Cosmosquad Live in Japan

  • I am unlucky that I have to miss Chad Smith and Jeff Kollman band as I am leaving for Malaysia before the gig takes place.

    However, I am lucky that I had a chance to see Cosmosquad solo concert in Tokyo tonite.

    I think Shane was the most well known among the others as he had toured with a Japanese Pop/Rock band in the past. He was as agressive/powerful as I saw him with Glenn in Derby 2001.

    Jeff !! You are the man!! His guitar play was so hot and shook the venue with his nice Strat and Fender amp combination.

    Surprisingly, the band did not play any song with voice. Personally, as Jeff on stage in Japan is so precious, I expected something like Jerusalem or other song with his or Shane's singing. They could have done even some rock classics but they did their stage with only Cosmosquad songs all instrumental!!

    Isn't it amazing when Japanese audience is shifting more to domestic music rather than Western music these days, the band did not flatter the audience and finished the show with their original songs!!

    I think I was the oldest in the venue. There were many young fans. Probably, profit wise, I think it is very tight but I respect the band because they were doing their own best under the band name Cosmosquad while there may be a lot more pop tunes which they have collaborated in their long musical history.

    Lastly, I liked your Japanese language with your wondeful bass play, Chris Maloney.

  • Jeff and the band just returned from a triumphant visit to Japan where they were received with open arms!

    The main setlist for each gig was as follows:

    Numena (Acid Test)
    The Spy Who Ate Her (Acid Test)
    Chinese Eyes (Squadrophenia)
    [Guitar Solo]
    Sheer Drama (Jeff Kollman: Shredding Skin)
    Creepy Spider (Squadrophenia)
    Lubitorium (Acid Test)

    I.N.S. Conspiracy (Cosmosquad)
    Epapo Funk (Cosmosquad)

    You can checkout some other pix over at as well as their page on MySpace :cool:

  • Thanks for the posts David san !!

    The live pictures are from the exact gig I went (Shibuya)

    Also I think they had a chance to go to Hard Rock Cafe and left T with signatures :thumbup:

  • Following the Japanese dates at the end of this month, Cosmosquad will play a gig at their favorite LA club,
    The Baked Potato on Friday, October 3rd with Shane Gaalaas making his return to the drum stool :cool:

    Following that in early October, Jeff Kollman will head to China for some clinics sponsored by Fender. He will do 4 clinics in all, along with some booth/stage time at "Music Fair" in Shanghai.

    October 9th-12th
    Music Fair

    Tuesday, October 14th
    Midnight Club
    No.10 Jiu Wei Road, Ba Jin Street,
    He Ping District, Shenyang

    Wednesday, October 15th
    Haoyun Club
    No.1 Bar Street, Xingba Road
    Wowen Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

    Friday, October 17th
    Musicman Club
    Bar Street, Xintiandi, Datang Furong Company, Xi'on

    Sunday, October 19th
    Oneway Club
    3rd Floor West Wing, No.215 Huangpu Avenue
    Tianhe District, Guangzhou

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