Live in Detroit, Michigan with Chad Smith

  • Thanks David for the video!
    I wish I could of met you at the meet & greet but the bouncers at the theater moved us the Rock Club Bar & I could not get back to the area. That really sucked :mad: but I got to meet some new friends from the site and that was cool!

  • Glad to hear one and all had a great time - it must have been one hell of a show! Thanks to everyone who shared reviews and pics!

    In this crazy world you must change yourself....

    Never compare yourself to others - people are more screwed up than you think.

  • Had a great time at the show. I want to thank Mark and Nick for taking such good care of us. You guys really put on a good show. Glenn you were great as always, never the same show twice even if it's the same song. Chad great hangin with ya, (nice war pigs! Blimey) Ed nice jacket, Kollman thanks for the hospitality, Mikey I'm sending you a coupon for sliders. John(spiderman)it was fun watching you in action. And David, always great to see you. Hope to see you again soon.

  • Melanie, reading your post about the show at the Whisky reminded me of something cute. We had the opportunity to meet Chad's wife, Nancy, at the show (super sweet individual!!). My son was quite taken with her. A couple of months after the show he was riding with me to the store. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw he had a far away look in his eyes. I asked him what he was thinking about. He said, "Mom, when are we going to see that pretty lady again?" Since this was quite a while after the show I had no idea who he was talking about. I asked him and he said ... "that lady at the concert in California...(long pause and twinkle in his eyes)...the one who told me I was so handsome." LOL If he was 15 years older...Chad might have had some competition there :lol:

  • I heard that Chad cleared all of that snow with his Harley so everyone could make it to the show...WHAT a GUY!:claphands

  • I'm certainly not breaking any new ground here , but it's taken me a few days to get kind of caught up since getting back from detroit. i'd like to say that i saw the grateful dead, and i know that bands like phish, and widespread have there followers, and people who travel to see them play, but let me just say that what we might lack in #s, we make up for in brother(sister)hood. one of the main things that i bring back from the show is a new feeling of comrodery w/ some of my fellow GHPG friends. flying into detroit was ok, the traffic from the airport to the hotel sucked, as expected, and we pretty much went strait on to the emerald theatre so that we'ld know where we were going to be. when we walked up at about 5:30 or 6, there were already 2 -3 people standing there. no mistaking that these people must have been some more hardcore fans, so i felt right at home. we could hear the band warming up inside and it was exciting for me to get a glimpse of what was to come. hearing part of coast to coast was great, because its one of my favorites, and they didn't play it in new york. and then to hear them jamming to "might just take your life" really got me fired up. (unfortunantly, because of Glenns illness, it was ommited from the encore, but at least being there early, i can say that i HEARD them play it).

    More people came up and we all had fun relating to the fact that we were fans of big daddy, and recognized each other from the GHPG web site. we even got a few fans to join us on here ( i've seen metal mel posting already) it was a very cool(pun intended) experience for us. the club moved us upstairs to the bar room, only after we made them promise about ten times that we were sure to be let into the actual concert area first, and we all went upstairs and had a few cold ones and shared more glenn hughes storys. between all of us there , we seemed to know more about glenn than he knows about himself :) or at least, it sure seemed that way. we finally got into the club and secured our spots up front and we got a table or two right at the front for keeping our coats and drinks at. we rotated some on who would stand and keep our up front places and who would just sit and drink. i defanently took one for the team during the opening band, standing by one of the worlds most obnoxious guys who insisted on yelling out to anyone who would hear him that " leathertounge is better than Glenn f$#@ing Hughes". if i hadnt come so far and the chance to see glenn was so few and far between, i would have kicked his ass just to protect the honor of our big daddy. but it just didn't seem worth it to miss the show because of an idiot. we hooked up w/ a few more fans from GHPG, our big boy, theo stix w/ his own personal glenn hughes credit card, wich we secretly charged the shit out of (he's still probably having his new purchaces denied :) ) the guy standing on the other side of me told me that he was jeff kollman's guitar teacher when jeff was 14. it did appear to be true, as he and jeff did seem to obviosly know each other.

