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  • Joe Satriani and former Guns n' Roses guitarist, Gilby Clarke, are now also on the bill.


    For Glenn Hughes, it will be his first time in New Zealand since Deep Purple came in 1975. "Taranaki sounds both intriguing and wonderful," he said. "To be able to meet, play, talk and interact with the local musicians and musical youth will be a very rewarding experience for me."

    Tickets go on pre-sale today and general release on April 28th.

    You can read more about the festival here:

  • More on the festival...

    ...and more on Taranaki can be found here! The festival also has a newly opened website:

  • If GH is playing NZ in July, then is it perfectly safe to assume that he'll return to AUSSIE SHORES in that same time-frame??


  • He hopes to make Australia this year, but nothing is firm right now.

    Take a listen to the latest Podcast, as he talks about a possible Australia visit ;)

    THANKS for that David!! :D

    Geez I'm hating being a dial up user right now though - two hours to go :lol:

  • I have heard a rumour that Glenn might be doing a question and answer session for a limited audience and that he would play a few acoustic songs at that. Just a rumour at this stage as he flies in on the saturday of the show and gone the next day i believe. I look forward to meeting any fellow forum members at this show, i personally can't wait it's been a lifelong quest to get to see Glenn so i'm praying nothing goes wrong.


  • On the wire today...


    Legendary vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes will perform with a unique, Kiwi-based band when he plays the G-TARanaki International Guitar Festival on July 19th at the New Plymouth TSB Stadium in New Zealand. Although he will be utilizing his regular Swedish keyboard player Anders Olinder, he will also be joined by three New Zealanders, guitarists Kara Gordon and Simon Koretz, plus drummer Nathan Koretz. Gordon is a winner of the recent Rock2Wgtn guitarist competition while the Koretz siblings regularly perform with their own Hamilton-based band 8FORTY8 as well as regularly performing tribute sets to Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Dream Theater.

    Other G-TARanaki performers include Uli Jon Roth, Joe Satriani, Gilby Clarke, the Alex Skolnick Trio, fretless harp guitarist Tim Donahue, Kiwi icon Gray Bartlett, Vernon Reid of Living Colour, Matthew Marshall, Brian Hatcher, Darren Broughton, Ross Halliday, Frank John and a host of others.

  • On the wire again today...

  • Okay starting to get really excited now, just a couples of weeks to go till I see my all time musical hero. I have had it confirmed that glenn will do a Meet and greet session at 1 or 1.30pm on the Friday and then the show on Saturday. I just got to figure out what to get signed, probably go for my vinyl copy of Play Me Out but then again maybe he could sign me and i'll get it turned into a tattoo, crazier things have happened. Oh and i also know where he's staying while he's here.

    Woody :)

  • I really want to attend Glenn's Q&A session this weekend but sadly I already purchased my tickets well before the offer was advertised on Ticketek. What day is his Q&A session? If it means having to pay an additional 1 dayer so be it. He's the sole reason why I'm going to G-Taranaki.

    And what to have signed. Well let's see. I'll start with Hughes/Thrall, HTP and more.

    And I'm still waiting for FUNK. It's taken far too long and I wait with baited breath to check out the album. It's long overdue :(

    Jumping on the bus from Auckland tomorrow seeing as I'm currently a disqualified driver. And the irony is I got busted on Desert Road on the way back from Rock2Wgtn :rolleyes:

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