who is your Favorite Vocalists?

  • who is your Favorite Vocalists? 49

    1. g.hughes (35) 71%
    2. r.halford (1) 2%
    3. d.coverdale (3) 6%
    4. dio (0) 0%
    5. g.bonnet (0) 0%
    6. r.plant (0) 0%
    7. i.gillan (5) 10%
    8. t.martin (1) 2%
    9. s.perry (0) 0%
    10. b.kimball (0) 0%
    11. f.mercury (1) 2%
    12. r.gillen (0) 0%
    13. e.martin (0) 0%
    14. j.lande (0) 0%
    15. r.kotzen (1) 2%
    16. g.tate (0) 0%
    17. b.dickinson (0) 0%
    18. k.dubrow (0) 0%
    19. k.meine (0) 0%
    20. j.lynn turner (2) 4%

    glenn hughes,rob halford,david coverdale,dio,graham bonnet,jorn lande,tony martin,ian gillan,ray gillen,steve perry,bobby kimball,richie kotzen,john sykes,midnight,michael sweet,tony harnell,ralf sheepers,stefan berggren,james christian,mark free...and many more...:D

  • A bit of a loaded question methinks as this is a GH fan site. Perhaps better to say that they are all mighty fine vocalisits and any choice is but a matter of personal preference :singer:

  • Personally my favorite is BERNIE SHAW of Uriah Heep. Not only a magnificent voice, but a stage presence second to none IMHO.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Bernie is a great singer indeed. His stage performance is very enjoying too. Heep played my town not to long ago. Another sellout gig. Cant wait for their new album, hopefully on the shelves soon. Their first in a long, long time :thumbup:

  • It's got to be Glenn although I like many others on the list too. Another favourite of mine is Jimmy Dewar (Robin Trower Band). His performance on the Bridge Of Sighs album is superb.

  • no problem.. Glenn Hughes since I have discovered him one day of 1982 with Deep Purple album : Made in Europe :bouncer: :bouncer:

  • I have to agree with the masses. A better question here wold have been: besides Glenn Hughes, which vocalists do you thnk are the best?

    Richie Kotzen has come a long way. Also, Miles Kennedy of Alterbridge has probably the only voice that has made me shake my head in amazement other than Glenn's. Lastly, Jorn Lande can sing anything


  • g.hughes is not glenn hughes...

    i mean gary hughes....(ten)

    hahahahahaha...:D :D :D

    just kidding...:D :D :D

    glenn hughes is the best !!!

    unbeatable!!!:bow: :thumbup:

    of course he is winner of this poll! :claphands :bouncer: ;)

  • Would be Glenn but I imagined he had enough votes, went with the legendary Mr Gillan instead! I remember meeting him and trying desperately not to bring up Ritchie Blackmore haha.

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