    At the end of the first band, they made some kind of announcement from the stage about contest winners from the web site. i remember seeing something on here about a backstage contest, but for some reason, just never entered. now , as i convieniently remember it, it was drew k. that came up to me and said "hey man, are'nt we winners ?" . so feeling presured to go along w/ his obvious boguss attempt to sneak backstage, we went up to the front lobby, where the list was posted and each of us chose a name from the list that we now were going to call ourselves. of course, we did each pick an alternative name, incase our first name choice was already there to claim his true place in line (the nerve of some people, huh? ) after a few times rehearsing our new names, we were ready and were going w/ the flow. as it turned out, we SEEMED to know more about what we were talking about than the employees in charge of the thing, so backstage we went. only problem was glenn and the band had left after soundcheck, so we couldn't hang out w/ them. none the less we had drinks, watched the second opening band play and made a few more friends while we waited. finally, chad showed up soon before they were to play. we said hello and decided to make our way back downstairs to reclaim our place right in front of the stage for the show. once again, with arogance that traveling 700 miles to see a show will give you, we made our way right back up front by theo stix and were ready for a dose of some FUNK. many people had cameras, and i had my video recorder and we were ready.

    The band came out and immediatly started moving some souls and after that busted into "orion" . glenn stopped for a moment to talk and noticed my little "freak flag" that i had made and said that he had read about that on the web site, which was a cool thing for me. the next song, the land of the living was great , and then mistreated. i'm here to tell you that i've been listening to that song for almost 30 years, and it has never sounded better. Glenn is amazing how he does what he does. you got soul was next , which is a cool song to see him play, but then was coast to coast, which was really a treat. after that, just like we had done just a few hours earlier.."get up and get in line" 'cause its "getting tighter all the time" how can that not be one of your favorite g.h. songs (just a little more PURPLE MUSIC) dont let me bleed, which seems to be an emotional song for glenn and then stepping on were both great. then a little more PURPLE MUSIC w, you keep on moving,wich is another great one(wasn't come taste the band a great record?) and then after a short break , the encore. i was soooo psyched to hear them bust into might just take your life, but instead the opening notes to burn rang out. not that burn is not a great classic, but if you notice my little picture logo on here , i chose the album cover to burn, so might just take your life would have been a gem that you may never hear him play again (although i hope not, i kind of feel like you owe me one there Glenn ;) ) when they finished w/ burn , i was going to point at might just take your life on the set list, but when chad stood up and totally knocked his drum kit over, i knew all was lost for that and the night of music had come to an end :(

    After the show, the club employees tried their best to clear us out of there, but i wasn't done yet, because i knew that just a little ways off backstage was the man that i had come 700 miles to shake hands w/ so, once again i put on my "contest winner" hat and made my case to the guy at the door. when theo stix showed up , this time w/ his actual v.i.p. pass on, i told the dude that i was w/ him, but they never gave me my pass, and backstage we went. after a few mins. glenn came upstairs and we all had a nice little chat. i must say , Glenn was deffanently impressed w/ theo's glenn hughes credit card, and we all had a good moment. then chad came up and i talked to him for a short bit. then , the "real" contest winners ( not some poser like myself) were lined up to get there pics. taken w/ glenn and chad. since everything else was going my way that night, i got in line and got some photos snapped w/ my new mates and told them that i would see them later this year when they played again (and again) here for us in the states. glenn and chad said that they'ld see me there ( wich , of course i've already taken to mean that i have an open ended backstage welcome to the next show).it was such a great night, worth every dollar spent and every mile travelled, and i can't wait to do it again!! i'd like to make sure that i say how cool it was for glenn, chad, jeff, and ed to let me stand directly in front of them and record the show. so many preformers would have immediatly stopped me from doing that and they freely allowed anyone to take all of the pics. that they wanted. this is just another example of class and true fan appreciation by them and it's just another reason why i/we love them all so much. it is such a give and take between glenn and his band, and us, the fans. they make us feel like more than just fans, we are treated as friends and part of the family , and i'm not sure i could give them a better compliment than that, because we all already know how great the music is (better than f@#$ing leathertounge) :p

    So thanks Glenn, Chad, Jeff , and Ed, you all made this boy from charleston, s.c. proud to be a fan, friend and a member of the Glenn Hughes family !!

    :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands

  • Great reading there purplemusic. Did you find the guy who was bad-mouthing Glenn? I'd like to picture him face down in the snow! :lol:


    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Fantastic reviews, folks... I second what Kat said - everyone does such a great job of covering all aspects, it's almost like being there...


