who is your Favorite Guitarists???

  • who is your Favorite Guitarists? 72

    1. r.blackmore (20) 28%
    2. t.bolin (5) 7%
    3. r.rhoads (3) 4%
    4. y.malmsteen (0) 0%
    5. p.gilbert (1) 1%
    6. s.vai (5) 7%
    7. j.sykes (1) 1%
    8. r.kotzen (0) 0%
    9. c.impellitteri (0) 0%
    10. n.schon (0) 0%
    11. w.deMartini (0) 0%
    12. z.wylde (2) 3%
    13. j.marsh (3) 4%
    14. g.lynch (0) 0%
    15. g.moore (2) 3%
    16. t.iommi (4) 6%
    17. s.morse (0) 0%
    18. j.satriani (1) 1%
    19. j.page (4) 6%
    20. j.hendrix (3) 4%
    21. e.clapton (1) 1%
    22. j.beck (5) 7%
    23. m.schenker (1) 1%
    24. e.johnson (1) 1%
    25. srv (3) 4%
    26. g.howe (0) 0%
    27. j.e lee (0) 0%
    28. j.norum (0) 0%
    29. v.campbell (0) 0%
    30. d.aldrich (1) 1%
    31. b.may (0) 0%
    32. d.darrell (0) 0%
    33. Slash (0) 0%
    34. j.petrucci (3) 4%
    35. n.bettencourt (1) 1%
    36. e.van halen (2) 3%
    37. m.friedman (0) 0%
    38. m.kendall (0) 0%
    39. t.larsson (0) 0%
    40. e.bojfeldt (0) 0%

    steve vai,greg howe,jake e lee,john sykes,richie kotzen,chris impellitteri,and many more.... ;)

  • Sorry...but Roger (Strat335) is not on the list so I could not pick one :D

    After him, I would choose Mel Galley, Robben Ford, B.B. King or Robin Trower....Durn, none of my top picks are on your list.

    I guess of the ones above, Eric Johnson.

    Coming back into edit after posting...I totally missed JJ Marsh on this list...I guess having only the one J through me off :) I would have picked JJ over Eric. :)

  • I can't cast a vote on this topic either, Susan,
    the same way that I don't have a favorite GH album,
    because my answer would depend on too many "variables." :eek:
    Who, what, when, where, why...........

    Now if you lined up all of these guys on this list,
    (at least the ones that you COULD line up)
    and gave them all a test.......say, have each guitarist play their
    version of something simple like "Twinkle, twinkle, little star"
    any way that they wanted....THEN....I think I could say "Blah-blah
    is my favorite guitarist" because I liked what they did, given
    the same song to play.

    Although I could easily be bribed to vote for our own GHCP cowboy from Texas. :hi5:


  • :) How about a few original names, from two British groups that are criminally overlooked by the music media, classic rock magazine excepted

    Steve Wilson from the great prog metal group Porcupine Tree, check out the Deadwing album the best rock album of the past 10 years.


    Bryan Josh from Mostly Autumn

  • Robert Fripp, Alan Holdsworth, Lary Carlton, Robin Trower, Mick Box, Adrian Belew, Joe Bonamossa, Tom Zamparelli....then I get to the list. A very subjective poll, but I will cast a vote on one of the choices.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Disappointed not to see my own name up there :D

    However it has to be Blackmore ...quality,originality, consistency

  • Frank, you're talking my language, buddy - Robert Fripp is from another planet! The guy just about defies description, and so does his playing - mindblowing will have to do. Adrian Belew - such an unorthodox player and songwriter...he's played guitar with a knife and fork, he's practically recreated the undersea audio world of Jacques Cousteau, and he can create the sounds of a heartbroken violin...all on six strings. Belew is a mindbending guitarist.


  • some of these polls put too much preasure on me to choose just one. but as syched as i still am from tues. night, i'm going to go w/ a write-in and give my man Jeff Kollman some love. after seeing him live twice now, there is no doubt about it... he is the real deal!
    :guitarmet(looks just like him too, doesn't it :) )

  • After thinking this over, I have to add a couple. :) I forgot Phil Keaggy.

    Also, though, if you take fame out of the equation...there are two outstanding guitar players Roger has become friends with online.

    Barry Richman - AWESOME FEELING!


    Tomo Fujita - EXTREMELY FUNKY!!! (teacher at Berklee College of Music) - Wil Smith plays bass for him from time to time

  • that's interesting susan, because i know some people here in charleston who are into barry richman. they've been talking about him for a few years. i think he's played here a couple of times

    Well, he does have a pretty big following...just not as widely known as say, Eric Johnson :) I think he is an incredible guitarist...and is just a cool person all around. I don't know him, but Roger trades e-mails and MySpace messages with him a lot. They like the way each other plays :)

  • Gary Moore will always be my favorite but Richie Kotzen and Stevie Salas aren't far behind


  • gary moore has always been one of my favorites too, but i kind of feel like he's turned his back on his older rock-n-roll fans. he hasn't put out a rock album since still got the blues came out. i thought his best time period was the corridor of power/ run for cover era. (run for cover , of course containing the 2 great songs from our very own 'big daddy" all messed up and reach for the sky). so, for his rock fans, we're left holding on to ourselfs w/ nothing to say except "we want moore"

  • Of course I would expect Ritchie to rank pretty high here- and certainly you couldn't list everyone- so like Frank I voted from my favorite from the list- and it had to be Jeff Beck- but had you listed Robin Trower or Frank Marino... it would have been a tougher choice!

  • I know I'm boring but I went with Jimmy Page. Just a huge, huge fan of this man and everything his accomplished. Second choice was Ritchie, of course ;)

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