who is your Favorite Vocalists?

  • I voted for Glenn.
    Some of my other favs would be:
    Robert Plant, Ian Gillan, Coverdale,
    and some that were not on the list:
    Paul Rodgers, James Dewar, Ken Hensley, Stevie Nicks, Bono, Justin Hayward, Phil Lynott, Dug Pinnick (King's X), Ann Wilson etc. etc.

    :singer: ...everyday, wheels are turnin'

  • Real crazy poll , Glenn is the No. 1 for all of us !! :clapper::clapper:

    My No.2 is Paul Rodgers ,I love the old Free & Bad Co stuff and also his collaboration with Queen :thumbup:

    I know that I've been sometimes wrong
    I feel my faith is growing strong
    There is a place that I belong
    These are the days of avalon


  • Glenn Hughes has been my vote for best vocalist for decades. I really angered at least one Deep Purple fan in the Amazon discussions by saying he's better than Ian Gillan. I love Ian Gillan, but he's no Glenn Hughes. He was close when he was younger but by the late 80s he had far less of his younger range. The recently released live Queen stuff has me thinking Freddie Mercury may at least share the title with Glenn. Rob Halford and Graham Bonnet used to be incredible singers too. Unfortunately for the ones lucky enough to still be alive they're voices don't hold up as well after so many decades of pushing themselves to be as great as they were.

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