who is your Favorite Guitarists???

  • Purplemusic

    right on about Gary moore. It has been a LONG time since he put a good cd out but he still rates highly in my book. Hopefully one day we can get a good rock CD on out him again.


  • jimmy page rulez my world

    he has a real fast technique and a bluesy sound

    tommy bolin has a cooool american funk style of playing had he lived some more years

    he would have been at the same level as blackmore and page

    r.blackmore has a very good picking style iiiiiiiilove it and i love his neo classical feeling

    tony iommi is a gitar demon though with his down tuned doooom style

    its hard to say which one is better cause every one is better by his own way


    From now on....

    :guitarmet \m/

  • #1 for me is Mr. Hendrix.
    I grew up on Hendrix and voted for him.
    Trower is my second choice (not on the list).
    My third favorite is a little tougher to decide...i'll say Jimmy Page.
    After that, hmmmmmmmm.
    I love Jake E. Lee's playing in Badlands,
    and Blackmore's a legend as well.
    Lots of great heroes on the list
    and lots of other great mentions too.
    Don't forget about the great George Harrison or Mr. Mick Box.
    - and don't forget Warren Haynes.

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  • Good to see another with an appreciation for the marvelous Mick Box who may be the MOST underrated superstar in Rock and Roll.

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  • as i read back through here , i was noticing that noone was going w/ one of my main guys, frank marino, then i noticed that mark hoffman gave him a mention. so, like mark, i'd like to through a nod of appreciation to frank marino,who i'll be seeing play in n.y. in july @ bb kings . i guess he'll be a king bee baby, buzzin' 'round your hive

  • OOPS ~
    I think that we forgot to mention the guy who's been the reason,
    why we can even have a list of spectacular guitarists like this.

    "How high the moon" might not be our favorite song,
    but the name Les Paul belongs somewhere in this thread.

    He's the guy who opened the can.
    The above-named worms...........followed.



  • Eddie Van Halen.
    This was so hard!
    Right after him comes Blackmore and Gary Moore.
    Other favorites:Frank Marino, Rik Emmet, Paul Gilbert, Jimi Hendrix, Jef Beck, Richie Kotzen and Michael Schenker.

  • For me i have to go for Jeff Beck from those on the list but Tommy Bolin would be close behind.Teaser is one of my all time favourite albums.
    Steve Lukather would be my all time favourite but hes not on the list.Rick Derringer is pretty good as well "Derringer Live" superb.

  • WARREN HAYNES (Allman Brothers Band, Gov't Mule), the guy is the most incredibly talented singer, songwriter and guitarist. He has a repetoire of around 200+ plus songs. No two gigs are ever the same, as he rotates his set-list every night, playing between 20-25 different songs a night during a 2-3 hour set. Even if you don't hear your favourites on a particular night you never come away from a gig disappointed, EVER.

  • There's a lot of fantastic guitar players named in this thread, let me add two of my favorites, Doyle Bramhall 2 and John Mayer . This guys play very soulful with a lot of roots knowledge and feeling, and they're very good singers too :) :)

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  • I just love Iommi's riffs, specially those on the first sabbath albums and of course those on TDS & Fused.

  • Mr. Blackmore's been my favourite guitarist since I was 13 years old! I also love Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Jeff Beck, Peter Frampton to name a few :bow:

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