who is your Favorite Guitarists???

  • There are quite a few guitarists that I really love.

    Here are some of my faves in no partic. order.

    Blackmore- His Purple & Rainbow work only.

    Iommi- Only like stuff he did with Glenn & Dio the most.

    Gary moore.

    John Norum-Again the stuff with Glenn being his best.

    Michael Schenker. Most of his work.

    Tommy Bolin- Nuff said.

    Mel Galley- Man was under valued!

    Paul Kossoff.

    Randy California-Loved the early Spirit albums.

    Just some of my faves :bow:

    Galleyfan :cool:


  • jimmy page

    randy rhoads

    ritchie blackmore

    tony iommi

    tommy bolin

    yngwie malmsteen
    paul gilbert
    michael Akerfeldt(opeth)

    eddie van halen
    joe walch

    brian may

    jeff beck

    david gilmour

    eric clapton

    james hetfield

    steve vai

    gary moore

    paul kossoff

    john norum

    john petrucci

    mel galley

    alex lifeson

    adrian smith,janick gers,dave murray(iron maiden)


    jimi hendrix

    steve howe

    i like them all without order

    From now on....

    :guitarmet \m/

  • Like a lot of postees, I couldn't really choose one, but I did go for Ritchie.
    I still like watching a lot of Rory Gallagher, he'd have been a great senior blueman. sad loss.

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