NEW Music - Glenn live interview on UK radio

  • Earlier today, GLENN was interviewed by Liverpool, UK based radio station, 106.7 KCR FM and it's host,
    Kev McDempster.

    It also included the world exclusive broadcast of the first 'single', "Love Communion", taken from the new album,
    "First Underground Nuclear Kitchen".

    Also briefly interviewed was our very own, Keith Thompson, who has helped organize the first gig in Liverpool for GLENN in over 30 years, since the last infamous, Deep Purple MKIV gig, that took place there in 1976.

    Lots included in this broadcast from Trapeze, Hughes/Thrall, right up to and including F U N K. GLENN also speaks of his very recent visit with Mel Galley and also new band members and his schedule while in the UK for the upcoming charity event, Childline Rocks!, that takes place this coming week in London and a whole lot more.....

    Runtime is just over 45 minutes :cool:

  • Thanks David!

    Wow, Love those Funky Horns :bow:

    Shake that Love Communion.

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite


    Thanks David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Love Communion" is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool1:

    I am excited very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :claphands :claphands :claphands

  • Thank you to David and Shirean for grabbing this. It's a tremendous service.
    FF to GH and Love Communion 22.36 guys and another tribute to Mel. That's what matters :clapper:

    June 7th is going to be a big night in the Glenn Hughes Story :)

  • Thanks so much for this,David & Shirean!! :thumbup:

    Nice informative interview, with some great songs (of course!) :bow:

    I just l-u-r-v-e "Love Communion" - roll on the F.U.N.K. album!! :)
    Have I missed where the horn section comes from? Chicago 1970's? ;)


    Ben !!

  • The attatchment's not working for me for some reason... it says I need 10 posts! Are you saying I flooded the board with my inane posts for nothing :D

    EDIT: Ah, that's better! :thumbup:

  • Thanks David,
    :) :) A really good interview to following on from last weeks Planet Rock interview it is great to see getting some airtime in the Uk at last. If only he could get on the BBC to help promote the childline concert this week.

    The new track Love Communion sounds really good on first listen:claphands :claphands :claphands with a great funky start and some beautiful horns cant wait to hear the full lenth version. The release date in May seems a long way off, any chance of an early release of Love communion as it is to be a single ?

  • As I couldn't listen to the interview live, I'm most thankful to David for posting it here! :clapper: :thumbup: :bow:
    When Glenn spoke about Mel my eyes filled with tears, it was so moving!
    And thanks for the new song! Can't wait to hear the whole new album :bouncer: :bouncer:

  • Yes!! That's you Glenn!! :bow:

    I shut up and just wait for the day when the whole album comes to my ears :rolleyes:

    And thank for some great stories like Paicy one or how Maldonado plays like (Another talent!) :clapper:

    It's funny that I'm not living in Liverpool but I feel like I am waiting for Glenn to come back to MY Liverpool :)

    My question now is when you are coming to Malaysia?? :huh: (I have to tell you that I am moving for a new mission.)

  • Iain very good point! One of the problems of course is that rock radio in the UK isn't in the greatest of shapes. Kev was telling me that his prog on kcr106.7 is the only dedicated rock show in our region of the UK. Planet Rock is up for sale and Total Rock is run by volunteers mainly.

    Yet Glenn is selling very well in Liverpool and Wolverhampton. Roger Waters too. Whitesnake are coming. Blue Oyster Cult all around the same time. I went to see Asia last week and a good 500 were there on a wet Tuesday. So the gigs are turning over. It's just that the radio stations don't get the revenues they need to make a fist of it.

    Getting on the BBC is an aim of course. Glenn appeared on Phil Juppitus last year. Sadly Bruce Dickenson mainly concerns himself with grunt 'n riff bands :rolleyes: I have tried. Then there's Jools. Everyone write to Jools please. That's gotta happen.

    But yes my point is, if you spot something on the radio e.g. a programme or an opportunity tell us about it. I dunno maybe for this new record we should target places like Jazz FM. That's partly up to the record company but we can all play a part too.

    Tony, that's very kind of you to say that. I get a buzz when other people round the world get to see Glenn. I just hope you do soon :) You are officially a GHCP Liverpool Division! :thumbup:

  • That was a great listen. Love Communion sounds worth the admission price on its own, and that wasn't even the full song. Nice one!

    Jazz FM would be a weird place for Glenn to feature considering the direction it's taken in recent years but I wouldn't rule it out. I remember when Soul Mover was on Scuzz, the Sky channel. It seemed totally out of place between the heavy metal and emocore bands but it just shows Glenn's appeal when people do listen. If we could achieve some more coups like that just via word of mouth and emails...

  • Yup he is the chameleon of rock. I've just been listening to him covering Four Sticks by Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd's Young Lust, he does exactly what his required while bringing his own bit to it. I can't believe some of the notes he can hit, it's the sort of range Plant and Waters could only dream of! That's no disrespect to them either, Floyd and Zep are my two favourite bands ever. I just call them like I hear them.

  • Very well done on grabbing this link :claphands - now I can give it a listen :clapper: !!

    Well I will shortly, when I've posted a couple more posts somewhere...



    Keep the faith, 'cos that's the way it is...

  • I like the new song better than anything off the last cd already. Hope the rest of the album follows suit!

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