    "I'm a soul singer in a rock genre; I've been trying to break out of the rock thing for years." ~ Glenn Hughes (1993)

  • with many thanks to glenn and his fellow bandmates... and with the help of one of our favorite administrators, David, i have finally have gotten 3 videos from the detroit show posted in the Gallery. ( outside chance that wolfy might be able to help me w/ some more once he gets his copy ). enjoy and peace

  • Thanks to all for the tidbits from the Detroit show.
    That certainly helps the fans who missed the show.
    I've been a long time GH fan & just now finding the web site --which is a great one.
    I was excited to find the Detroit date listed & took note of the fact that US dates are a special treat. I wanted to drive up, about 6 hours from Cincinnati, but it didn't work out for me. I'm not sure now if i'll ever get a 2nd chance to see Glenn perform live. I must say i'm concerned. It's my hope that this truly legendary perfomer will come back to the US midwest area. I would love to have some memories of Glenn performing live.

  • Welcome to the fun house, GHCP trainee Scott.
    I see that your "name" is ~ KeepOnMovin ~

    Yep, our boy has written a gazillion snappy tunes
    since he and 'ole DC wrote that one............
    (And Glenn swears that he was only 5 years old.) :lol:

    It's my favorite song, and I never get tired of hearing it.
    Especially since Glenn never sings it the same way twice!
    Great little invention, huh-----> hitting the "repeat" button on a CD player.

    It's nice to know that since you've signed on here.......
    ......the quality level of the registered fans is on an upswing.
    Watch how much trouble I will now get in, for saying this!

    PS....You any good at nagging?
    I hope to meet you at a US show, in our lifetime!



  • yes, welcome keep on movin. glad you found us. hope you enjoy the site. and i hope you enjoy it when you and Grace keep on movin down here to the lovely south eastern part of the ol' U.S. where we have firmly gotten the strongest hold on the not yet, but soon to be announced dates for glenn on the second leg of the U.S. tour for '08 ;)

  • ...Houston, Phoenix, Portland, Atlanta, Houston, Memphis, Philadelphia, Springfield........
    ...Juneau, Albany, Biloxi, Honalulu, Newark, Darien, Boise, Omaha, Minneapolis, Troy...

    ......the second leg of the U.S. tour for '08 ;)

    HUH? :huh:
    Where / when was the first leg?
    Detroit, Michigan, although a lovely town I'm sure,
    doesn't quite qualify as a "Tour."

    A "US Tour" would be the lyrics as sung by Glenn
    for the song "What Time is Love."
    (Play your copy of that CD and you'll see what I mean.)



  • Thank you for the warm welcomes...and thanks for mentioning the upcoming shows & cities. That definately eases my mind. Looks like quite an extensive tour is unfolding & i look forward to the final announcments.

    I didn't know Glenn wrote "You Keep On Movin" when he was 5.

    I'm assuming he wrote the basis for it then, and later on, DC & Bolin contibuted, and they all finished it together. I guess that's why all 3 are credited on "Come Taste The Band" album. I don't know. Anyway, it's always been a favorite for me. I hope to see & hear it performed live this year. I did notice it on the Detroit setlist, so i am very hopeful.

    In regards to Grace's previous question, "You any good at nagging?", i would have to say that generally speaking, the answer would be no. I guess because i get tired of repeating myself. I figure, if someone doesn't listen or respond in the first or second mention of something, it's probably a waste of time to continue. But then, 3 is a charm, so a third try sometimes comes into play. Then again, sometimes i don't try more than once. But almost everything has exceptions. If i want something bad enough, i guess i could nag about it forever and a day, or until i finally get it-whichever comes first. So, i guess a better answer would be "It depends on the subject matter". So, i really i haven't provided any solid answers here have i? I'm not sure i really understood where that question was coming from to begin with. Sorry, i didn't mean to get too deep or philosophical, but i didn't want to appear rude by ignoring the question. So there you have it. Well, looks like i got way of the path on that one :yap:

    On a final note, it's my hope that one or more of the upcoming shows on the U.S. leg will be outdoors. Those are always my favorite. Better sound, better air, and usually more space to groove.

    ...everyday, wheels are turnin'

  • oops , sorry YOU KEEP ON MOVIN' , i think you've misunderstood some fun that grace and i were having as an official tour announcement. unfortunantly, not true, it's all just a figment of our imagination. no real tour dates set in the states to date, but when they are anounced, i'm sure that although somehow Grace overlooked it, i'm SURE that Charleston, S.C. will be one of the cities on the list. i've said it 3 times now, so it must be so ;)

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