Live in Detroit, Michigan with Chad Smith

  • Aww shucks. I thought i was getting the inside scoop on privileged information. Well, that's ok, we'll see what pops up. But now i'm back to a concerned state of mind again.

    By the way, i have to correct my last entry. I looked at the cd again, and now realize it was only GH & DC that are credited for writing Keep On Movin-like Grace said. I was wrong to mention Tommy. I was looking at the song above it, that's why i thought Bolin was included. But ofcourse, he did add his finesse.

    ...everyday, wheels are turnin'

  • movin'
    I'm sorry that my post was confusing to you.
    I was talking about Glenn's part of "What Time is Love"
    (the big hit that he did with KLF) where he shouts out
    a long list of US cities.

    That's what we want for a US Tour.
    Lots and lots of cities.
    Actually......ALL........US cities.
    And if we "keep on nagging" maybe we will get it.

    You might also notice that we frequently mention our famous
    "Living Room Tour." This is something that we fans have made up,
    where Glenn is supposed to show up at each of our homes, maybe
    with an acoustic guitar, or not, and we'll play background kazoo music,
    or sing background, to accompany Glenn as he sings lead.

    "The Airport Tour" consists of us hanging around US airports, hoping to hear
    a tune or two, as Glenn makes connecting flights to overseas concert locations.

    Although to be honest, I once nagged Glenn in person, about a US Tour,
    and his response to me was, and I quote:
    "Grace, I want a US Tour even more than the fans do."

    So seriously, we GHCPs know that we'll get a US Tour when the idiot promoters
    finally get smart, and not one day before. But it's kind of a tradition around here
    to whine and nag about it, so that Glenn knows we haven't forgotten.

    And when you finally do get to see and hear Glenn, you'll know that in between songs,
    he'll jokingly announce that he wrote all of his songs when he was only 5 years old.

    OOPS, sorry purple.
    Glenn should have 2 shows scheduled in Charleston. OK? ;)



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