re going to buy one Glenn Hughes record or if you’ve never heard of Glenn Hughes before, this is the one to jump on board with.

    More to follow nearer release time, meantime, lookout soon for the video of ’Love Communion’ over at the YouTube channel, as I wrapped up the video shoot a couple of weeks ago.

    So, let your F U N Ky Freak Flag Fly!



  • hey glenn, i just wanted to tell you how much we're all looking foward to the full release of FUNK and we love the samples that you've given us. thanks for a great time in detroit, and don't forget that you told me that you would make sure to have some more dates in the states for us by the years end (might i suggest charleston, i'd love to play host to my fellow GHPG brothers and sisters) i hope you still have and like the necklace that i gave you. as i told you, someone made it special for me. it says "purple music" and that is what you play still, along w/ your own stuff. but it is the "purple music" that turned me onto you in the first place, and it meant alot to me to give it to you. stay in touch, i look foward to hearing from you again. feel free to ring my phone anytime.
    peace, love, and.... yours in the FUNK,

    p.s. my funky freak flag is flying very high now.

    and also, let me congradulate you on finally becoming a "graduate" on here

  • Yes, you're both right........purple Texas! :lol:
    "Trainee Hughes" is now a "GHCP Graduate!" :claphands

    Let's have three graduation parties for this guy, and invite the guest

    of honor to attend........in Charleston, Conroe, and New York City.


  • Love Communion is great. Listened on the myspace page. Also, congrats to Glenn moving up from a trainee!!


  • Just finished listening to Love Communion on Glenn's MySpace.....if this track had been on Play Me Out 31 years ago....it would've been 'THE' first single from that album!!! Bring On Da FUNK!!!!! Glenn, ya done good!!!! :thumbup:

  • Love Communion... What a great song, very nice, very very nice I say. Gongratulations, Mr. Hughes! Wonderful track to be the first single.

    :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands

    On your MySpace player, the mood stays the same when it goes from LC to I Got It Covered and the following songs. Being a huge Play Me Out fan, I think that says a lot.

    This not getting plenty of airplay would be like not showing *** on television. (replace *** with your favorite sports event, e.g. Super Bowl, football World Cup final, Wimbledon, Ice Hockey WC, Tour de France, Snooker WC etc.)

    "It's not what you say, it's the feeling that's the song"

  • I've liked all of Glenn's recent albums, but I think he sometimes hasn't picked the strongest songs as the lead singles. This was certainly the case with the last two albums. Not this time. "Love Communion" is fantastic.

  • I enjoyed the new samples and this sounds great! I hope there's some songs on there fast enough to make it into the gym. Sadly, MFTD had nothing I could work out to. MFTD is a great car cd though I just played that again last week. Looking forward to the new one, gym ready or not.


  • Great pictures, thank you - can't wait to see this video.

    I wouldn't want to be leaving that wonderful looking place for cold and dreary Norway ;) :cool:

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